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Sometimes goodbye’s the only way

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pete in a good mood! why?

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Chapter 17: Sometimes goodbye’s the only way

Andy’s POV
We arrived at our next stop and woke up to someone snuggling into my side. “Babe I thought you were on the other bus.” I said rolling over to see Ashley curled up. “I was but I got lonely on there.” She said finally getting comfortable. “Aww I missed you too.” I said kissing her on top of her head. “So did you hear what happen between them two?” she asked in to my chest. “Yes, the whole night.” I said with a sigh. “What Pete actually talked about it?” she asked. “Yeah he talked about it and then Patrick talked about how hard Sarah hit him. But I went to bed after that.” I said. She fell asleep and I soon followed.
The next morning was odd. Pete seemed to have actually slept and didn’t bite our heads off when we talked to him and William was asleep on the couch. “Hey Pete” I said with caution. “Heya Andy.” He said practically skipping into the living area. “Are you okay man?” I asked. “Never better Why?” he asked. “Nothing it’s just you’re happy and with everything that went on yesterday and all, I figured you’d be cranky.” I said pouring me a bowl of cereal. “Well I’m not. Yesterday was yesterday. William taught me that.” He said looking at William on the couch with a smile. “Ok. Glad to hear that.” I said looking at the two of them. Ashley stumbled in to the living area. “Hey sleeping beauty.” Pete said. I looked at him and cocked an eyebrow. “Dude did you just call my girlfriend sleeping beauty?” I asked. “Yep yep” he said. “Hey Pete” Ashley said still groggy and a little confused as to what Pete said. “What are you on and can I have some.” I whispered to him. “It’s life and freedom.” He said with a laugh. Okay something else has to be going on because someone can’t be this happy about breaking up with anyone, I thought to myself.
Soon everyone was up and tired excepted for Pete, of course. “Go away Pete.” Joe said. Pete had been pestering Joe about playing video games all morning. “Nope” Pete said back. I couldn’t take happy Pete any longer. Ashley and I got dressed and went for a walk. “Gee fucking whiz, I think I preferred the sleep deprived, anxiety filled Pete over the happy-go-lucky, and it’s a bran-new-day Pete.” Ashley said as soon as we left the bus. “Amen sister.” I said. She laughed. “I wonder what made him so happy last night to have this effect on him.” I said kicking rocks out of my way. “I don’t know” she said.
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