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Wedding Plans

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Time to make plans for the wedding! (hence the title)

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The next few months all revolved around one thing; the wedding. Patrick and Joy spent all of their time together planning where the wedding would be, when it would be and who they would invite. Joe, Andy and Pete's job was to create the invatations and mail them to the correct adresses.
The engaged couple finally decided to have the wedding at the small church down the road, next week. In order to get everything ready by then, they would need to work quickly. Their guest list was set up so that all of their close friends and relitaves were invited.
It was:
Travis Mccoy, Gabe Suporta, Victoria Asher, Alex Suarez, Ryland Blackinton, Nate Navarro, William Beckett,Michael Carden, Adam T. Siska, Andy Mrotek, Michael Guy Chislett, Gerard Way, Bob Bryar, Frank Iero, Mikey Way, Ray Toro, Ben Jorgensen, PJ DeCicco, Anthony Dilonno,Nash Breen, and of corse Patrick and Joy's parents and immediate family. And, it wouldn't be a wedding without their good friends Joe, Andy, and Pete. Weather they would invite Kate or not was still something to be decided.
"What's the cake gonna look like?" Joe lisped.
"Um, what a normal cake looks like." Patrick answered as he made minself comforatble at the kitchen table.
"I got it! You should make it in the shape of a mystical dragon." Joe replied.
"Oh oh, I know! You should have it be in the shape of the the Deathstar!" Andy said loudly.
"No guys! Patrick yelled.
"We're not gonna have a cake shaped like the Deathstar OR a mystical dragon. Sorry, but no."
Joe and Andy pouted.
"Just sent the last invatation." Pete said, walking through the door.
"Who was it for?" Andy asked.
"Kate." he replied.
"Have you guys discussed what the cake is gonna look like?"
Patrick's face went red. "Yes." he breathed.
"It is gonna be a regular cake. That's it! Nothing extrodanary of any sorts. Just a normal cake. Got it?"
"Geeze Pat, what's up your ass today?" Pete joked.
Patrick sighed and walked into the other room.
"I think he's just stressed about the whole wedding thing. Don't take it to personally." Joe said.
Pete nodded. "I got it. I'd be stressed to if i were him; i mean, it is a big deal."
"Totally." Andy replied.

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