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It Hurts Too Much JULY 20

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Eliza calls Monica, Gerard calls Monica

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Monica was sitting at the kitchen table with Jamia and Alicia when her cell rang. Glancing over at the clock she decided to answer knowing it couldn't be Gerard. He would be on stage now. She looked at the caller ID, it was him. "Shit. Why's he calling now?"
Alicia looked over at her, "Gerard?"
Monica nodded, "Yeah, he should be on stage."
Jamia was immediately worried, "Maybe something happened?"
Monica glanced at the phone in her hands a few more seconds the made her decision, "Hello" She was shocked to hear a female voice.
"Yes, who's this?" She realized Alicia and Jamia were staring at her.
"This is Eliza, Gerard's friend."
Monica stood up and walked away from the table. She stopped in front of the sink absent-mindedly looking out the window. "I know who you are" She said in a steady voice.
"Look Monica I only have a few minutes to talk. Gee's on stage and wanted me to call you to try to straighten things out. He's afraid you're angry at my sister and me."
The fact that Gerard had asked this woman to call her angered her beyond belief. "Oh really and just what would you be straightening out for him?" Alicia stood and walked over to Monica.
"Well I think there has been some kind of misunderstanding. I've heard that some pictures of my sister and I with Gee and Bob have shown up on the Internet. But Monica, believe me it's all totally innocent."
"Gosh, thanks so much for setting me straight. I'll be able to sleep so much easier tonight."
Eliza laughed, "Really, you need to lighten up a bit. You've got to know Gee's got lots of friends. How silly to get bent about him hanging with us. Like I said we're just old friends. Surely you have your own friends don't you?"
Monica took a deep breath, "Yes, of course. But none who are engaged and that I slept with in the past. Hanging with someone like that would see sort of slutty to me."
She heard Eliza's sharp intake of breath. A moment later she spoke, "So Gerard told you about us?" Her gloating tone set Monica off. It suddenly became so clear to her that this woman wanted Gerard.
"Yeah, he told me he slept with you. He also explained that he was wasted out of him mind most of the time back then. Oh, and he also said it was "just something that happened and that he was ashamed of himself for cheating on Liv".
"Gerard wouldn't say that" Eliza screamed.
Monica smiled, "Yeah, he did say that. How pathetic you just can't seem to stay away from him but I guess it's a classic case of "once the other woman, always the other woman."
Eliza muttered "Bitch"
"I can be. Go home, Eliza. Stop trying to take what will never be yours. Stop playing at being his friend, you and I both know what you want."
Eliza's tone was sharp, "I always get what I want."
Monica gave a mirthless laugh, "Oh really. Afraid I'd have to call you a liar on that one. You don't always get what you want. Matter of fact you want what you can't have. Give up Eliza, go the fuck home." Monica snapped the phone shut as Eliza began to respond.
Eliza called Monica all the foul names she could think of as she replaced Gerard's phone before returning to the hotel. She wanted to be waiting for Gerard when he returned.

After the concert Gerard decided to go back to his hotel room to call Monica. He hoped that she would answer and he hoped that they could really talk. Eliza was waiting for him in the lobby. He could see that she had been crying. "What's wrong?" he asked walking over to where she sat.
"Gee, I talked to Monica. I'm gonna do what she told me, I'm gonna leave tonight." She wiped at her eyes, careful not to smudge her eyeliner.
"Monica told you to leave tonight?" He was shocked they had talked.
Eliza looked down, "Her exact words were "go the fuck home".
Gerard took her arm and led her to the elevators. "Lets go where we can talk" He had noticed that they were attracting attention. Once the elevator door closed he spoke, "When did you talk to her?"
"While you were on stage." She made an attempt to smile, "I'm sorry I missed part of the show."
Gerard gave her a quick hug, "Hey, you've seen me on stage so many times what could it matter?"
"It was my last chance to see the show, cause Katlin and I are leaving." Her voice quivered.
"Look, this is all so stupid. There is no reason you and Katlin should change the plans you made. You don't have to leave, there aren't that many dates left anyway."
"Gee, it really would be for the best if we leave. Bob is so angry and now I know how Monica feels too. I guess I just have to face it that things change. We can't go back to the way things were before." She touched his hand, "I'll miss your friendship"
"Eliza, you'll always have my friendship. I will never forget how you were my friend when I need one so fucking bad."
Inwardly she cringed when he called her his friend. She was so much more than that. She cleared her mind and concentrated on the now, "You have to know you'll always have a place in my heart but your place is with Monica now. She doesn't want us to be friends so that's how it has to be."
"Monica doesn't choose my friends." He said as the door slid open. They walked down the hall together. "Now try and get some sleep. We'll talk in the morning." They stopped in front of her room.
Eliza looked up and their eyes locked, "Gee, are you sure? I don't want to cause any more trouble."
Gerard smiled, "None of this is your fault, stop blaming yourself." He gave her a peck on the cheek and walked to his room.
Eliza slid the key in the lock and smiled. He didn't want her to leave, he wanted her to stay. Sorry Monica, she thought, but you're wrong. I do get what I want.

Once inside his room Gerard pulled out his phone and called Monica. He was angry and needed to clear the air with her concerning Eliza once and for all. If she wanted to be angry at him that was one thing but she didn't need to take it out on Eliza and Katlin. He was shocked when she answered.
"Monica, we need to talk."
"No shit" Her anger after Eliza's call was still fresh.
"Look I know you're fucking pissed at me, fine. You don't need to take it out on Eliza."
Monica couldn't believed this, he was gonna defend Eliza. "Gee, she doesn't need you to be her protector, she can fend for herself just fine"
"What the fuck does that mean?" He lit a cigarette and began to pace.
"The woman is a barracuda but obviously you're to blind to see." She spat.
"You don't know her, how can you make that judgment?"
Monica walked into the bedroom and slammed the door. "I know what kind of woman she is, Gee. You didn't cheat on Liv alone."
"How many fucking times and I gonna have to tell you that she is only a friend and that I haven't slept with her? Why can't you just believe me? I haven't slept with her."
"Not for her lack of trying." Monica said waiting for his answer.
Gerard couldn't answer because he knew she was right. Eliza would sleep with him if it was what he wanted. Monica's voice was so quiet he strained to hear. "She wants you and you know it. Guess you're keeping your options open."
Gerard stopped and stood in the center of the room. Was she right; is that what he had been doing all along? He shook his head angrily. "No, you're wrong. All I want is the friendship she and I have."
"But your friendship with her came with more, didn't it? Just think if I suddenly become Liv-like you'll have good old Eliza to comfort you." She couldn't keep the anger she felt inside any longer.
"You could never be like Liv," he said softly.
Monica began to cry, "But Gee, I feel like I'm in Liv's place."
He sat down tiredly. "Monica, please. I love you so fucking much. Can't we stop this?'
She gripped her phone and tried to stop crying, "Gee, this can't be fixed long distance." she paused a moment, "I can't talk to you anymore until you're back. It just hurts too much."
He knew she was right and that realization hit him hard, "I understand." His own eyes were wet. He couldn't believe this was happening to them. "Monica, one thing. Please promise me you will come to the airport to get me Monday."
With tears silently falling she agreed, "I'll be there, I promise." She closed the phone and sobbed.
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