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Hell Hath No Fury - AUG 22

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Eliza again

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"Monica, are you sure steak is okay?" Gerard was looking down into the grocery cart at the packages of steaks that he had chosen from the meat department. "I mean I could make something else. I just I think I'm pretty good at steak." He looked so serious that Monica had to laugh.
"Gee, steak is fine and yeah, you're a steak grilling connoisseur." She started to push the basket towards the check out line.
"So are you sure we got everything?" He was still looking in the basket as they walked.
"Yep, we got everything." Monica answered smiling at him. This was the first time she and Gee had ever grocery shopped together. It was such a simple task and yet it made her feel so good. They were just two normal people in love doing something so every-day. God, she love him so much. She hadn't been able to put into words how happy it had made her feel when he had said he wanted his family around him. They paid for their groceries and headed back to the house.
"Tomorrow, do you want to shop for some furniture?" he asked glancing over at her. She could hear the hope in his voice. He wanted their house to become a home. It was what she wanted also.
"Yeah, I really think we should. I' m sorry I didn't have time while you were gone."
He frowned, "I'm sorry I didn't understand why you couldn't but I'm happy you put your life on hold to help out Jamia. I bet she was fucking scared when Frank left."
"She was terrified but she knew you guys couldn't afford to lose Frank too."
"Our loved ones should always come first." He said, "She should have told him."
Monica reached out and touched his arm, "Honey, there was nothing Frank could have done if he had been here. If it had turned out something really bad had been wrong she would have called him right away. All kinds of people have jobs that take them away from their loved ones. I understand that. So does Alicia, Christa, Jamia and well, so does Kara."
He glanced over at her again, "How do you think Bob and Kara are doing?" He didn't wait for an answer, "I mean none of it was really his fault. He went along for me. The fucking shitty part of that is I not only messed up my friend’s relationship with his girl but I hurt my daughter in the process."
Monica realized she was overly emotional today. Gerard calling Kara his daughter brought tears to her eyes. It was the second time it had happened today. The first time had been when they had been paying for their groceries. Gerard had taken out his wallet and she had seen the photo of her and the girls he was carrying. It had made her realize once more how much he love them. She looked out the side window hoping Gerard didn't see her eyes.
"Monica I'm so sorry." He thought she was upset about what had happened in Europe
"Gee, I'm weepy cause I'm happy." She said turning to face him. "It's stupid but I'm so ridiculously happy that we just went grocery shopping together. It's like we were an old married couple."
He felt a suddenly happiness that he had missed, "Yeah, I know what you mean. This is the life I want us to have." He paused a moment. "So about getting married..."
Monica laughed, "Yeah, about that. I got a lot of plans to take care of before September."
Gerard sighed, "September seems so far away." He just wanted to marry her now.
"Just five months and you will be gone for most of that time." She reminded him somewhat unhappily.
"I wish we weren't leaving again so soon. But we'll be back when it gets close to Jamia's due date. We all told Brian in no uncertain terms that Frank will need at least six to eight weeks off."
"The rest of you guys don't." Monica reminded him.
Gerard laughed, "Well we will need part of it off. I want to be here around the time they are born. Oh the things I plan to do to mess with Frank. Can't wait to see him change his first diaper."
Monica joined in his laughter, "Be nice, Gee. You know Frank NEVER messes with you." She tried to keep a straight face but it was impossible.
"Yeah, right." They both grew quiet for a moment. Finally Monica brought up the subject that they both had been avoiding. "Gee, what do you think of Elle?"
He pulled the car into the driveway and killed the engine. Turning to her he said, "I think she's a beautiful child. I want to spend more time with her. I'm just hoping that dealing with Liv doesn't become an issue."

"Mikey, what did your mom want?" Alicia said walking back into the living room. She had heard him greet him mom when his phone had rung earlier.
"She wanted me to know that Gee and Monica had invited her and Kelly over for dinner tonight." He picked up Bunny who had perched herself on the back of the sofa. He knew if he didn't she would fall off the back when he sat down. "I guess that means that they are getting along."
Alicia sat down on the sofa. "That does sound like a good sign." She leaned over and petted Bunny who was contently purring in Mikey's arms. "I'm glad. Those two have gone through so much they need some happiness."
"So what do you want to do for dinner?" Mikey asked just as his stomach rumbled loudly.
Alicia giggled, "Hungry, babe?"
"Yeah, lets get a pizza. A large with lots of toppings." Mikey's stomach rumbled again. He gently pushed Bunny off his lap and stood. His cell rang as he was leaning down to help Alicia up off the sofa. "It's Ray" he told her as he flipped open the phone. "Hey, man. What's up?" He listened for a few minutes then frowned. "Well shit. Yeah you're right we have to tell him. If not some reporter will catch him off guard with a question." They talked for a few more minutes before saying goodbye.
"What's up?" Alicia asked. She knew whatever it was it wasn't good.
"Ray was cruising the Net and found several sites with quotes from Eliza's LJ. She is talking about what happened with her and Gee in Europe. Her side of the story is that he led her on, telling her that he was going to break up with Monica cause he wanted to be with her. Fuck, I guess she's even posted more photos of her and Gee together."
"Shit" Alicia said. "Think it will get back to Monica? I mean she and Gee are in the process of repairing their relationship. This ain't the kind of shit they need right now."
"Even if Monica doesn't see it on the Net she's bound to hear about it. Hell, we've got an on-air interview Wednesday morning. The guy interviewing us is always digging up shit to ask us about. This is just the kind of thing he likes to bring up."
"You gotta tell Gee." Alicia said putting her arms around Mikey and giving him a hug.
"Yeah, definitely. Just not tonight. Let them have a whole evening without any more shit being added to their lives."

"What you looking at?" Christa asked walking up to Ray who was seated in front of the computer. She put her arms around him.
Ray leaned back in the chair and put his hands up to caress her arms. "Eliza is talking shit about Gerard on LJ. She's even posted more photos of her and Gerard together." He nodded to the page he had pulled up. Christa's gaze went to the computer monitor.
"Oh hell." She said looking at a photo of Gerard and Eliza with their arms linked smiling at each other. "Ray, what exactly happened between her and Gee? Why did he finally send her away?"
"I talked to Frank and he told me that Gee heard her and her sister talking. Gee won't say what he heard but it must have been fucking bad. He was really hurt and angry."
"Oh so she messed up and he found out the truth. I'm sure her plan was to get together with Gerard."
Ray nodded, "Yeah, Gerard did say that."
"So in her mind she's a woman scorned. Not good." Christa clicked on another photo. This one had Gerard, Eliza, Katlin and Bob sitting at a table in a club. They all looked very happy."
"We have an interview on Wednesday morning with a DJ who is famous for asking questions about things we don't fucking want to talk about. I just know he's gonna ask Gee about this." Ray pushed back the rolling chair and reached around to pull Christa down into his lap.
"Think Gee was unfaithful?" Christa asked sadly.
Ray shook his head immediately, "Hell no. He loves Monica too much but he did act like a dumb shit and it's gonna come back to haunt him."
Christa looked one more look at the computer. "Yeah, hell has no fury like a woman scorned."
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