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Chapter Twenty Six

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Pete at home. Talking to hotness on AIM. and ashlee. who, isn't hot. god, i hate her.

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NOTE: Okay, just for the record, only the “later that night” part of the last chapter was a dream. So, the whole other part, with Pete coming and telling William his hair was cool, yeah, that happened. Just setting the record straight if you guys thought that all that never happened, cause it’s important. It’s not terribly important, but still.
Pete’s POV-

I sat on my couch, just stroking Hem, who was asleep. The TV was off, my laptop was closed, my sidekick plugged in, and the lights were on.

I glanced at the clock, for the first time in hours since leaving William’s for a good night sleep after tour. (Yeah, right.)


I sighed, and kept up stroking a smiling, sleeping Hemmy.

I yawned. I’m actually quite tired except, I had a reason now to stay awake. I had a sleeping bulldog in my lap, I didn’t want to disturb him.

Suddenly, He sprung up, and ran out of my lap.

“Whoa, bad dream, Hem?” I asked.

He looked bad, and whimpered.

“Aw, come here. Daddy hold you?” I said, in a squeaking voice.

He laid down were he stood and put his paws over his eyes.

I smiled at him. He’s so god damn adorable. “You okay boy?” I asked, after two minutes of silence. He looked up, and then laid his head in his paws, and started to doze. He does that when he has bad dreams. I think it’s because he thinks if he sleeps in the same spot he’s had a bad dream, he’ll have it again.

I shook my head, chuckling, and reached for my lap top, signing on.

I looked at who was on. Ryan’s screen name’s caught my eye.

An IM popped up.

Ryroatthedisco: IM BUDDY!

PeteywentzXO: Hey kid. How are you?

Ryroatthedisco: Eh, could be better. Writing my hand off. How’re you?

I smiled. Talking to Ryan always made me happier. He’s one of my best friends.

PeteywentzXO: I’m okay. How are my home boys?

Ryroatthedisco: Pretty okay. Brendon’s a fool. Oh, yeah…nothing you haven’t heard.

PeteywentzXO: Haha, Ross you devil.

Ryroatthedisco: What can I say?

PeteywentzXO: Say yes?

Ryroatthedisco: You’re a creep, Wentz.

PeteywentzXO: Yeah…

Ryroatthedisco: I talked to William latley, he’s doing pretty good. I was glad to hear from him. I miss those Academy Is kids.

I gulped. Talk about William always made me sweat.

PeteywentzXO: Yeah, I just saw him today. We hung out.

Ryroatthedisco: Still as gorgeous as ever, with that head of hair?

I sighed. Even though Ryan is potentially one of the straightest guys I know.

PeteywentzXO: Still as gorgeous as ever.

Ryroatthedisco: Even though it’s twelve my time, I don’t have insomnia. I’m going to head off to bed, and you should too, considering it’s two your time. Goodnight Petey. We talk everyday on AIM, so I assume I’ll talk to you tomorrow. Get some sleep, you night stalker.

PeteywentzXO: Goodnight my lovely. I will most definitely talk to you soon.

Ryroatthedisco has signed off.

I smiled. That kid’s going places. He’s so amazing.

Suddenly, I heard another IM pop up.

AShYbABY83: Hey there Pete!

Ah, my sex buddy. How lovely.

PeteywentzXO: Hey, how are you?

AShYbABY83: I’m good. U? I miss u. We need 2 hook up soon.

Illiterateness is going to be the death of this generation. GAH.

PeteywentzXO: I’m fine. Yeah, I miss you too baby.

AShYbABY83: Aw. U so cut.

I’m cut. WOOHOO.

AShYbABY83: Cute*

PeteywentzXO: Haha.

AShYbABY83: LOL. Lmao.

PeteywentzXO: Yep.

AShYbABY83: So, wut r u doin 2morrow?
Um, what? Haha, wow.

PeteywentzXO: Nothing much. You, maybe?

AShYbABY83: LOL. I’m down.

PeteywentzXO: Well, unless you wanna do it standing up, I sure as hell hope your down.

Hey, sex is always good. I’m always down for coping sex. It’s how I deal with secretly being gay, remember?


PeteywentzXO: Yes?

AShYbABY83: Yes. Imma go 2 beddy. C u 2morrow. Ill be thinking of u.

PeteywentzXO: Goodnight love.

AShYbABY83 has signed off.

PeteywentzXO has signed off.

I yawned, and closed my laptop, laying my head on the arm rest of the couch, and soon, dozing off.
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