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Manipulation JULY 24

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Monica views concert footage, Gerard looks for a diversion.

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When her crying jag finally passed Monica decided to spend the day moping. It wasn't a good plan but compared to the crying spell it was a step up. As she was walking through the living room she spied the
computer. She had promised herself she wouldn't torture herself anymore watching the damn "Mama" video. That was a promise she could keep. She had no desire to see that woman locking lips with Gee ever again.
However last nights concert should be posted somewhere and she wanted to see Gerard. She wanted to hear his voice. Video of the Moscow concert caught her attention. The description read: "MCR Moscow Flying Drumsticks."
As she watched she noticed that Gerard looked tired. He was singing "I Don't Love You Anymore" when suddenly he was hit in the back of the head with one of Bob's drumsticks. It was hard to make out what he said before firing the drumstick back at Bob. As he turned he was hit in the head with what she guessed was the other drumstick. It was easy to see this was not a playful interaction between Bob and Gee.
"Jamia, come here." She yelled.
Jamia walked in from her bedroom. She frowned when she saw Monica seated at the computer. "What?"
"What the hell is going on between Gee and Bob?" she asked while moving the video back to the beginning of the incident.
"Shit, Frank told we what had happened, I should have known there would be video." She pulled up a chair and sat next to Monica. They both stared at the monitor.
"I can't make out what Gee is saying to him," Monica said trying to listen carefully.
"He said something to the effect that the way Bob played it didn't matter if he got the drumstick back or not." Jamia said shaking her head.
"Why are they mad at each other?" The video ended and Monica turned to face Jamia.
Jamia sighed, "Frank wasn't sure but he thinks it has something to do with Eliza and Katlin."
Monica waited for her to add more to the story but she looked away. "What about them?"
"Monica, I don't know. Frank doesn't know but I can tell you he is really getting pissed. He says he's tired of babysitting the two of them."
Monica turned back to the computer. She found a video for last night's concert and waited a moment for it to load. It was for "Mama". She couldn't help it she hated the song now. Memories of Gerard and Eliza kissing filled her mind. She held her breath as the Liza cameo portion came up. Gerard sang it. She smiled slightly.
Jamia got up and started for the kitchen. She decided she hadn't had near enough coffee. She was almost to the kitchen when she heard Monica.
"Well fuck" Monica cried out. The camera had panned around and caught those who were sitting on the side stage. There was Eliza smiling as she watched Gerard. Monica backed it up and watched again. This time she watched Gerard. He glanced cover and smiled at Eliza. "Fuck, fuck, fuck." Monica said, "She's still with him."
Jamia stood behind her and laid her hands on her shoulders. "Monica, stop watching this. Don't do this to yourself."
Monica closed the window and pushed away from the computer. "I guess I was just stupid to think that she would have left the tour. I really thought that once Gee knew how I felt he would ask her to go. God, am I fucking stupid or what?'
"No, Gerard is fucking stupid. Monica when I talked to him it was so weird. It's like he just doesn't get how upset you are. He told me that as soon as he gets home everything will be fine. It's like he's in denial or something."
Monica stood shaking her head. "Jamia I don't know what to do. Does he really think that things will be just peachy when he gets home? That I will just forget that he kept the fact that he was running around with another woman from me? That he kissed that same woman on stage for the world to see?" her voice was getting louder by the moment. "What the hell is wrong with him?"
Jamia started to answer when a sharp kick from one of the babies made her bend over. Monica saw and rushed to her side. "Jamia, what's wrong?'
"It was just a kick, really. One hell of a kick but a kick all the same." She moved to the sofa and lowered herself carefully.
Monica sat next to her, "I'm so sorry. All this stress isn't good for you and I know that. I've been so selfish worrying about my own problems."
Jamia laughed, "Monica you amaze me. One minute you are saying fuck like a truck driver the next you are apologizing for something that isn't your fault. You, my friend are holding the stress record at the moment." She reached over and gave her a hug. "Call Alicia and ask her to come over and stay with me. Then I want you to get out of this apartment. Go for a walk, go shopping, go to a movie. Just go do something and try not to think about all the shit that is going on. The guys will be home soon and then you can deal with what's going on."
Monica smiled, "Jamia, thank you for being such a good friend." She stood and smiled, "I'll call Alicia." She turned halfway across theroom, "maybe she can make another voodoo doll of Gee."

Gerard was tired of sitting in his hotel room. He was tired of people telling him his relationship with Monica had gone to shit. He was tired of being treated like the anti-Christ. He was just tired. Only two more shows and he could go home. He threw down the magazine he had been trying to read and stood. Maybe Eliza and Katlin hadn't left yet. They had told him they were going sightseeing and he could just tag along. Anything, just to get out of this hotel room.

Downstairs in the hotel lobby Eliza and Katlin were seated in two very comfortable wingback chairs in a small alcove. They were trying to decide what to do.
"Go ask Gee if he wants to come with us" Katlin suggested, "You know he wants to."
Eliza smiled, "Of course he does but I can't be too pushy." She readjusted her hat and laughed, "I told him I understood that he doesn't want to be seen with us." Her lips puffed out into a pout.
Her sister laughed, "Let me guess, he said that that is just not true."
"Of course he did. Gee is nothing if not predictable. He would never do anything to hurt my feelings."
He's such a fuckin' pussy. Somedays, I don't know how you can stand to be around his whiny ass."
Eliza gave a self satisfied smile, "He's going to get me where I want to go. I don't have to put up with him forever, you know."
Katlin grinned, "I'm just glad to be in Spain. I really thought for a while there that we weren't gonna be able to travel with the guys anymore. Bob has turned into such a bastard. That young little honey he has sure has him whipped."
"Yeah and how creepy is it that Gee is engaged to her mother? That mousy woman must have some hidden talent to keep Gee so interested."
"She must be good in bed." Katlin laughed.
Eliza made a gagging sound, "I'm the one who should be in his bed and I will be before we get back to the states. He's confused and lonely. Just the way I like him. Lets face it, if he loved her the way he says then I would never have been in his room like I was. I felt him responding to me when I kissed him. I've earned the right to be his girlfriend not that nasty old ho. I've played at being his friend for long enough. I put up with listening to him while he's depressed. I put up with listening to him tell me how much he loved Liv while he was fucking me. Now, he's got another stupid ho. This one will be even easier to get rid of than that crack whore Liv. You should have heard her crying when I called her. Sometimes it's just too damn easy." As the words left her lips she noticed a shadow shift. Quickly she turned and found herself staring into Gerard's eyes. Without a word he turned and walked out the hotel front entrance. Eliza fell back in her chair. She knew in her heart he had heard every word she and Katlin had said. It was over. He would never be hers.
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