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My mouth is dry with words I can’t verbalize

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william confesses his love?!?!

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Chapter 15: My mouth is dry with words I can’t verbalize

*William’s POV*
No one else on our bus was up. I looked out the window and saw Pete walking out. He looked down and deep in thought. The way I felt. I figured I’d give him some time to think to himself and not be disturbed before I went to see if he was ok. Meanwhile I began to think myself. Ever since he signed us to him label I’ve liked him more than a boss or friend figure. He’s always kind to others and would help a dying child before helping himself. People that see him only on TV may have the impression that his stuck up or full of himself. They couldn’t be more wrong. I’ve never really told any one this, even though it probably wouldn’t come as a big shocker if I did tell them.
I figured I had given him enough time to gather his thoughts so I made my way to go find him. I worried about him, he could easily hurt him self again. I turned to corner and saw him sitting there. I gave a small cough to let him know I was there. “oh, hey Bill” he said with little emotion. “hey, sorry I did mean to bother you.” I said starting to turn away. “no it’s fine. I’d rather have company right now anyways.” he said. I was glad because I hadn’t planned on leaving anyways. “ok” I said sitting down next to him. “so what brings you out at night?” He asked. “I couldn’t sleep, too much on my mind. What about you?” I asked out of curiosity. “same” he said staring at him shoes. A long silence passed before I finally spoke. “so what are you thinking about?” I asked. “if I tell you, you have to promise not to tell any of the guys, ok?” he asked. “sure man” I said a little worried. “ok, I think I like Ashley.” he said fiddling with a string from his shirt. “yeah I like her too, she’s nice.” I said. “no, I mean I think I really really like her.” he said adding hand gestures to extenuate his point. “oooohhhh” I said. my stomach began to burn. “so what are you going to do about that?” I asked wanting to hear him out. “I don’t know man. I mean if I tell Andy or JJ they’ll hate me, and if I tell Ashley how I fell she’ll think I’m a weirdo, and if I kept it in side it’ll tear me up. What do you suggest I do?” he asked. “I don’t know man you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place.” I said. I really did want to get him advice. Advice to break it off with JJ and forget about Ashley and get with me, but I really couldn’t say that now could I? “I know” he said. “if it was me I would tell JJ that is not working, but I would think about the band before I turn my back on Andy to take Ashley. Alright man?” I said. “yeah alright, So what’s on your mind? Since I just spilt my guts to you” he said laughing a little. “nothing that compares to your problem” I said laughing. he stood up. “well I’m going to go try and get some rest. See ya.” he said walking off toward their bus. “hey Pete, wait” I called out. “yeah” he said turning back around. “just think about the whole picture before making a move. Ok?” I said. “Ok, William thanks for the advice” he said turning to walk again.
Only if he now the passion I have for him he would lose these girls and have me. I stayed for a little bit thinking and hitting myself for not proclaiming my love for him just now. I wondered back to the bus and crashing on the sofa and without thought fell into a deep sleep.
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