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I Can't Go Home - JULY 28

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Bob is annoyed by Gee, Monica sees footage of an important concert, Mikey is surprised by a chance meeting

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It was the next morning and Gerard was in a really good mood. He'd see Monica tomorrow and things were going to work out great. He could feel it. She had sent him a text saying she loved him and that had given him so much hope. He stopped at Bob's room to see if he wanted to go sightseeing. Bob answered looking like death warmed over.
"Dude, missed ya at breakfast. Wanna come out and see the sights?"
Bob glared at him. "You must be joking. Sightseeing with you? I think I've had enough of that for one lifetime."
"Come on, it'll be fun. Don't you want to get more souvenirs? Something for your lady love? A love token?" Gerard's voice had taken on a strange accent. It was a mixture of Spanish and French.
"Very funny." Said Bob, slamming the door in Gerard's face.
"Bob" Gerard pounded on the door. "Bobbykins, open up." No answer. "Bob?" Still silence. "Bob, come on. I thought we were all good. Open up."
Suddenly the door flew open. "No, we're not good. Thanks to you and your, your, your..." he searched for the right word. "Thanks to you I can't go home. No, I have to go home instead." Bob slammed the door again.
"Bob, I don't know what the hell you just said. Open up. Let me in. I'm going to strip naked and do the chicken dance out here until you let me in."
"Go right ahead. I hope they arrest your happy ass while you're at it." But he opened the door.
Gerard came in the room and flung himself on the bed, making 'boing boing' noises as he bounced. Bob just shook his head. Some days the guy was just mental.
Gerard stopped bouncing long enough to ask, "So what do you mean that you're not going home but you're going home?"
"I'm going on to Chicago tomorrow."
"What? Why? Are you going to see Kara first? I'm confused."
"When aren't you? Look, dumb ass. Kara refuses to talk to me. She told me to go to Chicago first so she could think things out. Now I have to put up with my sisters giving me the third degree instead of being with Kara. Thanks a lot, man."
"Monica's picking me up, maybe she'll bring Kara. All she needs to do is see your bright shiny face and you'll make up."
Bob rolled his eyes. "You're really not helping. Go bother someone else." He shoved Gerard back out the door and sat back on the bed.
Maybe Gerard was right and she would be at the airport.

Sunday was supposed to be a day of rest but Monica was up bright and early. She wanted to make sure the apartment was completely clean for Frank's arrival. Jamia laughed as Monica dusted. "Frank will be so happy to be home he's not gonna notice dust." She told her friend with a smile.
"Oh I know that but since I figure you two will be all lovey-dovey he won't have time to take care of the apartment. Besides when I come back I don't want another weeks worth of dust to handle."
Jamia smiled, "Monica I can get someone else to stay with me when they take off for Canada. You've already done so much for me."
"Oh, so now you're throwing me out?" Monica teased.
Jamia grew series, "Look you will need to take care of your own house when Gee leaves."
Monica put down the duster and sighed, "Jamia I don't know what I'll be doing when he takes off for Canada. I just feel like our relationship is so up in the air."
"It will all be okay I just know it." She smiled knowingly. "Frank called me a bit ago and said he wants us to watch video of last night's concert."
Monica walked over to the sofa and took a seat, "I think I've watched enough video of their concerts."
"Frank was really amped about the concert." Jamia said getting off the sofa and making her way to the computer. It took her several minutes to find a good clear posting of the concert. Monica sat staring at the floor. When she heard Gerard begin to talk to the crowd she wandered over to the computer to stand behind Jamia.

"We want to thank each and every one of you for being with us tonight. This is our last concert before we go home for a week." He walked to the center of the stage and smiled, "I'm in love and I miss her. I wanna go home.," he said. The crowed screamed louder. "I want to thank all of you for the love and support you have shown us. This was the best fucking concert of the tour." The crowd screamed even louder. "I want to dedicate the whole fucking concert to my fiancée Monica. Without her I would be nothing."

Jamia swiveled in the chair. Monica was staring at the monitor with tears in her eyes.
"See it's gonna be all right" Jamia said putting her hand out and touching Monica arm.
Monica nodded unable to speak. Damn, she hoped Jamia was right that she and Gee would be all right cause Lord knew she loved him with all her heart.

"Babe, lets just stay like this the whole day," Mikey said as he tightened his hold on Alicia. They were lying in bed watching T.V. At least that was what they were doing at the moment. As he looked down at his nude wife in his arms he felt a familiar stirring and knew what was gonna happen next.
Alicia smiled up at him. "Give it a rest wild man. I need some food. We haven't eaten since noon."
"Okay here's the plan. We go out grab a bite eat then meet back here." Mikey rolled over and off the bed.
"Meet back here?" Alicia grinned. "What if I don't wanna meet back here?"
He turned to see her smiling. "Oh yeah, you wanna meet back here as much as I do."
They dressed and decided to have an early dinner at one of their favorite restaurants. It was so close to their apartment they walked. On their way back home Mikey spotted someone he knew. Alicia was looking longingly in a store window at a Slipknot hoodie and didn't notice the woman standing across the street.
"Go on in and buy it," he said pushing her towards the door. "I'll be right in. I'm gonna try to call Gee."
Alicia gave him a quick kiss and walked into the store. Mikey moved up the street towards her. As he got closer she put on a pair of dark glasses and looked as if she was going to bolt.
"Hey" he called out. "Wait"
He had almost reached her when he realized she wasn't turning away from him she had reached down to grab the hand of the child standing next to her. He was momentarily speechless but recovered quickly. "Why didn't you meet me at Starbucks that night?"
She glanced down at the little girl before speaking. "I changed my mind."
Mikey couldn't let it go. "You said you needed to talk to me, you said it was important."
She sighed, "I saw you and you looked like you had a lot on your mind at the time and I didn't want to add to it."
Mikey knew she was right. He had been so worried about Ray being in a coma he was having trouble thinking straight at the time. "What did you want?"
"Mikey just forget about it." She reached down and lifted the girl to hold her in her arms. "Please"
Mikey couldn't believe she had said please. Something seemed wrong. "Are you sure?"
She gave him a slight smile, "Yeah, I'm sure." She took a step back. "It was good to see you again Mikey. Take care of yourself." She turned and she and the little girl disappeared into the crowd on the sidewalk.
"Did you talk to Gee?" Alicia asked walking up to him.
He shook his head, "No, I'll try again later." He scanned the sidewalk but she had completely disappeared. Why, he wondered did she sound so sad? She had sounded so lost.
Alicia linked arms with him. "You'll have to try much later. Remember you gotta meet up with your beautiful wife." She teased.
Mikey smiled at the woman who made his life complete. "Yeah, I do." He dropped a quick kiss on her lips before they started off towards home.
"I love my new hoodie" Alicia said before launching into a discussion about the other entirely rad items she had seen.
Mikey was only half listening. He couldn't get her out of his mind. Something wasn't right. Something seemed very wrong.

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