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When this all goes to hell.

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Do You Love Me?

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It was later on in the afternoon and I was feeling the itch to go shopping. Shoes & purses always had a way of cheering me up. Zacky had woke up around 11 in the afternoon and I had already showered and was ready to go take on the world. It was my only day off because tomorrow was Pete's big day and it was sure to be busier then ever. Zacky had finally got himself ready to leave the house minutes after waking up claiming that he went to bed being beautiful and could wake up to the world being beautiful as well. Minutes later we were piled into our big black Escalade SUV and headed towards the mall.

The music in the truck was turned on but turned down low and I was leaning against the window with my arm holding my head up. My eyes were drifting shut and my mind was wandering back to the words that I had uttered to Patrick in the email earlier. Part of me wanted to take it back and welcome those boys back into my life with open arms but I knew that if I did, it would be another whirlwind of drama that I didn't need at any point in my life, now or later. Zacky's hand snaked over to mine and he intwined my fingers with his and squeezed gently. I opened my eyes and looked over to him, smiling softly then going back to look out the window.

The mall wasn't too far from where we were at the moment, but I felt like we were still miles and miles away. I was completely exhausted from being up so early in the morning and going on so little sleep. I knew that being at the mall today, especially on a Saturday would cause a mini riot with all the teenage girls that fawned over Zacky so I was mentally preparing myself for that as well.

Pulling into the mall, I pulled my head away from the glass window and watched as Zacky shut off the ignition and closed his doors. I opened mine and met him around on the other side of the truck and pulled my light sweater around me tighter, the air had a soft chill to today for some reason. I smiled and fell into Zackys embrace as he put his arm around my shoulder and pulled me into him. I inhaled deeply and took in his scent, there was something so comforting about it. I walked into the mall and the first thing that we did was hit up Starbucks, I was in some serious need for a caffeine jolt through my system. After that we started making our way through the mall. I had stopped at some stores and picked out some outfits for myself, some new jeans and some dress shirts, a couple pairs of flat shoes and some high heels. It was all starting to make me feel slightly better about the situation that was going on in the back of my mind, the situation that Zacky knew nothing about.

I felt a rumble in the bottom of my stomach when I realised I hadn't eaten anything all day, and since Zacky was a tank and could eat anything at anytime, I figured he'd probably be hungry as well. Grabbing his hand, I giggled and pulled him as side into one of my favourite italian restaurants. The place was buzzing with people enjoying themselves and having a good time with one another, there was a slight lineup but when the waitress looked up from her podium at the front of the restaurant and realised who was standing in the line up she quickly took off and got her manager. The manager returned with two menus and immediately plucked myself and Zacky from the line-up and taking us over to one of the bigger tables in the middle of the restaurant. The table was dimly light and a candle on the middle of the table so that we could have more of an atmosphere to our dinner.

I smiled and Zacky shook the managers hand and we sat down in our booth. It was comfortable and relaxing. The menus were handed to us and I skimmed over what was to offer but I came here all the time and knew exactly what I wanted already. The waitress came over, took our orders and left to retrieve us our drinks. After coming back with our drinks, I smiled and snuggled closer to Zacky. He wrapped his arm around my waste from behind and kissed the side of my head and started whispering sweet nothings into my ear. This was one thing that I had always loved about him, that no matter where we were, or who we were with, he always took the time to acknowledge the fact that he loved me with his whole heart and never anything less. Turning into him, I smiled and kissed him on the lips.

"I love you." I cooed and pecked his lips again.
"I love you, too." He smiled and took a sip of his pop.

The waitress returned and placed our food on the table. We dined in a comfortable silence and ate our very delicious food. After was all said and done we wanted to do a bit more shopping before heading home and hanging out pool side for the rest of the lovely day if it warmed up.

After we got done shopping, I had a multiple of bags adorning my arms from each store in the mall. Zacky had bought a couple new video games for himself and a couple new shirts from the stores that we went into. He had less bags then I did, but that would be a given considering that I was a girl and he was a boy. Girls were always more apt for shopping then guys were anyways.

Walking out of the mall Zacky was stopped by only a couple of his 'adoring' fourteen year old fans. I stopped and pulled myself off to the side that the message boards didn't get flooded with comments about how I was a stuck up snob of a girlfriend and how that they thought he could do better. I was standing in the closest convience store near the exit of the mall looking at the magazines that were on the rack. 'Britney's babies scream for help' or 'Angelina and Brad: OVER!'. I sighed and thanked god that the drama between my situation with Zacky and Pete never got leaked into the tabloids like there poor peoples personal problems have been. If it had been leaked I didn't know what I would do because I probably would have been shot down and assinated for the fact that I was going between two of boys who had a huge following of girls that were going to 'marry' them.

I felt someone bump into my arm and I accidently dropped the magazine onto the floor. Bending down to reach it, I saw the person who bumped into me reach down and grab it first. I smiled and then when the person stood up my heart began to race and my jaw probably was laying on the ground. I tried to quickly to compose myself but I stammered and put the magazine back on the rack and walked out of the store with my bags in tow. I could feel the person following me and I just about jumped on Zacky when I saw that he was saying his goodbyes to his fans when I was walking out of the store.

