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Obviously a Rydon. Ryan is really bored so he decides to invite his friend Brendon over. When Brendon gets there, he looks around for food and finds whipped cream. His twisted little mind decides ...

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so I was talking to my Natzy Watsy and told her I was bored so she said I should write a one-shot and I said yeah great idea. So I'm making this hot steamy sexy Rydonlishious one-shot that might turn into more. Hahahah.

Hope you like it!

Disclaimer : I don't own any of the character in this fic. Pure fan fiction. There's no proof Ryan and Brendon are together although we will all love for them to be together, etc. The only thing I own is the name of the fic that is the name of my band so don't you there take it. I'll know and I'll hunt u down. I swear!

Ryan flipped through the channels finding nothing to watch. Being back home had turned out awfully boring for the boy and now he was wishing he was back on tour. He picked up his sidekick and skimmed through his contacts, finally reaching Brendon. He dialed his number and waited for an answer.

"Hey Ryro! Wassup?" Brendon screamed from the other line.

"Don't call me that." Ryan snapped.

"Sorry, so really what happened?"

"I was hoping you were as bored as me and would come over." Ryan said in a sweet voice.

"Aww... How can I say no to you? I'll be right over."

"Thanks." Ryan said and hung up. He couldn't wait for his friend to come, so he dropped the remote and went to a window that had view of the entrance. He sat there until he saw Brendon's car parking. He quickly ran to the door and opened before Brendon could even knock. "Hey Bren!"

"Boy are you bored!" Brendon slurred and went inside, "so do we have a plan?"

"Not really." Ryan answered looking around.

Brendon scratched his temple and started to walk towards the kitchen, "do you even have something to eat?"

"I don't know." Ryan replied and followed him.

Brendon opened the fridge and smiled, "Oh god!" Brendon almost screamed as he took a bottle of whipped cream from the fridge.

"What's on you twisted little mind?" Ryan asked casually.

The grin on Brendon grew as he placed his finger on top of the bottle and sprayed the white cream over Ryan's face. "This is what's on my twisted mind."

Ryan removed the cream from his face and looked at Brendon angrily, "Brendon! Now I'm going to smell like egg!"

"And that turns me on!" Brendon added and sprayed some more.

"Don't do that! Is not fair! I want one!" Ryan protested.

Brendon laughed, "You're not getting one."

"Oh really?" Ryan suddenly said and gave Brendon an evil smirk.


Ryan's skinny body jumped on Brendon trying to get the whipped cream, "Give it to me!"

"NO!" Brendon screamed. Suddenly Ryan took control of the cream and sprayed it all over Brendon, "Ryan!" he removed some cream from his face with his finger and then liked it, "Yum! This is so orgasmic."

Ryan grunted at his friend's nonsense and sprayed some more cream on his face.

"You're so making me horny..." Brendon hissed and approached his friend in a seductive way.

"Bren, you're freaking me out." Ryan muttered as his friend got closer.

Brendon nailed him to the wall and just looked at him, "You look damn sexy with whipped cream on your face."

"Stop saying that." Ryan said and let the cream fall.

"I can't help it." he slurred and kissed his neck.

"Bren-don..." he couldn't help but to moan in satisfaction from what his friend was doing. "Stop it!" he screamed pushing him away, "What are you doing?!"

"I don't know!" Brendon snapped and looked at the floor in shame,"I'm so sorry." He said lightly blushing.

Ryan slid to the floor and just looked at the tiles. Brendon kissing him wasn't what bothered him, the fact that he liked it did. "Brendon..." the boy looked at him with shame. Ryan couldn't believe the words that were about to come out of his mouth, "Would you kiss me again?"

"What?" Brendon asked in shock.

"Would you kiss me again?" Ryan asked.

Brendon didn't know what to do. He just looked down to his friend sitting on the floor and wondered what he was thinking. "Are you sure?" Ryan simply nodded. Brendon walked towards him and sat next to him on the floor. "Ryan..."

"Just do it." He demanded and looked at his friend.

Brendon closed his eyes and kissed Ryan, this time on his lips. Ryan kissed him back and the feeling, it was unlike any other. Brendon felt safe and he liked it.

Ryan parted from his lips and smiled, "I don't know what you have Brendon Urie, but I just want you more." He slurred.

I hope you enjoyed it. I really liked it. Maybe I'm not sure, I'll write another chapter after this one, what do you think? Review & Rate!
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