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The Interview - Monica has had enough

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"We got a lot done today." Gerard said glancing over at Kelly. He was driving her back to his Mom’s. He and Monica and Kelly had worked on the house all day. Now he was tired but feeling completely satisfied. "As soon as your furniture arrives you can move in for good."
"I love our house but I'm gonna miss living at Donna's. It has really seemed like home." Kelly told him honestly. She looked over at him "I hate that she's putting the house up for sale."
He almost swerved off the road, "What? Moms selling the house? Are you sure?"
"Oh crap, I thought you knew. I'm sorry. Forget I said anything."
They were stopped at a light. "Kell, how do you know she's selling the house?"
Kelly smiled, "She told me last night on our way back to the house. She said that once we move out it's gonna seem too empty."
He thought a minute "Is my mom still seeing a lot of my dad?"
"Yeah, Don is over all the time. I kinda think they might get a smaller place together but don't tell anyone I said that."
"Wow, I just can't imagine not being able to go home." He sounded so sad that Kelly tried to cheer him up. "But now you have a new home."
He nodded, "Yeah, I do. Can't live in the past forever" he said softly wondering why he always seemed to be trying to do just that.

When Gerard got back to the house Monica had already showered and was in bed. He smiled, "Tired?"
"A little, but I feel good about all the things we got accomplished."
"Yeah, well you and Kell got a lot more done than I did. Shit, I'm glad I got that shelving put together finally."
Monica giggled, "And how many pieces did you have left?"
"Only four and I don't think they were all that important." As least he hoped they weren’t. "Man, I wish we didn't have that interview in the morning. There's so much to do here."
"I didn't realize you had an interview. Can I go with you?"
He groaned inwardly. He really didn't want her there if the shit with Eliza got mentioned but there was no way he could tell her no. "Sure, we have to be there at 8:00 and should be back here at the house around noon."
He was whistling as he walked back into the bedroom fresh from his shower. He was tired but not too tired for some loving. His smile faded as he walked in and saw that Monica was asleep. Oh well there's always tomorrow night, he reminded himself. He slipped into bed and pulled her gently into his arms. She murmured in her sleep and snuggled close to him. Her body pressed into his and he groaned softly. Hopefully he could fall asleep quickly or this was gonna be a hell of a long night for him.

"Are you sure you're feeling okay?"
"Frankie stop asking that question. I'm fine. The babies are fine. Now go do that damn interview so you can get back home." Jamia said giving him one final kiss.
"Maybe I can call Alicia and have her come over." he was still worrying.
"Frank, you'll only be gone till noon. I'm gonna sit on this sofa until you get back. If I need anything I'll call you or someone else."
"Who would you call? Monica?'
Jamia shook her head, "No, I talked to her this morning. She's going with Gee."
"Oh fuck, that's not good." Frank now had something else to worry about.
Jamia was confused, "Why isn't it good?"
"Cause Ray called and told me that Eliza is blogging all over the fucking Net about her and Gerard. She's saying he led her on and told her he was gonna break up with Monica. I guess she's even added more pictures."
"Shit" Jamia said, "I'm guessing you think this is gonna come up in the interview."
Frank nodded, 'Yeah, that's what I'm afraid of. The guy interviewing us is a dick. I so wish Monica wasn't going."
"Does Gerard know what Eliza is doing?"
"Ray told him."
Jamia hated to ask, "Has Gee told Monica?'
Frank shrugged, "I have no idea. He's probably afraid to bring it up."
"Well he's gonna wish he had if he gets asked about this shit."