Grabbing Zacky as quickly I could without making too much of a scene, I got us out of the mall as fast as possible. The last thing I needed was the drama that I knew would eventually happen, to happen now. Zacky was slightly confused as to why I was walking so fast to get out of the mall but was following me nevertheless.

My name was being called after us but I kept pulling Zacky out of the mall. Zacky pulled my hand out of his and turned around to see who was following us. I stopped and cursed in my head, this was not going to be good at all. I sighed and turned around looking at the situation. There was Zacky, standing in front of a very confused Patrick Stump. I could tell that Zacky was completely pissed right off and that the wrong thing would go ahead and cause a situation that would be completely out of control. The closer that Patrick tried to get to me, the more Zacky blocked it off, following his every step to make sure that Patrick never got even an inch away from me.

"Zacky stop!" I tried to reason but I knew it wasn't going to work.
"Kate just get in the truck and then we can leave."

Hitting the unlock button on his keypad, the doors unlocked. "Get in the truck right now!" The more I disobeyed Zacky by not getting into the truck and away from this situation the more he was getting mad. The anger that was coming from seeing my former best friend in front of him and then me not listening to what he asked was causing more drama then needed to be happening. I sighed and obliged, getting into the truck I knew what I was doing was right because I didn't want to see Patrick anymore then Zacky did but I didn't want Zacky to pull anything that might hurt Patrick either.

I closed my door and shuffled into the seat of the truck, I could hear Zacky yelling at Patrick 'to keep away from me & him' and that 'if he saw any of us on the wrong night, they should watch their backs'. I shook my head and crossed my arms over my chest and waited for Zacky to open the car door and get in. Once he did, he slammed the door really hard and then peeled out of the parking lot doing top notch speed.

All the way home not one word was spoke to each other. Our good day of fun was completely in ruins because of the fact that the boys were back in town for a few days. I kept watching Zackys face, his expression never changed. It was that where his jaw was locked and his eyes were never blinking at all. His hands gripped the steering wheel and his knuckles were as white as ghosts. He pulled into the driveway and slammed on the breaks nearly sending me into the dashboard. He got out of the truck and slammed the door behind him. I watched and grabbed my bags from the back of the truck and then closed the door behind me, following Zackys footsteps up to the appartment.

The door was impromptly shut in my face and I had to struggle to get it open with the bags that I had on my arms. I sat my bags down on the kitchen floor and stormed into the living room. Zacky was pacing back and forth in the living room like he was doing some serious thinking about what happened in the mall parking lot.

"What the hell are you thinking?" I pulled my hair off of my shoulders and tied it up into a messy bun.
"It's always going to be like this isn't it? Whenever you and I get really, really good like maybe even possible engagement good, your past is always going to come up and they're always going to be there."
I ran a hand through my hair trying to comprehend what he was saying. "What?"
"He's back in town too right? If Patricks back, I fucking know he's back too and you know he's been on your mind please don't fucking tell me he's not because I know he is. I know you too fucking well."
"He's.. back." I stammered, "but he's not on my mind. It's you, and I'm not going to pull anymore drama anymore. I'm completely with you one hundred and ten percent. I fucking love you! Not him!"

Zacky looked up at me and I saw something in his eyes that I was not familiar with. It was a look of hate and anger towards me. He started walking towards me and I started walking backwards because I was getting a little bit more scared of him then I would ever admit. I'd never seen him this mad before. I couldn't walk any further, I was completely up against the wall that was between the kitchen and the living room and Zacky was within inches of me. He reached out and grabbed my shoulders and his grip tightened on my arms. I could feel his fingerprints in my skin almost.

"You're hurting me." I said barely above a whisper because his face was so close to mine.
"I dont care." Through clenched teeth, Zacky slammed me up against the wall and my head bashed against the wall really hard and it brought tears to my eyes. "You need to make a choice, you can't have both in your life anymore! It's me or it's him!"
"It's you! He's engaged, he's getting married. Let go of me! You're hurting me!"
I tried to get away from his grip and it only caused his grip to be strengthened on me harder. "Please.." I pleaded.
"Make your fucking choice!" I couldn't even breathe, I was sobbing so hard now.

Zacky slammed me against the wall one more time, this time harder then the last and it hurt so much more. I slipped down the wall and to the floor crying as I watched Zacky walk away from me and back out the door of our apartment. He slammed the door so hard that a picture of us fell off of the wall and broke on the ground. I was sobbing now and I could barely breathe but I made my way towards the phone. I dialed a set of numbers that I hadn't dialed in a really long time, but I needed to hear the voice that could calm me down no matter what.

"Patrick.." I sobbed through the phone, "Can you come over please? Oh god."
"Kate? Whats wrong? What happened?"
"It's so bad, please just come over.."
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