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Chapter 10 - Activity

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When Jack had leapt forward, towards what he thought at the time to be his impending doom, he hadn’t expected to wake up in the captain’s cabin on a ship with no apparent passage of time. Even more surprising was the fact that one William Turner was also occupying the comfortable bed Jack was sprawled out on. When he shifted look at Will’s face, muscles in regions Jack knew he hadn’t exercised recently groaned in protest.

When Will’s eyes fluttered open and brought him into wakefulness, Jack was once again surprised and confused. Rather than pulling away like Jack expected, Will gave a delighted grin and wrapped his arms more tightly around the pirate.

Finally, Jack could take no more. “Wha’s goin’ on ‘ere, mate?”

Will looked absolutely crushed. “You don’t remember last night?” At Jacks’ blank look, Will continued, even more subdued, “We found you out at World’s End. It’s been about three months since…well, since the Pearl. You were pretty out of it, saying that the turtles here just wouldn’t listen to reason and that there was sand inside the lobster. It didn’t make much sense, but after some water and food you seemed to be alright.”

Jack carefully examined Will’s face, picking up the tiny clues that further backed up his conclusion. “An’ lemme guess. Your truly and yourself ‘ad a bit o’ fun after lights ou’. Am I righ’, William?”

The blush staining Will’s cheeks was all the answer Jack really needed. With a lecherous grin, Jack leaned forward and captured Will’s pouty lips with his own. At Will’s surprised look, Jack gave a barking laugh.

“Well, I figure iffen I don’ remember las’ nigh’ then we’ll jus’ ‘ave ta repeat said bit o’ fun.”

Will’s answering grin assured Jack that he was in for some very pleasurable activities.
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