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Now She Knows - AUG 28

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After the interview and Gerard decides to call Liv

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Brian walked into the studio just as the interview was being wrapped up.
"Fuck, I'm sorry I didn't get here sooner. He said to Frank who walked out of the booth first. "Traffic was fucking brutal."
Frank smiled, "I think it went quite well considering we were being interviewed by an asshole."
Ray agreed, "Yeah, better than I had hoped but let’s get the fuck out of here."
With Gerard and Monica following they all exited the studio. When they got to the parking lot they grouped together to talk.
"I'm sorry. I know I shouldn't have said anything." Monica was looking at Brian.
Brian laughed, "Fuck I almost ran off the road when he said no one had tried to run him down and you said 'give it time'. Jones is fucking dick. If there had been any way to get the guys out of the interview I would have."
"I'm just afraid I've made things worse. The guys should have just walked out." Beside her Gerard who was being strangely quiet looked away.
"Monica it's okay. None of us blame you. The guy was asking questions that directly involved you." Ray said lighting a cigarette.
She looked over at Gerard who was still looking off into the distance. "But I didn't play the part of the good girlfriend. I know I was supposed to stay in the background quietly."
It was Frank who spoke up not Gerard. "Look once he read that blog it didn't really matter cause now it's all out in the open. You answering won't really make any difference. People will believe what they want but now they have our side of the story."
Brian smiled, "Go home and work on your new house and forget about it." He looked at the rest of the band, "I promise I won't bother any of you until Tuesday morning. That's when we need to meet up so I can give you the new itinerary. Bob will be back then?"
Monica nodded, "Yeah, he and Kara are coming back on Sunday."
They all said their goodbyes and headed for their vehicles. Monica and Gerard walked side-by-side silently. When they were on the road Gerard finally spoke. "It would have been better if you hadn't said anything."
Monica was hurt by his words but tried to understand, "I'm sorry.,” she said softly.
They drove on in silence. It wasn't until they were almost back to Belleville that Gerard spoke again, "Monica, I'm sorry. Sorry about a lot of things. Sorry I hurt you. Sorry I told you that you shouldn't have said anything. But mostly I'm sorry I'm such a fucking pansy I didn't stand up to Jones myself. I got mad at you cause you didn't take any shit from him and I didn't have the balls to stand up to him."
Monica closed her eyes and sank back in the seat. "Gee, I'm sorry I made you feel that way. I should have let you handle the situation but I lost my temper. I didn't like that jackass talking about Kara and Bob and shit from my personal life." She took a deep breath, "But I sure as fuck didn't want to just sit there and listen to Eliza's shit. She knows she'll never have you so she's trying to mess up what we have. I'm tired of people messing with our lives."
Gerard looked over at her and smiled, "I love it when you're so fucking feisty." He squeezed her hand "It'll be okay honey. I gotta tell you I was fucking terrified when he started to read that blog. I was afraid that you would believe it."
"Yeah, that's exactly what Eliza hoped. Now she knows exactly how I feel."

Donna's car was in the driveway when they got home. She and Kelly had been painting Kelly's room. Monica and Gerard looked over their work and complimented the new sea foam green walls. Since they were done they all decided to have lunch. Donna had brought over sandwiches. When they were finished eating Gerard asked Monica for Liv's number.
"I'm going to give her a call and ask if we can pick up Elle and bring her over for a couple of hours. I think we should see what color she wants to paint the guest bedroom."
Donna and Monica exchanged a look. Both were happy to hear Gerard was planning on getting to know his daughter better. Monica was especially happy that she and Gee were on the same page. The guest bedroom would belong to Elle when she came to visit. Something that Monica hoped would happen often. She gave him the number then went to deal with the deliverymen who had arrived with the new living room furniture. Monica oversaw the placement of the sofas and tables. Every piece looked perfect just as she had envisioned they would look. When she was done she went in search of Gerard. She found him leaning on the railing of the back deck smoking.
"Gee, did you talk to Liv?"
He turned to her, "When you've watched Elle has Liv always brought her to you?"
"Well except for the first time when Bert brought her."
"Yeah he was in town cause Liv said she needed to talk to him alone. He brought Elle to me at Jamia's."
"He didn't tell me. I just called him asking him for Liv's number. The one she gave you it for a used car lot. The number she gave him is a fake too."
"Shit" Monica said realizing that once more Liv was hiding. She was making it impossible for Gee to get to know his daughter. Gerard took one more drag and threw the butt off the deck.
"Pretty much what I would expect from Liv" he said before turning and walking back into the house.

Later that night after Donna and Kelly had left Monica and Gerard ordered a pizza. "Our first pizza delivery to our new house." Monica kidded trying to lighten the mood. Gee had been quiet since he had failed to reach Liv.
"Yeah, and here's to many more." He smiled not wanting her to know how upset he was about the situation with Liv. Damn her and whatever game she was playing. She was messing with his mind but fuck it she was messing with Monica too.
Gerard had gone to take out the trash when Mikey called. "Hey, how's the new house coming along?"
"Well, we have living room furniture and Kelly's room got painted today." she answered.
Mikey laughed, "That's a start. What about furniture for the other rooms?"
"Delivery on Friday." Monica reported happily. "Gee is taking out the trash. I'll get him for you" she said assuming he wanted to talk to his brother.
"Uh, actually I called to talk to you." Mikey said nervously. "Liv called a little bit ago and left a message for you."
"Liv called you?"
"Yeah, she said that I was to tell you not to worry she would be in touch with you next Thursday or Friday."
Monica sat down on the new sofa, "When Gee is gone."
Mikey was silent a moment, "She made the call so short I didn't even have time to think, I wondered why she was calling me to leave a message for you. I was about to ask her why when she hung up."
"Gee tried to call her today so that we could bring Elle over to the house. He wants to spend some time with her but the number Liv gave me isn't hers. The number she gave Bert is a fake too."
"Gee's upset?" Mikey guessed.
"Yeah, he is."
"Did she say anything else?" Monica asked.
"Nope, nothing. I'm just surprised she called at all. The Liv I knew wouldn't have given a flying fuck if anyone was worried. She must like you."
Monica wasn't sure that was the case at all, "Mikey why doesn't she want Gee to spend time with Elle?"
He thought a moment before answering, "I don't know, maybe it's not that. Maybe she doesn't want to see Gerard. I'm sure she would be afraid she would have to deal with him if he wants to see Elle."
Monica realized that there was a good chance he was right. But why didn't she want to see Gerard? Was it because it would be too painful for her? Did her feelings for him run that deep? She thanked Mikey for calling and asked him not to tell Gerard. There was no sense in upsetting him anymore about the situation. Monica was determined to find out Liv's motives the next time she spoke to her. Gerard needed to spend time with his daughter. There had to be a way to make Liv understand. She needed to stop playing mind games.
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