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A Desire We Both Have

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Obviously a Rydon. Ryan is really bored so he decides to invite his friend Brendon over. When Brendon gets there, he looks around for food and finds whipped cream. His twisted little mind decides ...

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Ryan looked into Brendon's eyes, "Brendon, is this wrong?" he asked, feeling his heart pounding.

Brendon looked away, "Maybe we should just forget this ever happened."

"No!" Ryan protested and held Brendon's hand, "I don't want to forget this."

"What?!" Brendon stood up and looked at Ryan, "I'm not gay!" he said and stormed off.

Ryan stayed there in that same position. He didn't know why, but after that kiss he felt like he wanted more. The sudden desire for the same sex was a surprise for him, but he didn't regret it. He stood up and picked up the whipped cream. "Fuck..." he mumbled and threw the whipped cream to the floor.

Spencer had called Ryan to go over to his place and he doubted going because he knew Brendon was going to be there. It had been two long weeks since the event on his kitchen, two weeks in which he had replayed in his mind over and over the events. Each time he fancied Brendon even more.

In a few hours, he was all ready to go. Just wearing a red shirt with skinny jeans he left his house and drove to Spencer's place. Thanks to his luck, he arrived at the same time Brendon arrived. When they both got out of their cars they just gazed into each other's eyes. Ryan could tell he was still thinking about it. "Hey Brendon..." he greeted, trying to break the awkwardness.

Brendon didn't say anything; Ryan could tell he was pissed. He just walked straight to the door and knocked. Ryan followed Brendon keeping his distance. Spencer opened and he could tell that both of the boys weren't happy to see each other.

"Hey guys!" he said, trying to lighten the mood. Brendon just walked in and Ryan was left outside with Spencer, "I shouldn't have come." Ryan muttered and went in but was stopped by Spencer.

"What happened between you guys?" Spencer asked, being the good friend he is.

"We had an encounter that ended badly." Ryan explained, trying not to lie to his best friend.

"Oh, he looks really pissed."

"I know." they both went in and walked to the living room. Jon was already there, Ryan didn't even know he was in Vegas. Maybe it was cause for the past two weeks he had been alone in his place disconnected from the rest of the world.

"Hey Ryan!" Jon greeted with his normal enthusiastic voice, "Where have you been?"

"Oh, I wasn't feeling well. Nothing serious, I just didn't feel like going out." Ryan explained and sat on the couch next to him.

"Whatever you had, Brendon had too. Just that he still looks sick." Jon joked.

Brendon gave him a dirty look, "I didn't come here to be laughed at." He said and went to the kitchen.

"What happened to him?" Jon asked, noticing the drastic change of mood his friend was having.

Ryan sighted and decided to follow Brendon, there was no reason for him to be with that mood. When he walked in he saw Brendon on the floor hitting his head with his knees. Ryan just stared at him, not knowing what to do.

Brendon looked at Ryan and quickly stood up, regaining his composure. He grabbed his black shirt and looked at Ryan, "Ryan..."

"Brendon, what were you doing?" Ryan asked approaching his friend.

Brendon looked at the floor, "I feel so stupid." he uttered, "I shouldn't have done anything."

"Hey, it's not your fault. What happened happened and what we did, we were both part of it." he said.

"No, it shouldn't have happened. I'm not gay." Brendon almost screamed.

"Chill, nothing like that has to happen again." Ryan said with a fake smile.

"The thing is I-I want to do it again." Brendon stuttered, "I WANT TO!"

Ryan grabbed his hands and kissed him. Brendon didn't reject him; instead he deepened it and wrapped himself around the skinny boy.

"Ryan!" he heard Spencer scream. Ryan parted from Brendon and looked at his shocked friend on the door.

I just love writing on Ryan's POV but not exactly his. He's definitely my fav. I'm really liking this story actually. How about you guys? Reviews plis and also rate.

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