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That's All?

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Can't take the kid from the fight

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Ryan and Brendon looked at the shocked Spencer not knowing what to do. There was no possible reason for there tongues to be in each other’s mouth that didn’t say they fancied each other. Ryan opened his mouth, but no words came out.

“What the hell where you guys doing?” Spencer asked really altered.

They gave each other glances and Ryan proceeded to explain, “Spencer, Brendon and I were kissing.”

“I know what you were doing! I’m not blind!” Spencer interrupted, “I mean… You know what I mean!!”

Brendon grabbed Ryan’s hand and looked at Spencer with fierce eyes, “We’re raging sex addicts who need a good fuck!” he said and smiled.

“Brendon!” Ryan shrieked and pushed him away, “that’s not true. Spencer, Brendon and I are attracted to each other.”

“That’s sounds so gay Ryan. We want to fuck, that’s all.” Brendon intervened.

“That’s what you want with me, a fucking fuck?” Ryan asked looking hurt.

“Ryan, don’t get like that. Its not as if I loved you or even liked you or anything like that. You just turned out to be really addictive and a very good kisser.” Brendon explains nonchalantly.

Ryan looks down and starts to tremble. Once again, he had turn out to be a fool. How could he think the Brendon Urie would have a sudden interest in him that wasn’t more than sex related? “I hate you.”


“I hate you!” he screamed and collapsed on the floor. He had no idea why he felt so hurt, he just did.

Spencer kneeled down on his side and patted his shoulder, “Ryan…”

“Ryan, I’m sorry! Don’t get so emotional.” Brendon uttered.

Ryan wrapped his arms around Spencer and started to cry. He couldn’t help it; he was very sensitive and emotional, especially in this kind of situations. “Make him leave.” He told Spencer.

Spencer looked at Brendon, “Get out of here!” he demanded.

“But Spencer…”


“Fine. Ryan, I’m sorry.” He said and left.

“Ry, are you alright?” Spencer asked.

Ryan looked at him and smiled weakly, “Yeah, I’m sorry. Brendon is right, I shouldn’t get so emotional, it’s just that…”

Jon entered the kitchen in that moment, “What’s going on?” he asked.

Ryan quickly wiped his tears and looked at Jon, “Nothing, everything is fine.” He said and smiled.

Spencer looked at Ryan with worried eyes, “Are you sure?”

“Yeah!” he exclaimed and stood up.

Ficwad sucks! But here it is for those who get to read it. I have big plans for this fic that include Spencer. Hahah I think I just gave it out. I sure make Ryan suffer in all my Rydons but I just love writing about him so much.
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