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Meeting Bob

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They meet Bob obviously. Sorry this is short, conver. came out bad.

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Sorry for this being so short but I couldn't really think of anything and I really had a hard time writing this because the conversation was coming out awkward.

Everyone heard that Gerard is married now? Yep, to his rebound girl Lind-z.

With a smile the red-haired server abandoned his work on filling a complicated order and left his station. Frank bounded up to him and wrapped his arms around the stunned server. Frank stepped away from the server with a grin on his face.

"I can't believe you're actually here!" Frank exclaimed before looking over at our direction, "Come over here!"

The three of us strided to where the two of them were. I stood beside my adorable boyfriend while Ray and Mikey stood slightly behind us.

"Hi, I'm Gerard," I greeted with a smile at the red-haired server, "I'm Frankie's bo------"

I was cut off by Frank jumping in front of me "He's my best friend"

I was stunned at his odd behavior. I shot a look at Frank and he knew exactly what it meant. He only gave me a half embarrassed, half pleading look. Ray, Mikey and I exchanged confused looks before the server broke the short silence.

"I'm Bob" The red-haired server said.

"I'm Ray" Ray responded.

"Mikey, Gerard's brother," Mikey said before getting to the point, "So, how do you know Frank?"

"We used to hang out a lot when I lived in Jersey, but then my parents split and I ended up here with my mom," Bob explained.

"Do you have to go back to work? The customers looked pretty pissed," Frank anxiously, glancing between the line of people and me.

"Hell no, my uncle owns the place. I can do what I want," Bob responded with a laugh.

As Ray, Mikey, and Bob struck up a conversation of some subject which I can't remember, I motioned for Frank to follow me out of Starbucks. When we finally got outside we walked out of eyesight.

"Could you explain to me what happened in there?" I asked, trying to keep my cool, "Are you ashamed to be my boyfriend or something?"

Yes, I know I was overreacting a little. But why would Frank not want to tell his old friend that we were going out? My thoughts were interrputed by Frank.

"No! I love being your boyfriend," Frank assured me with eyes that made me feel horrible for even suggesting the idea.

"Then why?" I asked.

"Because," Frank began before letting out a sigh, "Bob is homophobic"
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