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Wasn't That Interesting? JULY 21

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Frank calls Jamia clearly frustated, A lightbulb goes off

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Jamia took Frank's call in the bedroom. Monica, Alicia and Kara were in the living room watching a movie. It was obvious that Monica was extremely upset and the others were trying to keep her mind off Gerard. As far as Jamia could see it wasn't working.
"Jamia, you wouldn't believe how fucking bad the concert was tonight." Frank said. "I'm tired of babysitting those two. I just feel like calling Toro and telling him to get his ass on a plane and get over here. I can't deal with them anymore."
"What happened?"
"They had a fight before going on. Then during the concert Bob threw a fucking drumstick at Gee and hit him in the head. He tried to play it off like it was an accident but shit we all knew he meant to do it."
"What did Gee do?" Jamia asked shaking her head sadly.
"He picked the fucking thing up and threw it back at him and then made some crack about it didn't matter if he had it or not the way he plays."
"That's harsh" Jamia said "What did they fight about?"
"Same shit, Eliza and Katlin. From what I've overheard Bob wants them to leave but Gee doesn't."
"You have got to be fucking kidding me. After everything that's happened he still wants them to stay? Has he lost his fucking mind?" she screamed.
"Jamia honey, calm down. Don't let this effect you cause there's nothing you can do."
"Look Frank if you could have seen the look on Monica's face when Eliza called you'd understand."
Frank interrupted her, "Eliza called Monica? When?
"Earlier then you guys were on stage. She called trying to act all nice but Monica wasn't buying it. I was really proud of how Monica handled the call. She basically told Eliza to go the fuck home and leave Gee alone."
Frank was still trying to figure out what was going on back home. "So Monica was at our place? Is she still there?"
Jamia kept forgetting he didn't know Monica and now Kara were both staying with her. Shit, she thought the stress is really getting to me. "Yeah, she and Kara are both here. We've just been hanging out."
"Why don't you all go shopping or something to get Monica and Kara's minds off this shit." He suggested.
Lord, Jamia thought if only I could go somewhere, anywhere. She wanted so badly to get out of the apartment. "We might" she lied. "Can't you make Gee understand he needs to make Eliza and Katlin leave?" She thought a moment, "Oh fuck, please don't tell me he wants Eliza to stay cause he has feelings for her again."
Frank sighed, "I don't know, I don't think he does but shit, I can't figure him out. He keeps saying how much he loves Monica but he ain't acting like it. I just want to come home." He said tiredly.
"Frankie, you have no idea how much I wish you were here." She replied, "I've never, ever missed you so much."
"Do the babies miss me?" he asked teasingly.
Jamia laughed, "Yeah, they're tired of kicking me around. They miss kicking their dad's hand."
"Honey, I wish my hands were on your stomach right now. I'd let them kick the hell out of me." He said softly.
"I love you Frankie, get some sleep. You sound so tired."
"Love you too babe. Tell Monica and Kara it'll all be okay."
"But will it?" Jamia asked closing her eyes and leaning back on the bed pillows.
Frank thought a moment, "Shit, I hope so."

Bob lay on his bed, throwing a drumstick in the air and catching it. He smiled as he thought about pelting Gerard earlier. He should have thrown a cymbal at the fucker. Just like Oddjob in Goldfinger with the killer bowler hat - slice his scrawny head right off. All right, maybe he wasn't really that mad, but the image still made him smile.
Something was niggling in the back of his mind. He felt like there was something he should be remembering. Whatever it was, it wasn't coming to him. He growled and threw the drumstick higher where it promptly bounced off the ceiling and into the light fixture and stayed.
Fuck, that figured.
He left it and lit a cigarette and thought back over the day. He was rehashing the one-sided conversation with Kara when it hit him. He realized what she had said. He had to find a laptop. Hell, Matt would still be awake doing his part for Glasnost with some Russian cutie.
He pounded on Matt's door, eventually getting him to answer. He quickly explained the situation. Matt didn't give a flyin' rat's ass about the reason, he just wanted him gone. He handed him the laptop and shoved him back out into the hall.
After getting back to his room, it took awhile but he finally found the photos he was looking for. Damn, he really should have paid attention when he had seen them the first time. There was nothing in the photos to identify them as being at a birthday party - no presents, no cake, no funny hats and yet they were both clearly labeled as "Katlin's birthday party. There was no way a thief could have known that. He checked some more photos. That was one psychic thief. He sure knew where most of the photos had been taken, including ones with no background to identify them to a certain spot.
Well, wasn't that interesting?
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