Gerard had such a bad feeling about this interview. He had spoken with DJ Jones and told him in no uncertain terms that he would not discuss his private life. The guy had agreed but Gerard had noticed the gleam in his eye when he had spotted Monica. Fuck, he had gone up to her and turned on the charm. He even seated her in the outer booth where she was sitting now with the on-air assistant. She could hear and see the interview.
The interview started and things were going surprisingly well. Frank and Ray were both answering questions while Gerard nervously answered a few. Ray was asked about his accident and resulting coma. He explained it was a hit and run accident not adding any more details.
"So I understand it was Gerard's fiancée you saved by pushing her out of the way of the car." Jones said.
Ray tensed, "Yeah"
Jones smiled, "So did they catch the driver of the vehicle that hit you?"
Gerard cut his eyes to Monica. He could see her frowning. "They did and now I'm better and ready to get back on the road." Ray said glaring at the man.
"Ok, that's great. So Bob's not here today. He is feeling ok?"
Gerard answered, "Bob went home to Chicago to take care of some things before we leave again on tour."
"And to spend time with his fiancée, I'm guessing. She's your soon to be step-daughter isn't she?"
Gerard was loosing patience, "Yeah, Bob's fiancée Kara is my fiancée daughter."
Jones used that annoying fake broadcaster laugh, "A family affair." He then asked several questions that had been sent in by fans and it seemed he had backed off. Mikey who was usually quiet answered the one about his wedding.
"It was great. We flew to Vegas and got married there. The guys gave me the past two weeks off for a honeymoon."
"Speaking of the last two weeks, you guys toured in Europe, right?"
Fuck, here goes Gerard thought. He answered in an even tone, "Yeah"
"I've seen some of the video it looks like you had a great time." Jones said with a smile. Gerard wanted to punch him in the face.
Frank spoke, "It was a rad tour. The kids in all those countries welcoming us, it was awesome."
"I also saw some videos and photos of you Gerard and Bob with some gals enjoying the sites."
Gerard answered slowly, "Yeah, we were traveling with some friends." He put special emphasis on the word friends.
"Well I'd like to read this" he held in his hand a paper, "Gee and I spent most nights together in each other's arms. He told me how special I was to him. We remembered the past we had and talked about our future. He's my best friend in the world but he became more. I would never have stayed with him if he hadn't told me he was gonna leave his fiancée. I guess I was stupid to have believed him for the second time in my life. This is from a blog by Eliza ..." he broke off when Gerard stood. Frank, Ray and Mikey also got up.
Suddenly Jones’s assistant was tapping on the glass between the booth and his location. He motioned for Jones to switch to his channel.
Jones held up his hands to the band. "We've had some technical difficulties, sorry. I've just been told by Critter my assistant that Gerard Way's fiancée Monica Knight is here and wants to join in the interview. She's coming in the booth now. Welcome Monica."
Monica took a seat by Gerard who had sat back down. He had no fucking idea what to do. The others sat back down to. Monica slid on the earphones Critter handed her and spoke into the mike,” Hello"
"Monica glad you're here. How long have you and Gerard been engaged?"
Monica smiled, "A few months."
Gerard looked at her beautiful face and wanted to take her out of here. She looked so innocent.
"Now I think you were listening when I was asking Gerard about your daughter being engaged to Bob Bryar."
"Yes, I was listening but I have two daughters. Kara is the daughter you are talking about. She and Bob are engaged and very happy."
"And you aren't concerned about the age difference?'
"No, I can honestly say I'm not. When they first met it was a concern but they are so in love and Bob is such a great guy I'm very happy for them."
"I was also talking to Ray about the accident that he was injured in. You were hurt too isn't that right?"
"I was. I am a widow and the car was driven by my sister-in-law."
Jones thought he had hit the jackpot, "Your dead husband’s sister hit you? On purpose?"
"Yes, my dead husband. I'm a widow" She used a tone reserved for idiots. "And yes, on purpose."
"She blamed me for her brother’s death."
"She tried to run you down cause she blamed you for your husband’s death?"
"Is there a reason you’re repeating what I say?" Monica asked
Jones narrowed his eyes. "I'm just establishing why she didn't like you."
"Well, I'm sure you know what it's like not to be liked" Monica said in a sugary sweet tone. Beside her the guys all snickered.
"Yeah, well no one has ever tried to run me down."
"Give it time" Monica returned.
This time Critter even snickered. Jones tried to get the interview back on track. "Ok, so we were also talking about the tour the band just did in Europe. You didn't go, did you?"
Monica’s light laugher sound sweet, "Now Jones you know I didn't, so why ask?'
He cleared his throat, "You heard the blog I was reading?"
Gerard reached over and grabbed her hand. "Yes, it's quite good for fiction. Perhaps she should think of changing careers and become a writer."
"So you don't believe what she's saying about what happened between her and Gerard?"
Monica sighed, "You know it's very sad when someone you think is your friend turns out to be something completely different. Gerard thought he was hanging with his friends, he found out he wasn't." she waited a beat, "I guess some people just want the attention so badly they will do anything, hurt anyone to try to reach their goal but Karma is a bitch. It always gets you in the end."
By the time she was through speaking Gerard was leaning over to her. His lips captured hers.
"For those of you listening Gerard Way and his lovely fiancée and lip locked. Now lets play the latest single off "Black Parade".
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