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Access Denied - JULY 25

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Gerard is in a black mood, Frank consoles him, an unexpected message.

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Gerard spoke to no one during the sound check. He simply did what was expected of him, nothing more, and nothing less. When the band finished he disappeared quickly. Frank watched him leave and wondered what had happened now. He was walking off the stage when he spotted Worm.
"See what direction Gee went in?" Frank figured he needed to see if there was something he could go about Gerard's mood before the concert.
"Sorry, I didn't see." Worm answered shaking his head.
Frank sighed, "Wonder what he had up his ass now?' He was talking more to himself than Worm.
"Probably has something to do with him revoking Eliza and Katlin's backstage passes." Worm guessed.
Frank who had started to walk off spun around. "What?"
"Yeah, he told me to revoke their passes and to make sure they didn't get anywhere close to the backstage area. I asked him what was up but he just glared at me and walked off."
"When did this happen?"
"Couple of hours ago. Let me tell you they were none to happy. Eliza has a mean temper. She wanted me to call Gerard and have him come down here so she could talk to him. I told her there was no fucking way I was gonna do that. She stomped off and I haven't seen her since."
"Wonder what the fuck happened?" Frank handed the guitar teck his instrument. He pushed his hand in his pockets. "I need to find Gee."
"He seems pretty upset." Worm agreed.
Frank walked back towards the backstage area that had been set up with catering. He noticed Bob sitting eating a sandwich.
"You seen Gee?" he asked.
Bob looked up at him, "Nope, he took off pretty fast."
"Have you talked to Eliza and Katlin?"
Bob almost chocked, "Fuck no. I've been trying to avoid them like the plague. I did see them in the hotel lobby a couple of hours ago as I was walking out with Matt."
Frank thought a minute. "Well something has happened cause Gee had Worm revoke their back stage passes."
Bob looked shocked, "When the hell did he do that?"
"Couple of hours ago, I guess. What the fuck happened?" Bob just shook his head.
"I dunno but his mood is pretty fucking bad."
Frank nodded in agreement and took off to look for him. Something in his gut told him that Gerard needed a friend now more than ever.

Gerard crushed the cigarette with the heel of his boot and sighed. He had found this quiet spot outside the hotel and was glad he was in an area where he couldn't be seen. Fuck, what an idiot I've been, the thought for the hundredth time. Eliza's words kept echoing in his brain. "I've played at being his friend long enough". Fuck he had really believed she had been his friend. He shook his head sadly. It's hard to find out someone you trusted was only pretending.
"Gee, what's up?"
Gerard turned to see Frank standing a short distance from him. "How'd you find me?"
Frank took a step closer and smiled, "Dude, we've been friends a long time. Its like I have a homing device that can find you."
"Fuck, friends." Gerard spat.
Frank didn't take offence. He knew something had happened to Gee and he knew he needed to find out what. "Gee, tell me." Frank urged softly.
Gerard was about to walk off when he caught sight of Franks face. The guy was truly worried about him. Yeah, he could be wrong about others but never about Frank. The guy was his brother. "I overheard Eliza and Katlin talking. Let's just say it was an eye-opening experience."
"Shit dude, I'm sorry." Frank leaned over and hugged him.
Gerard smiled, "Frankie, everything can't be made all better with a hug." he tried to tease but his heart wasn't in it.
"Can't hurt." Frank said. "So want to tell me what you heard?"
Gerard shook his head, "Not really but I heard enough to realize just what's been going on." She ran his hand through his hair, "Fuck, I thought she really was my friend."
"Gee, sometimes when someone wants something so badly they will do anything to get it."
"Yeah, I guess. Suddenly Kelly words echoed in his head, thing aren't always what they seem. "I just feel so fucking stupid I couldn't see what was happening. Bob figured it out."
"You mean about the photos and the Net? Yeah, he knew who had to have posted them."
"Why didn't anyone think to tell me?" He sounded not only hurt but also angry.
"Would you have listened?" Frank asked softly.
Gerard's anger faded, "No, once more I'm a dumb shit I guess."
"Gee, it will be okay. We'll get home and you and Monica will get this straightened out."
Gerard shook his head as he took out another cigarette. "I've fucked up my relationship with her."
"Okay now you are really being a stupid shit. That woman is the best thing that has ever happened to you. You can't stand there and tell me you'll let her slip away from you."
"Dude, I've pushed her away from me. I really couldn't see what I was doing was hurting her. How pathetic is that? Can you believe I honestly got pissed at her for calling Eliza? Fuck, she had every right to call her, she was right about her."
"Shit Gee, Monica didn't call Eliza. Eliza called her when we were on stage. I know cause Jamia told me."
Gerald lit his cigarette and turned to him, "What?"
Frank was nodding, "Yeah, I guess from what Jamia told me she called and was all smug about you two. Jamia said she was proud of Monica for not talking any shit from her. She told Eliza to leave you alone and go the fuck home."
The smile Gee gave was one full of sadness. "She can be so fucking feisty. I miss her so damn much."
"Call her," Frank urged.
Gerard took a drag, "I promised her I wouldn't. She said it hurt to much to talk to me." His tone was full of regret.
Frank put his arm around Gee. "Come on, it's time to get back to the hall. Things will be okay when you and Monica talk face to face. She loves you so much there is no way in hell this will tear you guys apart."
Gerard wanted to believe Franks words. "Yeah, maybe." He said sadly.

