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Chapter 8 - A Man Condemned

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When Elizabeth chained Jack Sparrow to the mast of the Black Pearl, she did not think that in condemning him, she had also condemned William Turner. But as they had floated away in their little row boat with the few surviving members of the crew, watching helplessly as the kraken ripped the Pearl to shreds, she had seen the peculiar expression on Will’s face. A helpless expression as if he had no idea of what he was meant to feel.

Later on, in Tia Dalma’s hut, when they had all made a toast to Jack and Will had said nothing, she had begun to worry. As they set off on their quest to the ends of the earth and she had seen Will become more and more desperate, she felt a sort of frantic helplessness. The love of her life was destroying himself.

When they had all given up and returned to Port Royal and Tortuga, Elizabeth had hoped that Will would become his old happy and overly polite self. Instead, he sat in his blacksmith’s shop and wasted away, staring out the window endlessly towards the sea.

She had tried to get him to eat, at first. But when it became apparent that he would neither eat nor sleep nor move, and that his soul was already dead, she had given up. And so she did the only thing left for her to do.

She sat and watched as the second man she condemned slowly withered away into nothingness,until he rejoined his lover in death.
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