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Time to Think JULY 27

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Brian and Gee, The girls talk, Kara calls Bob

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"Dude, I'm sorry but I tried, I can't get you on a flight any sooner." Brian told Gerard unhappily. He knew this wasn't what Gerard wanted to hear. Brian was well aware of what had been going on in Europe and would have liked nothing better than to get the guys home sooner. He knew Gerard needed to get home to straighten things out with Monica. Same with Bob, he needed to fix his relationship with Kara.
"Fuck Brian, I hate this. We got the concert tonight then nothing." Gerard had just finished with the sound check and had called Brian immediately. He had left a message for him earlier about the travel plans. They wouldn't arrive back in New York until Monday morning. It wasn't soon enough.
"Gee you gotta remember this whole tour was thrown together so fast 'cause of what happened. Everyone did the best they could. I did call Monica earlier just to remind her of what time your plane comes in on Monday morning and she told me she'll be there."
Gerard sighed, "Yeah, she promised."
"So how are things between you and Bob?" Brain hadn't brought up the drumstick incident before now. Frank had been clueing him in on some of the things that were going on but he wanted to hear Gerard's version.
"We're good. He's smarter than me. He knew what the fuck was going on before I did."
"Gee, don't beat yourself up about his. You turned to someone you thought was a friend. I know this has been fucking hard for you without Mikey and Toro. I'm happy to report that I talked to Ray and he's more than ready for Canada. The guy can't fucking wait to get back on stage."
Gerard smiled, "I've missed him. This whole tour was just fucking wrong. We should have just waited for him and Mikey."
"Think how many fans you would have disappointed, Gee." Brain reminded him softly.
"Yeah, you're right. But I'm fucking glad that this is the last show. I need to be home." His voice was wrought with emotion.
"Monday morning, dude. You'll be home Monday morning."

Monica has spent the day with Jamia and Christa watching movies and pigging out. She glanced at the clock and knew that the Band would be going on stage soon. It was their last concert before coming home. She hoped with all her heart it would go well for them. Hopefully there would be no more drumstick incidents.
"Frankie sounded so tired when he called earlier" Jamia said reading her mind. "He said he's glad this is their last concert. He told me how much Gerard and Bob both want to get home."
Monica nodded but said nothing. She was anxious about seeing Gerard again. Would they be able to repair their relationship? She had so many unanswered questions in her head. Monday morning she hoped to find the answers.
"Monica do you want to go over to your house?" Christa asked softly. "I'm planning on spending the whole day so I'll baby sit our little friend."
Jamia shot her a look, "I do not need a babysitter. I'm quite capable of taking care of myself." She said trying to sound serious but knew in her heart she was grateful to her friends for staying with her.
Monica thought a moment, "Yeah, I think I will. I know Gee is hurt I haven't done anything. He'll want to stay there when he get home."
Jamia frowned, "Monica he will want you to stay there with him. Come on you can't really believe that the two of you won't stay together. Yeah, you've got some shit to work out but you two are way too in love not to be together."
Monica had no answer for her. She wanted to believe Jamia's words but she couldn't deny the hurt and anger she was still feeling. There was a nagging question that kept coming back to her, "Do you think Gee really asked Eliza to call me?"
Christa and Jamia looked at each other. It was Christa who answered first. "I don't think so. I'm guessing since he was on stage at the time she just used his phone to call and cause trouble."
Jamia agreed, "Yeah, that would be my guess. You need to ask Gee and find out."
Monica wondered if Jamia knew Frank had called her, "Did Frank tell you that Eliza and Katlin are gone?"
Jamia smiled, "Yeah, he did. He also told me that Gee wouldn't tell him exactly what had happened but that Gee had overheard a conversation Eliza and Katlin were having. I guess whatever Eliza said it opened Gerard eyes to what was going on."
"Have I been wrong to be angry with him?' Monica asked softly.
Christa spoke, "Look I don't know Gerard all that well but looking at this from kind of an outsiders point of view I really think Gee was clueless. I think he really believed Eliza was a good friend and I'm guessing she really good at manipulating. I think she knew he was upset about Mikey and Ray and she used that to her advantage." Monica started to speak but she held up her hand, "I know he didn't tell you he was hanging with her and that would have pissed me off if Ray had done
that. But sometimes guys just don't think. In his mind I bet he thought that you knew he loved you so you would just trust him."
"Then you think I am wrong to be angry?" Monica has getting more confused by the moment.
"Like I said I would be pissed. I guess the bottom line is you just have to talk to him. Let him explain what happened."
Monica glanced over at the table full of pink roses and sighed. Monday morning couldn't come to quickly.

The concert was going better than any of the band members had hoped. The audience was totally into the music and the guys themselves were interacting the best they had in days. Right before the last song of the night Gerard spoke to the audience. "We want to thank each and every one of you for being with us tonight. This is our last concert before we go home for a week." He walked to the center of the stage and smiled, "I'm in love and I miss her," he said. The crowed screamed
louder. "I want to thank all of you for the love and support you have shown us. This was the best fucking concert of the tour." The crowd screamed even louder. "I want to dedicate the whole fucking concert to my fiancée Monica. Without her I would be nothing." The love the crowd gave the band gave Gerard hope. Hope that he and Monica would be all right.

Kara steeled herself to make the phone call. It needed to be done, but she would rather have avoided it. Bob answered quickly.
"Kara, Honey. What a concert! You should have been here."
Kara cringed.
He continued excitedly, "Gerard dedicated the whole concert to Monica. Man, it was great." It was obvious he was still amped up from the concert. Kara took a deep breath and interrupted him.
"Bob..." he was still talking. "Bob" she tried again.
"Yeah?" It felt so good to be talking to Kara again.
"Bob, look we need to talk about your coming back to Jersey."
"O-kay" Bob said slowly, confused. "Are you going to be at the airport?"
"Bob, look. I think you should go home to Chicago. You wanted to go home before we, well I, started to make plans for Spring Break and I think you should go ahead and go. I just can't deal with all of this right now. I need time to think and I think you do to. I talked to your folks and they think it's a great idea."
"Kara, that's a terrible idea."
"Great, I'll tell your mother that."
"That's not what I mean. We need to talk and I really need to see you."
"No, Bob. Not right now. Just go home." Kara sounded so tired.
"Kara, I love you."
"I know, Bob," she answered as she hung up.
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