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He showed me his art and continued to kiss her

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"Ok, well since 2nd hour is being held up for the book fair, you'll have to have a double period with me today." Gerard addressed the class with this first. I tried to hide my happiness but I mean, it was exciting. "So um, the regular period will be spent doing the usual art thing and the second period...we'll just wing it. Everyone ok with that?" The class made a sound split between the oink of a pig and the moo of a cow. "Nice, so take out you're drawing pads. Today, I want you to draw someone in the room or something you see that catches your attention in the room." I immediately began drawing Gerard, or Mr. Way. I can never call him Mr. Way; it's the complete opposite of how I know him. Mr. Way is not fitting for a singer of a rock band. Luckily for me he didn't move much from where he was sitting at his desk. He would push his hair out of his face once or twice or grab a different pen but he never moved his body in a new way. I wanted this drawing to be the best thing I had ever drawn in my life, I wanted it to be perfect like I see him as.

The bell rang but we stayed put, Gerard collected our pictures. When he got to mine, he studied it for awhile. He turned it around to where it was facing him, he analyzed it. "I'm quite attractive in this aren't I?" He asked with a smile. "You said draw someone in the room." "Or something." He added. "Nothing were the first thing I saw I guess. Why look around if you were just going to come around to the same thing?" He nodded, "Come up to my desk ok? I want to show you some things." My heart skipped a beat, my face was probably bloody red but I could care less.

I walked behind him as he returned to his desk. "Sit." He said pulling up a chair for me. I sat as he pulled out a portfolio, "These are all of my drawings, would you like to look?" I nodded, "If you don't mind." He shook his head and handed it to me. I flipped through the pages, admiring his talent. "These are fuc-amazing." I saved myself from a detention. "They are pretty fucking amazing aren't they?" He whispered in my ear, just his warm breath on my skin was the most precious feeling. "I want to go to an art school but there's no way in hell I can afford one." "Ever hear of a scholarship?" "Yeah but I won't get one, my stuff sucks compared to this." I continued looking at the work; I drew a lot of the same kind of things. "Dead and beautiful." I whispered. "Exactly." He said, I guess my whispering skill is less than desirable. I turned to look at him, he smiled, I returned the action. "This one's my favorite." I said pointing to a picture of a man and a woman, blood covering their faces. "It does have a...romantic quality, like...bloody romance." "I wanted something sterile." He said pulling it out of the sleeve. He scribbled something on it and handed it to me, "Here." He said. "What? No, Ger- Mr. Way this is your work I can't-" "Don't worry about it really." I blushed, "Thanks." We just sat there smiling at each other.

The bell rang again, it was now 3rd period. "Thanks again for the picture Mr. Way." I said gathering my things and heading for the door. "Please, don't call me that." He said. "You know me outside of school, you can call me Gerard." I nodded and walked out of the room. For the rest of the day I was on cloud 9, even in Miss Bliss's class I was ecstatically happy. I told Frank the whole story at lunch; he said that Gerard wants me now. I laughed and told him that he'd never want me in a million years if he goes for the Lit teacher type. When the final bell rang, Frank reminded me that he had band practice tonight. "Can I tag along?" I asked. "Of course." He said getting into the car. "Hey Frank, wait up!" I was already in the car so I couldn't see who Frank was talking to outside. Whoever it was joined us, "Hello Veronica." The person said, I turned around. "Oh, hi Gerard." I said in a slightly shocked tone. "Frank said you wouldn't mind giving me a lift to practice too." He said buckling himself in. "Oh no, not at all."

Gerard told me directions to where they were having practice during the drive. "Bouncing Souls!" Frank shouted turning up the radio. He bounced along to the music, I laughed. "I love you Frankie." I said brushing my hand through his hair. "I know, Gerard do you love me?" "I'm an authority figure to you I can't say anything." Frank rose an eyebrow, "Um I don't take your class remember?" Gerard smiled, "Well in that case then, yes I love you Frank." Frank stuck his tongue out at me; thank God Gerard didn't question it. "Ok we're here." I said parking the car. "Chyeah!" Frank said jumping out of the car. "V, pop the trunk!" He did a drum solo on it. "He's a hyper one isn't he?" I nodded, "Anytime he plays guitar, it winds him up." Gerard and I both stepped out of the car. "Coming in?" He asked me. "Yeah." I said as I started walking with them. "GERARD!" We all stopped and turned around...oh God no. "Liz!" He shouted walking over to her. He wrapped his arms around her, kissing her sweetly. "That's Miss. Bliss." Frank said pointing. "Well thank you captain Obvious." I said nudging his arm. They began walking towards us, "Just go." I pushed Frank forward.
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