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Coffee is Yummy

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The guys are craving coffee in good old Chicago

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: G - Genres: Humor,Romance - Characters: Bob Bryar,Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way,Ray Toro - Warnings: [!] - Published: 2007-08-13 - Updated: 2007-08-14 - 653 words

Finally a new chapter!!! Sorry I haven't updated sooner. I would like to thank and dedicate this chapter to xImRadx for giving me the whole idea of the chapter!!! Check out her story too - Its totally awesome!!! Also, please review!!

I woke up, snuggled by Frank in the last row. Breathing in his heavenly scent, the next thing that came to mind was coffee - I needed some. I hadn't had any since we left New York two days ago. Carefully slipping from Frank's arms, I made my way to the second row. Peering into the row in front of me, I could see Mikey sleeping in the passenger seat. So much for keeping Ray company. Ray, who seemed un-affected from driving through the night, was focused intently on the road.

"Hey Ray, where are we?" I asked sweetly since that was one of the questions he couldn't stand.

He didn't seem annoy by the question as he glanced at my sudden appearence near his side "We just got into Chicago about an hour or two ago. We're about to hit the main part of the city"

"Great, then do you think we could find a Starbucks nearby? I'm dying for a cup right now"

"Of course, I could go for one myself. We should probably find one soon. What kind of city wouldn't have a Starbucks anyway?"

With a thanks to Ray, I crawled my way back to Frank who was still sleeping peacefully. I somehow managed to successfully lay myself competely on the seat and pull Frank on top of me. I gave a sigh of content as Frank, my new personal blanket, snuggled into my chest. With his sleep encrusted eyes now opened, he gave me a sleepy grin to match, scooting up to give me a chaste kiss on the lips. I wrapped my right arm around his waist, slightly rubbing his side.

"Hey Gee, are we there yet!?" He asked in the same tone as a child who couldn't wait to get to an amusement park.

"Yep, Ray said we just got here soon", I replied with a smile.

Just then we could feel the van come to a complete stop. Obviously we had parked along some city street. Ray turned to look at us with a smile.

"Found a Starbucks" he said happily.

"Coffee!!! I've been craving some like a preggers woman!! Come on Gee" Frank suddenly announced loudly, bouncing around the van and hurrying to escape the confines of the van.

With a groan, I climbed out of the van, though much too slow for Frank's liking. He was bouncing off the walls and he hadn't even gotten a sip of coffee yet. We waited as Mikey, awoken by the giddy Frank, fixed his hair and closed the door. Frank bounded down the street, even though he didn't even know exactly where the store was. With a look at Frank, Mikey turned to me.

"Are you sure you wanna give that -", Mikey said with a nod in Frank's direction, "Coffee? I can barely deal with him now"

"He's just excited", I assured him, "But de-caf wouldn't be such a bad idea"

As the three of us made our way to the front of Starbucks, Frank waited outside, huffing at the slow walking of his friends. But just before they could walk inside, there was an audible gasp from Frank as he glanced through the glass.

"Oh my gosh, I can't believe it!! What were the chances, seriously?" Frank announced with excitement, pulling on my hand, "Come on Gee! We gotta go in right now! I can't believe its him! Lets go!"

I surveyed Starbucks as I was being pulled inside, with the other two guys following, and all I saw was a blue-eyed, orange haired server grudgingly filling out some other customer's order.

"Hey Bob!" Frank yelled, causing the server to smile at him.
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