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Pink JULY 26

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Monica hears from Bert, Gerard wanders the streets of Madrid

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Monica had spent all day Friday just thinking about Gee. Frank's call had confused her. He had sounded genuinely worried about Gerard and that fact worried her. She just wanted the days to pass quickly so Gerard would come home. They needed to talk. She just prayed that things could be the same as they had been between them before he left.
Saturday morning arrived rainy and dreary. The day seemed to match Monica's mood. Christa called her early and was coming over for lunch. She and Alicia along with Jamia had been such a source of strength for Monica. Knowing that she had friends like them was a Godsend.
"Monica, there is a delivery for you" Jamia yelled from the living room. Monica had heard the bell and had assumed it was Christa. She was greeted with the sight of a floral deliveryman holding a bouquet of red roses. Christa who had arrived at the same time stood beside him smiling. Monica accepted the bouquet and gave him a generous tip.
"They're beautiful," Christa said as Monica sat the vase down on the coffee table. "Ray has never sent me flowers," she said with a frown.
Monica removed the card and opened it.
Wish I was there for you.
I'll kick his ass if I need to.
Love Bert
Monica shrugged, "They're from Bert" she said sadly. She had wanted them to be from Gee. Not that flowers would make everything all better but they sure couldn't hurt.
"Who's Bert?" Christa asked crossing the room to take a seat by Jamia.
"McCracken, lead singer of The Used" Jamia supplied.
Monica smiled sadly, "Bert is a good friend."
Both women knew Monica had thought the flowers had been from Gerard. Her face couldn't hide the disappointment.
"So what's for lunch?" Christa asked trying to change the subject. "How about Chinese? We could order delivery and watch a Lifetime movie. Those women have much worse problems then we'll ever have."
Monica smiled at her. "Interesting way to cheer me up. Make me watch a movie about someone with more problems than I have." She giggled, "I like it." Monica walked into the kitchen to grab the Chinese take out menu that was on the fridge.
Christa and Jamia exchanged a look of concern. Monica seemed more down today than she had yesterday. "Frank called early this morning and told me that Gee sent Eliza packing." Jamia whispered to her.
"About fucking time," Christa responded moments before Monica returned with the menu. They all tried to decide what they wanted to order.

Gerard had spent the day wander through the streets of Madrid alone. He had left the hotel early to avoid the guys. He needed time to think by himself. The hurt, anger and betrayal he had felt when he had heard Eliza talking was still too fresh. How could he have been so blind? He had honestly thought she was acting as a friend but now he knew the truth. How could he have been such an idiot not to have listened to his true friends? The most important question he kept asking himself was how could he have hurt Monica like he had and not realized it? One more show and he would be going home. That was the thought that kept running through his mind. He just wanted to go home, home to Monica.
It was in a small jewelry store that he found the perfect gift for her. Thursday was her birthday, or the B word as she called it. He smiled to himself as he remembered how she reminded him that she wasn't going to be having any more birthdays. The silly look she would get on her face when she bluntly told him that she was not celebrating any more birthdays ever. God, he missed her so much.
He was across the street from the jewelry story sipping coffee when he thought back to the earlier call he had received from Bert. Man, was he pissed at me, he thought. Bert had called him almost every evil name in the book and then some. He had asked Gee how he could have fucked up like he had. Gerard had no answers for him. He had listened to his friend and knew that he was right. However, something about the call was bothering him. Shit, he knew Bert well enough to know what he was gonna do. Gerard took out his phone and made a call.

Kelly sat in the living room watching videos. It was Saturday and she was at home with Donna. Mike had gotten grounded so the date they had planned has gone down the tubes. Suddenly "Helena" came on. Kelly watched the video happily at first but then it just made her miss Gerard. He just had to come home and make things all better and even tho her sister was being exceptionally evil to her, she wanted Bob to come home and fix things with Kara. Yeah, she fought with her sister most of the time but of course she loved her.
Her cell phone broke into her thoughts. It was Gerard. "Hey, Kell how's my girl?' he asked forcing a happiness he didn't really feel.
"Hi Gee. I'm fine just bored. How are you?"
"I've been better." He answered honestly. "I need to ask you a question."
"Mom's like me, it's pink.," she answered quickly.
Gerard was speechless, "Kell I didn't ask you the question yet"
Kelly giggled, "I know but I answered anyway. It's really weird how sometimes I just know stuff before it happens. I knew what you were gonna ask."
Gerard just shook his head, truly amazed. "So is she home?"
Kelly frowned. "No, she's with Jamia for the day." She was quite proud of the way she phrased the answer. She had told him where her mom was but she hadn't lied.
"Okay, thanks Kell. I'll see you on Monday." He said
"Maybe we can have dinner at our house." Kelly said softly.
Gerard was touched by the way she sounded so young, so hopeful. "Yeah, Kell I would really like that."
They said good-bye and Gerard made another call. He had just enough time before he had to get back for the sound check.

Christa helped Monica pick up the remainder of the leftover Chinese food. They returned to the living room to finish watching the movie when the doorbell rang. "I'll get it " Monica said as she headed for the door. She was shocked to find three floral deliverymen standing in the hall. One man spoke, "I have a delivery for a Monica Knight". Monica stared at the six dozen pink roses. Each man held two large vases.
"That's me," she said in wonder.
Jamia had come to the door and began to laugh, "Oh my. You can set them on the table over there" she pointed to the kitchen table.
Monica smiled and gave each man a tip. She spied the vase, which contained a card. Jamia and Christa watched her closely as she read the card.
Bert won't outdo me
You're my girl
I love you
The smile on Monica's face was beautiful.

Kelly had dozed off on the sofa watching TV when the doorbell rang. She knew Donna had left for the grocery store so she made her way to the door. The deliveryman smiled and said he had a delivery for Kelly and Kara Knight.
She dug in her pocket and found what she hoped was enough for a tip. Taking the vases of pink roses into the kitchen she sat them on the table and lifted out the envelope addressed
"To My daughter Kell"
Kelly felt tears in her eyes as she opened the envelope and read the note inside.
I love you.

She looked over at Kara's card. She wasn't here so it seemed okay to opeit too. Inside the card read:
Please give him a chance to explain.
It was my fault, not his.
I love you

She wondered if she should call Kara and tell her about the card. This whole business was just so messed up.
Kelly smiled slightly as she bent down to inhale the sent of one of the perfect pink roses. She closed her eyes and wished that she knew what was going to happen between her mom and Gee and Kara and Bob when they got home. Why, she wondered can I know what's going to happen sometimes but I can't see this?
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