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Her Side Of The Story - AUG 26

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Gee finds out about Eliza

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Kelly walked through the huge furniture store feeling completely lost. How could anyone choose a bedroom suite with this many choices? Gerard and her mom were following behind and she could tell her Mom was getting tired of walking up and down the aisles. "See anything you like?' Monica asked her hopefully.
Actually she had. When they had first walked into the place she had seen the most beautiful bedroom set she had ever laid eyes on. It had a canopy rice bed with matching bedside tables, and a dresser. It was perfect but the price wasn't. As soon as she had glanced at the tag she had moved on quickly.
"Hey why don't we grab a bit to eat and we can come back afterwards and look some more?" Gerard said putting his arm around Kelly's shoulders.
"Sounds good to me" Kelly said with a smile. "I'm hungry."
When they were seated at their table in a near by Mexican restaurant Monica spoke, "So we have our living room furniture being delivered tomorrow and the dining room and kitchen stuff on Friday. All we need today is Kelly's bedroom furniture."
Gerard popped an appetizer in his mouth and chewed. He shook his head no.
Kelly and Monica stared at him. "We don't?" Monica asked.
He smiled, "Nope, Kell picked out her furniture when we first got there, didn't you?" he looked at Kelly.
"No" she answered confused.
"Sure you did. The big tall bed with the canopy. I saw how you looked at it."
"But did you see how much it costs?" Kelly sputtered.
Gerard laughed, "Nope, not really. While you and your mom were paying for the lamps I told the sales lady to write it up. It should be delivered on Friday." Kelly was shocked but broke into a huge smile.
"Kelly how much did it cost?" Monica asked quietly.
Kelly looked down at the table. "A lot"
Gerard put his arm around Monica, "Honey, we have a daughter who saw something she wanted but wouldn't ask for it cause she thought it was too expensive. That deserves a reward."
Monica shook her head, "Gee.." she stopped herself. He had made a decision to buy something for Kelly that he knew she wanted. She just had to make sure he didn't try to do that every time.
"Thanks" Kelly said looking up "I love it.'
Gerard smiled, "That's what's important. This is our home and it need to be filled with things we love."
Monica leaned her head against his shoulder. It felt so right when he talked about their home. This was how she always had dreamed family would be.

Christa had been acting strange since before she had left to go the office, Ray realized as he watched her work at her computer. He thought back to the conversation they had before she left. Was she upset about the added dates? He decided to take a stab at finding out what was wrong. "Babe, how's it going?" He walked up behind her chair and laid his hands on her shoulders.
"Just finishing up this project. They are expecting it tomorrow morning." She continued to type on the keyboard ignoring his hands which were now stroking the sides of her long neck.
"Is it hard for you to work from here?" he had never really thought to ask her. He had just been so happy she had located her job site to his apartment that he hadn't asked her if it had caused her more work.
"What? So you want me to start working at the office? Am I bothering you here?" she snapped.
Ray lifted his hands off her shoulders and stepped back, "Whoa, I never said that. Christa what's wrong?"
She continued to type. He moved around and bent down so he could see her face, "Babe?"
"It's nothing, Ray. Sorry I snapped." She looked at the monitor.
He reached down and lifted her hands off the keyboard. She started to protest but he pressed his lips to her. "Tell me what's wrong." he whispered. "Is it cause they added six more dates? Cause if it is I'll understand if you have to come back early."
Christa's eyes grew wide, "If I come back early?"
He pulled her up and they walked over to the sofa. Once seated he pulled her to him, "Honey, I'm sorry I never asked you how hard it is for you to work from here. I was just so glad to have you with me. If being away that long is hard for you, I'll understand if you have to leave the tour and come back early."
"Ray, what are you talking about?"
Suddenly it dawned on him. "Shit, I'm so stupid" he said. "Christa, I just assumed you would be going with me."
"What?" She was confused; "I've never gone with you on tour."
He hugged her, "You were never my fiancée. I want you with me. I know it won't be practical when we tour out of the country but when we're here in the states you need to be with me. I want you with me."
Tears sprang up in her eyes, "Shit, this morning when you said the others would be upset about the added dates but you wouldn’t be, I thought you didn't mind being away from me for six more dates."
"Oh babe, I'm sorry. Look, I'm kinda clueless sometimes. I'm sorry I didn’t realize that I hadn't asked you to come with me."
Christa reached up and took his face in her hands, "Why yes, Ray. I would love to go on the tour with you." she laughed.
"Babe" he lowered his lips to hers. "Thanks."