The band was getting ready to go onstage when Frank snuck into an empty room and dialed Monica's number. He was happy that she answered so quickly. "Monica, I can't talk long we're getting ready to go on stage."
"Frank is Gee all right?"
Frank smiled; he would have been surprised if she had said anything else. His friend had a woman who loved him more than he would ever know. "Gee found out the truth about how Eliza has been manipulating him. He really believed she was his friend and it's hit him pretty hard. I guess he overheard her and Katlin saying some pretty fucking vile shit. He's really messed up about it."
"Frank, I'm not sure how I should react to this." she said slowly.
"Monica honey, the guys are looking for me. I've gotta go. I just wanted you to know that he really didn't do anything other than hang with her. He thought of her as a close friend who he trusted. I guess she's just another part of his past that he now knows wasn't what it seemed."
"Thanks for calling me Frank."
"You are gonna come for him at the airport aren't you?" Frank held his breath waiting for her answer.
"I promised him, Frank." she said sadly. She closed her phone and thought about what Frank had said.

The concert was perfect. Gerard had learned from years of experience how to shut off his true self and become Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance. He bantered back and forth with Frank, even giving him a kiss that sent the crowd into a frenzy. It was important to him that the kids get a good show.
As they walked backstage, Bob threw his arm around Gerard, gave him a quick hug then pushed him away. "Frank shouldn't be the only one who gets your affection." he laughed.
Gerard turned to him, "Dude I'm sorry for all the shit that has happened." He was about to say more but Bob spoke.
"Dude, we both fucked up. Don't worry we'll get it fixed. There is no fucking way in hell I'm gonna lose Kara. That girl is my life."
"I'll tell her it was all my fault." Gerard said sadly.
Bob shook his head, "It wasn't all your fault. I was a fuck head to blame you. Nobody held a gun to my head and made me go."
"But you went because of me." Gerard reminded him.
"Yeah, I'd pretty much follow you into hell, dude." They had reached the dressing room. "It'll be okay" Bob said again as much for his own benefit as for Gerard's.

Gerard was exhausted when he reached his hotel room. There had been a letter left at the front desk for him from Eliza. He had torn it into with ever opening it. He closed his hotel room door and stood staring without seeing. He wanted to call Monica so badly it hurt. He took out his phone and noticed he had a new text message. He assumed it would be from Eliza and prepared to erase it. His heart began to beat faster when he saw it was from Monica.

We will talk when you get home

He reached up and wiped his eyes. Fuck, maybe it really would be all right. He knew that he would fight to keep Monica with the very last breath in his body.
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