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The reality of it all

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After class, I lingered until Gerard acknowledged me. My mind wandered in thoughts of what he was going to ask me. "Will you go out with me tonight?" "You're amazing, I love you." I laughed,aloud unfortunately, he looked up from his desk. "You can sit." He said pushing his long locks from his face. I sat in the front desk and waited patiently until he was finished. "Ok, I wanted to talk to you about your work. For being in Art 1, this is amazing work." Ok so in reality my work was amazing and not me, it still pertained to me so I'll settle. "Why don't you go on to Art 2?" Because if I go to Art 2, you won't be my teacher. "I think I have more to learn." I said twiddling my thumbs. "Liar, you drew still life and we're not even covering that for another week." I blushed, I couldn't help that I knew what I was doing. "I don't want to go to Art 2, I'm fine here." "It's too easy for you, as a teacher I have to challenge you and I'm not doing my job." "I won't know anyone in Art 2." Wow, that sounded stupid. A junior in high school worried about not knowing anyone. "You don't know anyone here." Ouch, that hurt. "I know you." "On a strictly educational basis. You know all your teachers that way." "All my other teachers aren't in rock bands with my best friend are they?" That sounded mean, I didn't mean for it to sound mean. At least he found it funny, "True but just think about it. I don't want to be holding you back when you can do so much more." I nodded and grabbed my bag, when teachers end like that it's your que to leave. "Tell Frank I'll see him at practice later ok?" He called to me from his desk. "Sure."

History was boring; I know Abraham Lincoln got shot. I've known it since 3rd grade, why does this particular lesson keep following me? Math passed fairly quickly and then it was time for lunch. I sat at our table and waited for Frank, he arrived seconds later. "Not eating today?" I shook my head no; I wasn't a fan of eating in front of a large group of people. I'm probably the most paranoid person in the world but it's just something I do. I always feel like they're watching and that I look like I'm gorging myself. Frank returned with a sandwich and fries, he offered me one but I declined. "Frank how can you eat this shit?" I asked him as I started some homework. "I don't think of it as cafeteria food, I think of it as...something from a foreign land." "Yeah a foreign land called shit." He laughed, "You suck." He said wiping his mouth, peanut butter and jelly shot up his cheek bone.

"So how was art class?" He asked with that tone, that tone that made art class sound like an orgy or something. "I stayed after today; he wanted to talk to me about joining Art 2." "Told you, you're good enough to be in there." I rolled my eyes in Frank's direction, "I know that but I don't want to be in that class." "Veronica, you can't take Art 1 again. Eventually you'll have to go to Art 2." "Not if I start failing Art 1." Frank smacked my arm; it made a loud enough sound for a few kids to look in our direction. "I'm not going to fail; I'll go to Art 2 next year. Hopefully by then I'll be over Ge-Hey Gerard." I said as he walked over to our table. "Hey, listen Frank I have to cancel practice tonight. We're having a teachers meeting." "Oh ok, we'll just wait till Wednesday then?" He nodded, "Later Frank." He said, Frank waved with a mouthful. "Keep thinking about Art 2 Veronica." He said with a smile, my spine tingled. A huge grin was plastered on my face, almost like Barbie. When Gerard was gone, Frank busted out laughing. "What!?" I snapped. "You're an idiot you know that." "Shut up."

My last two classes of the day were shared with Frank. We sat together in the back during Literature usually doodling or scribbling down things that we had to remember we said that was funny. "So I ask you this class, what is poetry?" Our teacher, Miss. Bliss, was probably the most boring person in the world. She was clearly textbook; she never put the damn thing down. "Ok so your homework tonight is-Oh hello Mr. Way." She said with a smile, I looked up from what I was writing. Gerard walked swiftly to her side, whispered something, his hand was on the small of her back. "Frank, are Gerard and Miss Bliss, you know..." I trailed off, I couldn't picture it. She's so...boring and he's so, amazing. "I don't know, it looks like it doesn't it?" The bell rang, Miss Bliss was giggling. "Oh um-you know what, no homework today. Have a good afternoon." As Frank and I walked past her and Gerard, a slight flame of rage lit up inside of me. He was huddling over her desk and she was trying to sexily hold a pen in her mouth. Frank saw my staring, "Come on." He said pulling me out of the room. Now I was really stupid, to think that I'd even have a chance if he likes girls like that.

I couldn't concentrate in Economics. I made Frank cook whatever we were cooking. We failed for the day but I really didn't care, I was going to die alone anyway. No need for cooking, sewing, changing diapers. "Don't be bummed." Frank said as we left our locker. "He's just one person, there's someone out there for you I promise. You're a great person." He wrapped his arm around my shoulder. "Frank, I don't even deserve your friendship." "Shut up, you're such a martyr. He's one dude, he's not that good looking and you knew that you were never gonna get him anyway." "Well, I mean...yeah you're right." I decided to give in, there's no point in arguing with Frank because in this situation he'd just win it.

When we got back to Frank's house, we returned to his room. "I'm tired." He said throwing himself on his bed. "We don't have any homework." I said lying next to him. "Speak for yourself." He said with a yawn, "Well if you want to sleep, I'll do some for you." When I'm sad, I do homework. Homework gets my mind off things because it fills my head with annoying numbers and metaphors instead. "I love you." Frank said kissing my cheek. I sighed, "I love you too."
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