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Karma Coming Back AUG 23

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Gee and Kelly have a dad/ daughter moment

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"Son, that was an excellent dinner." Donna pushed her plate away with a satisfied smile. "Never thought my son would cook me a meal that didn't involve a fire alarm going off."
"Funny Ma" Gerard said. He was pleased his mom had been impressed with the dinner he had prepared. He had done it all himself. Monica had wanted to help but he had told her no, that this was his to do alone.
Kelly giggled, "So think you're ready to make a breakfast?"
He rolled his eyes,” You’re never gonna let me live that one down are you?'
"Nope" she answered grinning. It was so good to see Gerard and her mom happy together. "So what's for dessert?"
He reached across the table and bopped her lightly on the head, "Don't push it, kid. I haven't graduated to desserts yet."
"Yeah, besides what kind of dessert could he make on the grill." Monica said joining in on the kidding.
Gerard looked at her, "Actually I found a grilling cookbook in Paris. They had all kinds of American books." He suddenly frowned thinking about how he and Eliza had laughed together about some of the strange books.
Monica was watching him and wondered what he was thinking about, "And?" She tried to pull his attention back to the conversation.
"Oh, and I bought one that has some recipes for desserts that can be made on the grill. I can't wait to try out some of them."
Donna stood, "Kelly, let’s go help your mom get these dishes done and then we'll head home."
"You don't have to do the dishes. I'll do them." Monica stood and started to stack the plates.
"Uh actually I kinda wondered if I could talk to Gerard alone a minute." Kelly said surprising everyone at the table. She looked over at Gerard hoping he would understand what she wanted to talk to him about.
Donna picked up the plates that Monica has gathered. "Sure, I’ll take these in and start washing."
Monica looked at Kelly, "Is everything okay?" She at once felt bad that she hadn't seen much of her youngest daughter these past two weeks.
Kelly nodded, "Yeah I just need to talk to Gerard about something personal."
Monica looked over at Gerard who smiled, "Come on Kell, let’s take a walk around the back yard." It was getting dark and he suggested she grab her coat. She assured him she wasn't cold.
As soon as they were out of hearing distance Kelly spoke, "I kinda just need a guys point of view about something."
"Okay, what?" he asked as they slowly walked towards the tree line of the back yard.
"Mike and I have been going together for a few months and I really like him,” she said slowly, "and he says he really likes me."
Gerard nodded, "That's good."
Kelly looked down at the ground; "He says he likes me so well that well he wants us to ...." she trailed off. "Well you know."
Gerard stopped walking and looked at her. Oh shit, why did she choose him to talk about this with, why not her mom? He looked over at this beautiful young girl and immediately felt disappointment in himself. He should he honored she had chosen him to talk to. Kelly looked up at him. "Kell, you should never do anything you don't feel comfortable doing and he should never want you to do anything you aren't comfortable doing."
"He says that he loves me so much and that if I loved him the same then I would want to." She looked back down.
Oh fuck, he thought. This is karma coming back and biting me in the ass. I used that line on a girl when I was fourteen. He sighed, "Kell, wanting someone to do something to prove they love you ain't love."
"So is it true that it's bad if he don't...well you know if he don't..."
Gerard held up his hand, "I know what you're saying. No it's not gonna fall off." Kelly giggled.
"Look Kell, someday you'll know when it's right. Truth of the matter is if he really cares about you he won't push it when you tell him no." He put his arm around her shoulders, "What have you told him?"
"I really haven't told him anything. He and I talked about this last night when we went to the movies. I mean I really like Mike, I do. I just don't want to...have sex." There she had said it.
Gerard smiled, "Then tell him that. Stand up for what you think is right. Don't let him push you into anything you aren't ready for. You're so young Kell. I know it probably doesn't seem like it but you have you're whole life ahead of you. Shit, don't rush it. Believe me it will pass much quicker than you'll believe."
"I'll tell him how I feel,” Kelly said as they turned back towards the house.
"Good and you can also tell him that if he tries anything I'll kick his ass." Gerard said with a smile but meaning every word.
They stopped at the foot of the deck stairs. Kelly threw her arms around him. "Thanks Dad" she whispered in his ear.

While Gerard and Kelly had been talking outside, Monica and Donna had been talking while washing the dishes. "So things are good between you and Gee?" Donna asked.
Monica nodded, "Yeah, we still have some things to work out but I love your son so damn much."
Donna put down the plate she was wiping and pulled Monica into a hug. "And he loves you so damn much."
They worked in silence for a few minutes. Donna finally asked a question she had been wondering about all night. "What did Gee think of Elle?"
Monica pulled the stopper out of the sink and watched the water slowly drain as she answered, "He said she's a beautiful little girl who he wants to get to know better. He also said he hopes dealing with Liv doesn't become an issue."
Donna nodded, "I knew that would worry him. It's gonna be hard for him to see her again."
"I know it will but she's Elle's mom so he'll have to." Monica thought about the best way to phrase her question, "Donna, do you think Liv wants to get back together with Gee and that's why she's introduced Elle into his life?"
Donna leaned against the counter. "I can tell you honestly I have no idea what is going on in her head. Liv was always unpredictable. One minute she was nice the next a total bitch. I wonder myself why she waited so long to even let Gerard know he had a daughter. Now she's been having his fiancée watch her? I don't know Monica. I just hope you don't get hurt. I can tell you love Elle,” she said softly.
Monica knew there was no way she could deny it. "Yeah, I do. She's so sweet and smart and trusting." she stopped herself. "She's part of Gerard. How could I not love her?"

Kelly and Donna were at the door preparing to leave. "Hey Kell, your mom and I will pick you up around noon. You gotta pick out your bedroom furniture."
"Cool, I'll be ready" she said hugging her mom and Gerard. "Are we gonna eat lunch out too?"
Monica laughed, "Yeah, we'll eat lunch out, too."
Gerard put his arm around Monica as they stood on the front steps. They waved as Donna's car disappeared from sight. "So did you and Kelly have a good talk?" She asked as they walked inside.
"Yeah, she just needed my opinion about something." He said with a smile.
"No doubt it had something to do with Mike."
He pulled her to him, "Yeah, it did. I'm glad she came to me to talk." he said honestly. "Gotta tell you this parent thing is sorta scary."
"Tell me about it. Wonder how my oldest daughter is doing?" Monica said. She had been thinking about Kara on and off all evening. She still hadn't called. Did the homecoming with Bob go well? Were they talking out their problems?
"Think we should call?" Gerard asked. "I'll call Bob if you want me to.”
Monica thought a moment, “No, I talked to Kara when she first got to Bob’s so I’m not really worried. I’m just hoping they have gotten a chance to really talk and work out their problems.” She moved out of his arms, “I’m gonna go upstairs and take a shower. Your mom thought to bring us towels and shower gel.” She giggled, “Actually I think Kelly chose the shower get, it’s mango.”
Gerard smiled, “I’ll take a shower in the guest bathroom.” He was hoping she would invite him to shower with her but she just nodded. He knew their relationship was still fragile so he wouldn’t push the idea.
Monica started up the steps. “Kelly and your Mom also packed some of my clothes and brought them over. They also brought your bag.” She locked eyes with him, “So I guess we’re officially living in our home now.”
He couldn’t put into words how he felt so he just nodded. He watched as she started back up the stairs. When she reached the top she turned back to him, “I’ll meet you in bed.”

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