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Liv was sitting on the side of the fountain in the same spot she had been in this morning. Elle let go of Monica’s hand and ran to her mom. Liv opened her arms and enclosed her in a hug.
“I meeted Gee” she told her mother happily.
A shocked Liv looked up at Monica. “I didn’t realize he was back.”
“They just got back this morning.” She looked at Elle and said, “I told Elle that Gee is someone I love.” She wanted to make Liv understand that she hadn’t said anything to Elle about Gerard being her father.
Liv gave her a slight nod. It hurt to realize Gee belonged to Monica but she understood what Monica was telling her. “I’m sorry I asked you to watch her this morning.”
“It’s okay, really. I told you and I meant it. I’ll take care of Elle anytime you need me to.” There was so much more she wanted to talk to Liv about but now wasn’t the time.
Liv felt the same way. There was so much she needed to talk to Monica about but not now. “Thank you, again.” She took Elle’s hand and started to turn away.
“Liv” Monica said stopping her, “Gee wants to spend time with Elle while he’s here. He’ll be leaving on tour again in a week.”
Liv sighed, “Give me a call.” She rattled off a number.
Monica watched her and Elle walk off together holding hands. She could hear Elle’s sweet voice telling her mom about Gee and how he remembered her bug picture.

“Frankie, you really shouldn’t have told everyone to get out like you did” Jamia ran her hand through his hair. He had his head resting lightly on her stomach. Every once in a while he could feel the babies stir and he smiled.
“I told them I love them all before I told them to get out.” He reminded her.
Jamia laughed, “Yeah, that was a nice touch.” She grew silent. “I’m so happy your home.”
“Me too, baby.” He raised his head to look into her eyes. “I love you Jamia Naster.”
“I love you too Frank Iero,” They laid together enjoying holding each other close for several minutes before Jamia spoke again. “Do you think Gee and Monica will be okay?’
Frank sighed, “I hope so. Fuck, he really didn’t mean to act like such an idiot in Europe but there wasn’t anything I could do to stop it.”
“I wonder what he overheard that made him realize what Eliza had been doing?’
Frank frowned, “He wouldn’t say but fuck the guy was hurt.”
“Well its over and done.” Jamia said softly. “I just hope he and Monica can get back to where they were before this happened. They need each other so much.”
Frank agreed. “Yeah, and I hope Kara and Bob and fix their relationship. The guy was so tore down when she told him to go to Chicago and not stay here.”

As much as he was tempted to just keep driving (Canada sounded good), Bob stopped. Unable to face the chaos he remained in the car his head resting on the steering wheel. What the hell else could go wrong? His rhetorical question was answered by a rapping on the window.
“Hey, Buddy, you might wanna move this car.”
Bob groaned but didn’t move his car.
More rapping on the window, “Hey Pal. Come on. Move it.”
Without moving his head, Bob’s hand snaked out and lowered the window. “It’s my house.” He raised his head and faced the police officer. “How bad is it?”
“Not as bad as it looks. Move your car so we can get this truck out of here and come back. She left most of the house alone.” He gave a chuckle, Bob wasn’t seeing the humor.
After he secured the rental car Bob walked over to the police officer who was now standing with a couple of fireman. The officer spoke up. “This is the homeowner.”
“Welcome back. Not much of a homecoming, I guess.” He continued, “the fires out now. We’re just doing clean up and looking for hot spots.”
Bob’s cell rang. It was Kara. Oh hell. Why now? He answered, “Hi Hon. It’s really a bad time right now. I really want to talk to you, but can I call you back in a little while?”
“But Bob (hiccup) I have to tell you” Kara sounded as if she had been crying. Bob groaned. Oh Lord not now.
“Kara don’t cry. It’ll be okay.”
“No, it won’t….(sniffle) I’m so sorry.” Kara was definitely crying.
“Honey, I gotta call you back. Things are really bad at the moment.”
“I know. I’m sorry. Don’t be mad.” Kara hung up.
Bob turned back to the group of men. “Sorry, guys. What happened?”
“Well, it seems a kitchen towel got stuck to the bottom of a pan. She didn’t notice it when she set it on the burner. I’m afraid she panicked when it happened.”
Shit, his mom must have come over to make dinner. She liked doing that when he came home.
“Mom? Where is she? Is she okay?”
“Well, she’s over there. I think she’s trying to avoid you. We had a hard time getting her calmed down.” The fireman pointed towards the remaining pumper truck where a figure wrapped in a blanket was huddled on the bumper.
“Oh, shit.” Bob raced over. “Mom, are you okay?”
A muffled voice replied, “No….I burned your house down.”
Wait a minute. Wrong voice.
“Kara? Is that you?”
Bob lifted back the blanket to reveal two water logged blue eyes staring back at him.
“Kara you’re here.”
“I’m sorry, Bob.” Kara dissolved into tears and flipped the blanket back over her head. Bob wasn’t listening. He was intent on crushing Kara in a massive bear hug.
Poor Kara continued to cry and try to offer an explanation but Bob just laughed.
The firemen were amazed at the sight of Bob twirling with the blanketed Kara and laughing at the top of his lungs. They just shook their heads and laughed as Bob finally silenced Kara with a deep kiss.
“I guess he’s okay with her burning the kitchen. Christ, my wife hands me my head if I forget to take out the trash.”
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