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Hello Again Little Bug - Aug 16

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Frank and Gee find out what's been going on at home.

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“Gee, Frank good to see you guys” Mikey threw his arms around both of them. “Did you miss me?” he teased.
“What” You weren’t with us?” Frank said “Guess I didn’t notice.”
“Frankie you missed me and you know it.” Mikey turned to his brother. “I missed you bro.”
Gerard smiled sadly, “I missed you too.”
“Hey, where’s Jamia?” Frank said still looking around the crowded airport.
Mikey shuffled his fee. “Come on. Let’s go. I already talked to Brian and he said that your bags will be delivered later.” He started to walk towards the doors.
“Mikey man, hold up. Where is Jamia? Fuck, tell me nothing’s wrong.” The fear in his voice caused Mikey to cringe.
“Frank she’s fine. Come on lets get the hell out of her and we’ll talk on the way home.” He walked so quickly that Gerard and Frank had to jog to keep up with him. Once in the car and on the road Frank spoke.
“Okay now tell me what the fuck is going on? Why didn’t Jamia come to the airport to meet me?” Frank stared at Mikey waiting.
“Frank, right after you got on the plane to leave for Europe Jamia told Monica that she had been having some pain.”
Frank broke in, “What? Why the fuck didn’t she tell me? You mean she just let me leave for Europe knowing something was wrong? Shit, are the babies okay?”
“Frank calm down. The babies are fine. But Jamia was having some problems. Monica took her to the doctor right away.” He held up his hand cause Frank started to fire off questions. “She had started to dilate. Not a good thing. The doctor put her on complete bed rest and on medication. She is doing great but she can’t drive, or stand on her feel for very long, she’s not supposed to climb steps…”
“Why the fuck didn’t she tell me?” Frank sounded hurt.
“Dude, there was nothing you could have done if you’d been here. Jamia made the decision not to tell you. She made all of us promise.”
“So she’s been on bed rest this whole time?” All the information was still sinking in. “Who’s been helping her?”
“Monica moved in and has been staying with her the whole time.” Mikey said. He looked over at Gerard. “That’s why she hasn’t been able to work on your house,” he said softly.
Gerard look back at him, “So why didn’t she tell me?”
Mikey smiled, “Cause we all knew that if you found out you would have told Frank” Mikey answered honestly.
Gerard didn’t think he could feel any worse. “I’ve been pissed cause she hadn’t done anything to our house and all the while she was staying with Jamia helping her out.”
The car grew quiet. Gerard leaned his head back and closed his eyes. “Shit, shit, shit.”

Kelly walked into the living room and took a seat across from Donna. “I called mom but she’s not at the airport, she’s at Jamia’s.”
Donna looked shocked, “She didn’t go to pick up Gerard? Why?”
“She said she was on her way when Liv called and asked her watch Elle.” Kelly said slowly. “So she called Mikey and he went to get Frank and Gerard.”
“But she told me she promised Gerard.” Her brows furrowed.
Kelly sighed, “I know she did and he’s gonna be sad when she’s not there. But mama said that Liv sounded really upset.” She paused, “I think mama is worried about Elle.”
Donna sat quietly thinking. Suddenly she smiled. “Kelly, grab your coat.”
Kelly looked confused, “Where are we going?”
“Well, you know that your mom and Gerard need to talk. Having Elle there is going to add more stress to the situation. He doesn’t even know Monica has been watching Elle. Knowing my son he’s going to have trouble dealing with everything. I think you and I should go over and we can take Elle to lunch. That will give them some time alone to talk.”
Kelly smiled, “And you can spend time with Elle” she added. She knew how much Donna wanted to get to know Elle. She hadn’t said so but Kelly knew it was true.
Donna smiled, “Okay I’ll admit I want to spend time with her.”
“You’ll love her, she sweet.” Kelly said standing. “Mama loves her.” She went to the closet to grab her coat.
Kelly didn’t see the frown that marred Donna’s face. She was sure Monica did love Elle but she was unsure how her son was going to deal with the little girl. More importantly she wasn’t sure how he was gong to deal with the little girl’s mother.

Monica and Elle were sitting watching a Disney movie with Jamia. Elle had crawled up in Monica lap and started to doze. Monica kissed the top of her head marveling at the softness of her black hair. Jamia looked over at them. “They should be here any minute.”
Monica nodded. “Yeah, I know. This isn’t exactly how I planned on telling Gee.” She whispered. She looked down to see that Elle had fallen asleep. Monica brushed a stray hair off Elle’s face.
Jamia forced a smile, “I wonder how Frank took the news about me.” She giggled “Poor Mikey had to explain it to him.”
“I hope Gee wasn’t too upset I wasn’t there to meet him” Monica worried.
Both women heard a key being inserted into the door. Jamia was on her feet as quickly as she could. She met Frank at the door. “Frankie” she cried falling into his arms. They moved into the bedroom so they could talk. Frank looked over at Monica with a confused look.
Gerard walked in slowly. He saw her and his breath caught. She was so beautiful. Suddenly he realized she was holding a small child in her arms. Confusion showed on his face. “I’ll talk to you later, bro,” Mikey said softly before walking out the door. Gerard didn’t speak to him. His eyes never left Monica. Slowly he walked towards the sofa. “Monica?” he said softly.
“Hello Gee, welcome home” she whispered. Monica watched his face and saw his eyes look down at Elle.
Monica smiled at him. She sat up slightly and very gently shook Elle. “Elle honey, wake up”
Elle mumbled “Mommyca, I’m ty-rod.”
Gerard stopped breathing. Mommyca? What the hell was going on? He looked into Moncia’s eyes.
Elle stirred and sat up slowly. Monica spoke to her “Elle, remember I told you about Gee?”
Elle’s big eyes met Gerard’s. Monica spoke again, “Gee this is…..” He held up his hand to silence her. He squatted down by the sofa and looked at Elle. “Hello, little bug” he said his voice choked with emotion.
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