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Chapter 9 - Chances

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As Jack lunged for the Kraken, he reflected sadly on the one regret he had in this life.

He didn’t regret the crimes he’d committed. Mostly, he mused; those had been both profitable and fun. Nothing like a good plunder to get the crew into a partying mood. And parties always meant rum.

He didn’t regret his many sexual partners. They’d all been willing and usually quite enjoyable. Occasionally they were even worth the money he spent on them. He’d never caught a disease from any of them, incredible luck that, and felt that he had satisfied them in every way. No, Jack Sparrow did not regret his long line of ex-lovers.

The one regret Jack Sparrow had revolved around not telling the love of his life that he was, indeed, the love of Jack’s life. And now, Jack reflected as the gaping maw of the kraken drew nearer, he’d never get the chance.

Never get the chance to hold his hand. Never get the chance to steal a kiss under the stars, out in the middle of the ocean with no land for miles and miles. Never get the chance to comfort him after one of the nightmares Jack knew haunted him from his past. Never get the chance to make love to him in their cabin at dawn and dusk and every time in between. Never get the chance…..

….to tell Will Turner that he loved him.
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