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Sleep - AUG 24

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Monica and Gee together, Bob and Kara together

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Gerard walked slowly into the bedroom. Monica had pulled back the satin comforter and flipped back the sheets. She was sitting on the edge of the bed, her hair still wet from the shower. “Hey” she said softly when she looked up and saw him.
“Hey” he said moving towards the bed. Fuck, he thought this is so awkward. He wanted to rush to the bed and take her in his arms. Instead he lowered himself to the bed and sat next to her.
Monica sighed, “Gee, we still have a lot of things we need to work through.” She stopped not really knowing to put into words what she wanted to say.
“I know we do, and Monica if you want to just go to sleep I understand. I promise I won’t touch you. I won’t lie it will be fucking hard but I won’t.”
She turned slightly to face him. “There is absolutely no way I could lay in the same bed with you and not touch you.”
Her words touched his heart. “Let’s get into bed so I can hold you in my arms.” He whispered. They both slipped into the bed and Gerard pulled her to him. Monica laid her head on his chest. “This is what I dreamed of the whole time I was gone. I wanted to hold you.”
Monica smiled, “Is that the only thing you wanted to do?”
He groaned, “Honey, I’m pretty fucking sure you know what I want to do. I want to make love to you but with everything that has happened I don’t want to mess this up. What we do is totally up to you cause just holding you in my arms like this is something I didn’t think would happen this morning when I got off the plane and you weren’t there.” He paused then added in a whisper, “It was like a part of me died when I thought you hadn’t come because you couldn’t forgive me.”
“I wanted to come but I was worried about Elle. I knew in my heart that if you had known that you would understand.”
Gerard ran his hand over the soft skin of her arm, “Yeah, I would have understood.” He was silent for several minutes, “She’s beautiful, isn’t she?”
Monica smiled, “She’s is beautiful, she takes after her father and her mother.”
Gerard sighed, “Yeah, she looks like Liv.”
“And you” Monica added reaching out to touch his cheek.
Gerard shifted slightly pulling her even closer, “I’m not gonna lie. I’m so confused. I don’t know how I feel about Elle.”
“Or how you feel about dealing with Liv again.” Monica spoke knowing she was giving voice to his feeling.
“Yeah, I don’t know how I feel about dealing with Liv. That night at the Christmas Gala when I saw her I couldn’t even think about her. I was so worried about you. Then she comes up with that shit about me raping her and how I needed to start supporting my kid, and now she’s been having you watch Elle.”
“Gee maybe she’s changed. The woman I’ve been dealing with loves her child very much. She’s a good mother.” Monica sighed, “Gee, Liv was at Jamia’s apartment the day I saw the video of you and Eliza kissing.” He started to speak but she placed her finger over his mouth to silence him, “She didn’t add to my pain, Gee. All she did was warn me about Eliza. She told me that Eliza had always wanted you.”
Gerard sighed, “Maybe you’re right. The Liv I knew before would have laughed and enjoyed your pain.”
“And that’s not what she did. I don’t know Gee, I just worry. I think something is wrong but I can’t put my finger on it. Kelly says that Liv is so sad. I get that feeling too.” She took a deep breath and added, “Maybe she feels she can’t care for Elle properly without help.”
“I’ll help her out financially.” Gerard said quickly.
Monica snuggled closer to him, “But a child needs more than that Gee. Elle will need her father.”
This was something he couldn’t make himself address now. He needed time to think. Monica sensed his reluctance to discuss the issue. “It’s okay, I understand a lot has been thrown at you lately. Like I said you and I will face these things together.”
“I love you, Monica.” The words were from his heart.
Instead of answering Monica moved her hand under the covers and began to slowly stroke his manhood. He moaned softly as she began to lower his pajama pants. Her hands were warm and soft on his hard flesh. “Honey, you’re gonna have to stop that or this will be really quick. It’s been too long and I’ve miss you way too much.” When her hands stopped stroking he gently rolled her onto her back. He pulled her gown over her head and threw it to the floor. “You’re so fucking beautiful,” he whispered gazing down on her nude body.
He began at her neck leaving a trail of kisses that blazed a hot path of passion. Monica moaned when he stopped at the bud of each nipple to gently swirl his tongue. “I’ve missed his so much” she said breathlessly.
He lowered his open mouth to hers and answered, “Not as much as I did”.
Once more his mouth moved down her body with a maddening slowness. This time it continued down her stomach to the welcoming wetness of her womanhood. His tongue flicked through her soft curls to find the spot that caused her to shudder in anticipation. Her hips moved up to meet his waiting mouth. “Gee, you need to stop or this will be over way too soon.” She practically cried.
Gerard smiled, ‘Oh honey, I don’t think either one of us is gonna be able to hold out long.” He moved back up her body and she could feel how hard he had become.
“Gee, why are we trying to hold out?”
He leaned down and their lips collided when he thrust into her. Monica gasped as he completely filled her. Her fingernails racked his back as he began to move inside her, his pace quickening. “Oh honey, tell me this is what you want.” His voice was pleading.
“It’s what I want,” she said closing her eyes letting the building passion overtake her. “It’s what I want.”
Several final thrusts pushed them both to the point of no return. Gerard cried out her name as his seed filled her. Monica had cried out his name mere seconds earlier as the passion had crashed over her.
Later lying in each other’s arms Gerard surprised Monica when he had thanked her for loving him. It has been so sincere and from the heart that it had made her want to cry. Could he really think that there was anyway she could ever stop loving him?

Bob still hadn’t let go of Kara. Every once in awhile still under the blanket, she would sniffle into his chest. He was watching the activity around the house when his father showed up. They talked quietly over Kara’s head. Bob agreed to let his dad stay and secure the house while he drove Kara to a hotel. His parents wanted the couple to stay with them, but Bob thought it would be better if they didn’t. They really needed time alone.
He started to herd Kara toward his car when she pulled away, asking him to wait a minute. She ran up to one of the firemen, clearly asking him something. Bob wondered what she was up to. The fireman walked into the house. He soon returned and handed something to Kara. She turned, her tear-streaked face finally smiling, as she ran back to Bob. She grabbed his hand. In her other arm she now clutched Pookie to her chest.
Bob left Kara in the car as he went to check into the hotel. When he returned, he found Kara sound asleep still holding onto Pookie. She didn’t awaken even as he carried her up to the room.
He dropped her onto the bed and set about removing her shoes and socks. He wondered if he should take a chance on waking her and undress her. Yeah, she’d be a lot more comfortable if she got out of those form-fitting jeans. He found a t-shirt in his carry on bag that had made the trip with him and changed her into it. As he shifted he to try to pull down the covers, she awoke just long enough to say, “Hi Pookie.” And turn to snuggle into him, throwing her arm over his chest and kissing his neck. He moved slowly trying to get more comfortable without waking her. He settled back against the headboard and drew her even closer and shut his eyes and promptly fell asleep – fully clothed and smiling softly.
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