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We walk the plank on a sinking ship

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Chapter16: We walk the plank on a sinking ship

*Pete’s POV*
“Pete, get up! You guys have sound check in an hour.” I heard someone say. “Urg, ten more minutes” I groaned and turned over on the couch. “No, get up now because I need some where to seat.” I heard a different voice say. I opened one eye and tilled my head back to see who it was. “Oh, sorry Ashley” I said bolting up from the couch. “Thank you” she said sitting down in my previous spot. “Oh, you’ll listen to her be not to your own girlfriend.” JJ said some where behind me. “Sorry I didn’t know you were the one that said something.” I said moving passed her toward the bunks to grab my eyeliner to reapply. “What’s up with you?” she asked following me. “You” I mumbled under my breath. “Uh, answer me.” She said putting her hands on her hips. I looked around to see if the guys were up yet and found that their bunks were empty. “Where are the guys at?” I asked, not wanting to dwell on this situation any longer. “They had interview this morning.” She said still irritated. “They went without me?” I asked. “Apparently, and stop trying to avoid our problem.” She snapped. “Our problem? My problem is you!” I yelled. She stood in the door way in shock. I didn’t want to tell her this way be she wouldn’t leave it be. She turned and ran out of the bus. I thought about chasing her but decided against it when I heard Ashley go after her instead. I finished reapplying eyeliner and stepped out of the bus. The afternoon air pierced my face along with the force of a hand sliding across my face. “What the hell Sarah” I said holding my cheek. “The same question could be asked of you” she said angrily. “What are you taking about?” I asked knowing dam well what she was taking about. “Does JJ ring a bell?” she asked. “Oh” I mumbled. “Oh, is all you have to say? Not an 'I’m sorry for what pain I’ve caused her?'” she said still towering over me. “What pain? She’s caused me more pain? Mentally and sexually.” I said releasing my cheek and looking her in the eyes. “I figured you were only thinking with your dick.” She said. She turned and walked toward the TAI bus. Wonderful I’ll have Ashley after me too probable. William appeared from around the corner just as I was about to go inside. “Hey bill, are you here to attack me too?” I asked. “No” he said walking toward me. “Well that’s a relieve.” I said climbing the stairs, William following. “You had to do what you had to do.” He said sitting down beside me. “Yeah I guess” I said. “So what now?” he asked looking at me intensely. “I don’t know, maybe let everyone forget about this before making a move on Ashley.” I said. “I doubt that will be anytime soon because she’s staying on our bus now.” He said. “What she’s not going home?” I asked, not that I cared if she did or not. “Nope, after storming out of here she came to our bus and Siska talked her into stay on the tour but on our bus. I think he has a think for her.” He said. “Good he can have her. At least I’ll have my own bunk now.” I said. Ok I know I’m being a little mean but I have a lot of built up emotions and she just sit them all off at once. “Wow, Sarah hit you pretty hard.” He said leaning over me to look at my eye. I hissed as he gentle touched my cheek. “Yeah, I’ll go put some ice on it” I said about to get up. “No, I’ll go get” William said quickly. I had this strange feeling when he touched my cheek, I don’t know what it was but it scared me a little. He came back with a bag full of ice. “Here you go.” He said. He was about to put it on my cheek for me but I took it before he could. “Thanks” I said taking the bag. “Hey, don’t you guys have sound check now?” he asked looking at his watch. “Ah shit” I said running out of the bus toward the arena.
“Pete, you’re late” Patrick said as I entered the building. “Thanks for coming to get me guys.” I said in announce. “You’re 28 fucking years old, have some responsibility.” Patrick said tuning his guitar. “Whatever” I mumbled. “Nice shiner you got there Wentz” Joe said. “Shut up” I said back. “A little touchy about a girl hit you, are we?” Patrick said in a whiny voice. The anger inside was boiling and about to burst. “I’d be more mad about my girlfriend being stronger then I’d ever be.” I said at of anger. The next thing I knew Patrick was flying at me I was on the ground wrestling with him. “Hey, guys break it up.” I heard Andy say. He and Joe were now trying to pull is apart. Soon I heard other people running toward us. “Pete, Patrick, what’s going on?” Mike asked. “He started it.” I said pointing at Patrick. He said the same but pointed at me. We left the stage and entered separate dressing rooms to cool off. There I took in the whole picture of what just went on and realized something. I exited my room and went to go find Patrick. Finally I found him. “Patrick?” I asked while knocking. “What?” I asked still sounding angry. “Can I talk to you?” I asked though the door. “I guess.” He said opening the door. “I’m sorry. I can’t believe after all we’ve been though as a band and as friends we had a fall out about a girl.” I said sitting on the couch with caution. “Yeah, I guess that does sound pretty stupid. However you shouldn’t have hurt JJ like you did.” He said with a concern look. “I know, and that wasn’t my plan. I was going to break it to her easily but this morning she wouldn’t drop it so I snapped.” I said putting my head in my hands. “You guys okay now?” Andy asked at the door. “Yeah” we both said. “Good because we have a show to play tonight incase you forgot.” Joe said appearing beside him. We all walked back to the bas as a band. “Man Sarah does have some power behind her slap. Remind me to never make her mad at me.” Joe said examine my still red cheek. “Yeah yeah laugh it up.” I said laughing.
That night’s show went flawlessly. On the buses was another thing. The girls slept on TAI’s bus and William, Mike, and the butcher slept on the bus with us. Hopefully this will all settle down, MAYBE.
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