Monica and Kelly were putting away the new dishes they had purchased in the kitchen. Gerard smiled when he heard them discussing just where things should be placed. Their home was taking shape and it was a good feeling. He was sitting in the dining room trying to assemble shelving for the pantry. Key word was trying. He looked over the directions again and decided whoever had written these instructions was either a genius or someone with a wicked sense of humor. This project was definitely going to take more time than he had originally thought. Easy to assemble, my ass. Note to self, no more buying anything that said 'some assembly required'. He was happy when his phone rang. The perfect excuse to stop for a few minutes. He saw that it was Ray calling, "Hey man."
"Hey, how's it going?" Ray asked.
"Well, I'm putting together some shelving for the pantry. Estimated date for completion 2009." he laughed.
Ray snickered, "Should have bought it pre-assembled."
"No shit, I know that now. Have you talked to Bob lately?" Gerard laughed as he asked.
"No, why?"
"Well, the good news is that Bob and Kara have made up. The bad news is that she burned down his house."
"On purpose?" Ray laughed.
"I don't know the whole story yet. I hope not. I wouldn't want to cross her if she did."
"Well she's your step-daughter."
Gerard groaned and changed the subject. "So how's Christa?"
"Beautiful" Ray said glancing into the kitchen were she was pouring a glass of ice tea. She sensed her was looking at her and smiled.
"We need to get together soon. Monica and I were thinking about asking everyone over Monday night. That way Bob and Kara will be back in town."
"Sounds good" Ray answered before getting down to the real point of the conversation. "Gee, there's something I have to tell you."
Gerard didn't like the sound of his voice, "What?"
"Eliza is posting all over the Net. She's put more photos of you two together and she's blogging. Her side of the story is that you led her on. She says you told her you were planning on leaving Monica and that's why she was with you."
"That's a fucking lie" Gerard said angrily.
"Dude, I know that but you need to know what's going on. We've got that interview tomorrow and you know no matter what we say this shit might come up."
Gerard had forgotten about the on-air interview. "Fuck" he muttered.
"Yeah, well I thought you might want to prepare how you'll answer if you get asked any questions about her." Ray said softly.
"Yeah, well there is always the standard ‘I'm not gonna fucking talk about my private life’."
"Dude, you ain't got a private life anymore. Eliza is making sure of that."
Gerard shook his head. "Man, this sucks. Monica and I are dealing with all this shit and I just don't need anymore added to it."
"Gee, I'm sorry she hurt you." Ray said softly.
"Thanks man" he made sure Kelly and Monica were still in the kitchen working before speaking, "Ray, I really thought she was my friend. I cared about her so much. I mean she and I had been through a lot of shit together. Guess she’s one great actress. I can't believe how wrong I was about her. It fucking hurts."
"I know." Ray sighed, "I guess the moral of the story is things aren't always as they seem."
Gerard had to laugh, "Oh man, Kell said that to me when I was in Europe. She said she didn't know why she said it just that she felt she needed to say it."
"She's an amazing kid." Ray said.
"Yeah, she is." Gerard said with pride in his voice.
Ray wondered if his next question was out of line but he had to ask, "Hey, you planning on seeing more of Elle?"
Gerard took so long to answer that Ray feared he might have hung up. Finally he spoke, "Yeah, I told Monica that I want to see Elle again while I'm home."
Ray picked up on his wording. "That's what you told Monica but how do you really feel?"
"I'm just not sure" Gerard admitted, "I'm just so fucking confused about the whole situation. I do want to get to know Elle."
"But dealing with Liv?" Ray guessed.
"Yeah, dealing with Liv" Gerard repeated. "Dealing with Liv."
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