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meet the future Hobo Ross.

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Amanda’s POV Brendon’s BODY-

It’s been two days since me and Ryan had to bury little Shotgun. It was one of the hardest days of my time being in Brendon’s body, I never thought I’d see anyone such a mess, let alone Ryan Ross.

I’m going to sound extremely sick right now, but he looked adorable, crying. But, the way it absolutely broke my heart at the same time, took away a lot.

I cried more then a normal guy should, Ryan should have noticed my raging emotions, but instead, he held me. He told me it’d be okay. Half the time, it was me crying, and Ryan hushing me. We kind of naturally took turns. I’d gain composure, wipe my eyes, and then Ryan would start crying, I’d hold him, then as soon as he got better, I’d start crying again.

I lie here in bed, at six o’ clock, Vegas time, thinking about all this.

I’m not going back to bed, might as well get up. It’s eight my time.

I got up, and walked into the living room. It’s so quiet here sometimes, I don’t know Brendon does it. At least Ryan had Shotgun.

I sighed. Bored as hell.

Maybe I should go for one of those morning walks? Those are always refreshing. Regardless that this IS Las Vegas, and I AM a famous rock star, I’m going to give it a go.

I put on a red hoodie, and headed out the door, walking down the street, looking around at all the suburban houses, and the nice yards they have. I’m a pretty fearless, random person. At my house, you know, the one in Massachusetts, I used to walk all alone at night all the time.

I squinted my eyes when I saw something in the distance, it looked like someone putting things, one by one, into a box. As I walked, I realized it was a woman, transferring small things from a basket, to a box.

When I came to it, the woman looked up from looking in the box, and smiled.

I looked at the text on the box, it said “FREE, TO GOOD HOMES.”

I looked at the woman.

“Take a look.” she said, with a warm smile.

I took a step towards the box, and looked in.

Puppies. About seven or eight puppies, squirming around. They looked like purebred Beagles.

“Free?” I asked her.

She nodded.

“My dog, Daisy, just popped out a whole bunch of puppies, I have no time to sell them. I need them gone by tomorrow. I love them, but I have no room, and no time.” she said.

“Are they purebred?” I asked.

“Actually, I’m pretty sure they are.” she said.

I looked in, and smiled. I wanted all of them, they all looked so adorable.

“My friend just lost his beagle.” I said, kind of thinking out loud.

“Sorry to hear that, it’s hard loosing pets.” she said.

I nodded.

“Yeah.” I said, as I leaned in, and examined the puppies. Soon, I found myself on my knees.

One little puppy, came right over, and started giving my face a licking.

I giggled, and opened my eyes.

It stood there, just smiling at me, as it’s brothers and sisters slept, and played with each other. It had a dark face, warm eyes, and a spotted body, with some dark patches. I picked it up, and started just kind of bouncing it.

“That’s the little girl. The rest are boys. Funny, she gets along just fine with them. And, she’s braver then most.” the lady said.

I smiled, and looked at her.

“Your perfect.” I whispered, as the puppy licked my face again.

“Hey, you look so familiar.” the woman spoke.

I smiled. That’s so awesome.

I held out my free hand, the other one holding the puppy close, and shook hers.

“I’m Brendon Urie. Ever heard of Panic! At The Disco?” I asked.

“Oh! Your that fool who jumps around in the red, with the top hat? The wedding video? Didn’t you guys win a VMA for that?” she asked.

I smiled, and nodded.

“Yeah, I’m the top hat guy.” I said, with a beam. This was so much fun. He might get tired of it, but it’s so much fun for someone whose never done it.

“So, you like her?” she asked, as I scratched the puppies neck.

I looked at her, and nodded. How could Ryan resist?

“I love her.” I said, looking into the puppies eyes.

“Take her home? She’d love it. I think she deserves the rock star lifestyle. If I had to choose one puppy that could handle it, it’d be her.” she said.

I smiled, more and more every second. Man, I love puppies.

“I’ll do just that. You sure you don’t want anything for her?” I asked.

“No, no it’s you whose paying me. I get to live with knowing that she went to an excellent home.” she said.

I nodded.

“Thank you, so much.” I said, turning, and walking for home.

I can’t wait for Ryan to meet his new puppy.
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