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Kisses on the necks of ‘just friends’

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the reason is among us!!

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Chapter 18: Kisses on the necks of ‘just friends’

William’s POV
*The night before*
Pete and I were the last one’s up. “I can’t sleep man.” Pete said to me. “You know what use to put me to sleep?” I asked him. “No, what?” he asked. “My mom use to rub my back in small circles and it would knock me out so fast.” I said staring at him. Please say that you’ll let me do that to you, I screamed in my head. “That’s nice man.” Was all that he said. Shit I guess I’ll have to work for this one. “I could try that on you to see if it really works. It’ll ease your tension.” I said standing up and walking over to him and rubbed his shoulders. “I guess it wouldn’t hurt to try.” He said with a little skepticism in his voice. “Trust me it’ll do the trick.” I said. We walked back to his buck. Everyone else was already asleep. He slipped out of his shirt. Damn he has the finest body I have ever seen, I thought. Who on earth would want to hurt such a beautiful creator? He lay on his stomach so I could rub his back. I started slow and in big circles. “Umm this does feel relaxing.” He said settling down even farther in the bunk. Holy fuck, I thought as my whole body suddenly became awake and alert. I began to rub faster and in smaller circles on his back. I felt him draft off to sleep, but I could let him do that without him know who I felt. So I swiftly flipped over and laid one on him. He pushed away. “Dude, what you are doing?” he asked wiping off his lips. “Nothing Sorry” I said getting up and walking out. At least I knew how he felt about me now. Great now he probably thinks I’m some… “Why did you leave?” he asked interrupting my thoughts. “Gee I don’t know, maybe because I just kissed you, and you pushed away?” I said sarcastically. “I know I’m sorry, it was just unexpected, especially from you.” He said. “Look just ...” he started to say but was interrupted by my lips crashing into his. I had pinned him onto couch with my body. I was fumbling with his shirt. “I didn’t know you were in to me this much” he said as he slid the shirt over his head. “Shh…” I said with my shirt and pants off by the time he throw his shirt on the floor. I was already attacking his jeans. I fingers were stumbling over each other. “Hey, settle down.” he said moving my hands and undoing his own jeans. Sweat was already glistening down my face. “Do you really want to do this?” he asked looking into my eyes. I said nothing. I kept quite looking at his body. Okay this was getting too uncomfortable. He reached down to pick his jeans off the floor when I put a hand on his chest. I slowly started kissing him. I made my way down to the seam of his boxers. Goose bumps spread across my body as his fingers eased their way to his member. This was agonizing the torment I was going through was only pushing me closer to the edge. “William …” he moaned. How long I waited to fully take him in was too long. “Stop fucking teasing me” he moaned. This put a smile on my face, because this told me he wanted me just as much as I wanted him.
After we both climaxed we laid beside each other on the couch and took in what just went on. I drifted off to sleep with the biggest smile on my face. I had my wildest dreams come true and not one of them involving her. Shortly after, I felt Pete get up and wonder toward the bunk area.
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