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Both POV'S

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Brendon’s POV, My body-

“Amanda, you have a phone call!” I heard Amanda’s mom call. I groaned.

She handed me the phone, and I put it to my ear.

“Bitch.” I mouthed, as soon as Katie started blabbing my ear off.

“Okay.” I said, after every sentence.

Then, she breathed. I was kind of surprised. “You done?” I asked. “Yeah, what do you think of the plans for my party?” she asked.

“Amazing. Can’t wait.” I said, dull as hell. I hated this. I wanted to go back home. I was so home sick. I wanted to walk into my house, smell the cherry air fresheners, and lay on my bed, and eat my food, and play my piano, and sit on my couch, and watch my TV’s, and play my guitar hero.

“Amanda, you sound really sad.” I heard Katie say.

“No, I’m just a little, lousy feeling. I feel real lousy.” I said, sighing. I missed Ryan so much. I missed the way his hair sticks up in the back when he wakes up. He still has that Rohawk, Ryhawk, whatever you want to call it, he just brushes it down, to go with his new hair cut.
I miss his new haircut, and I miss the way he used to come over and watch movies with me on weekend nights, when Keltie was out. I didn’t miss Keltie.

I miss the way he wears gym shorts and short socks at night, and the way he wears formal clothes when we go shopping and stuff.

And I miss the way he’s ALWAYS fixing his bangs. Every four seconds, I swear.

I miss the way he always licked his lower lip. He does it so much. I don’t think he notices. But, I love it. I miss it.

I miss Ryan Ross.

“Are you listening?” I heard.

“Huh?” I asked.

“There is something wrong with you.” Katie said.

“I miss Ryan.” I said. It slipped.

“You never met him. You can’t miss him.” she said.

“Yes I can. I miss him. I miss everything about him. I want to cry. I just want to break things, it makes my heart hurt.” I said, tears starting to fill my eyes.

All I want, is Ryan to be next to me, to hold me, I’m so scared. I can’t do this. I can’t live through this.

“I think you need some sleep, babe. I’m going to go, you take a nap, alright?” she said, in a softer voice.

“Bye.” I said, hanging the phone up, and collapsing on my pillow.

I cried so hard.

I miss him so much. The butterflies in my stomach are eating me from the inside out.

It hurts so much. I don’t want to do this anymore. I just want my old life back. I’m not strong enough to handle something like this.

I’m still a skeptic, this is all a big dream. A nightmare. I know I’m going to wake up in a few minutes, and Ryan’s going to be in the next room, making eggs. He’s so reliable, he’ll be there.

I just need to go to sleep. When I wake up, I’ll have my life back.

This is just a stupid nightmare, I’m sure.
Amanda’s POV- (Brendon’s body)

“Bren, how are you feeling?” I heard. I tried to open my eyes, but the bright sun made them close by themselves.

I felt fine, now. Actually, the events from last night kind of seemed like they never happened at all. I felt like I had never thrown up, I had never felt like shit, Ryan had never sang to me.

But he did, and I smiled.

“I feel fine.” I said, softly.

“Really?” I heard. I looked up, and saw Ryan sitting on the edge of my bed, rubbing his eyes.

“Yeah.” I said, with a smile. “Did you sleep well?” I asked.

“I was sort of stressing about you. I got like two hours.” He said.

I frowned.

“I’m sorry. It’s my fault.” I said, feeling horrible.

“It’s totally alright. I’m not even tired. I’m never tired.” He said, running his fingers through my hair.

“Thank you so much.” I said.

He looked at me, and smiled.

“Your so welcome. It was my pleasure. Not really, but I was more then willing to take care of you. I love y-seeing people happy. I knew you weren’t happy, I needed to change that.” he said warmly.

I just beamed.

“Hey, I gotta head home and feed Shotgun. I’ll call you later, call me if you need anything. Spencer’s right down the road, too.” he said, getting up.

“Bye Ryan.” I said, waving.

“Bye buddy. See you around.” He said, turning out, and shutting the door.

I laid down on the pillow and closed my eyes.

He’s so hot.

Too bad I’m sure he’s gay.

I’m sure he’s in love with me.

My body, that is. But, how can he resist? I have one slamming body. XD

I promise I’ll update soon, I actually have lots of ideas. Reviews are always um, nice.
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