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I’m strong on the surface

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moving forward several months!!

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Chapter 19: I’m strong on the surface
* 8 Months Later*
Ashley’s POV
“The guys are finally off of tour. I couldn’t be happier. The bus had become overly crowded and emotions were flaring. Pete’s and William’s little escapades were eventually reveled. It didn’t come as to much of a shocker as you may have expected. We all knew William was gay, but Pete never /let on that he ever wanted to travel to that side of the tracks. JJ took the news kind of hard. She blamed Pete’s ‘crossover’ on herself/, but he even reassured her it wasn’t. Now as for mine and Andy’s relationship, it’s good. I’m eight months pregnant and scared to death. That one /magical night in the hotel room sent me over the edge. I told him a week later. He took it better then I did. I mean we haven’t even /met each others parents, and my family is very strict about the whole ‘marriage then baby’ thing. However, I wasn’t going to have the baby before I got married because we’re getting married tomorrow. Yes you read right, tomorrow. Pete, Joe, and Patrick are the groomsmen, and JJ, Jess, and Sarah are the bridesmaids. We’re having a small little shindig. Ok well maybe not so small. The academy is…, gym class heroes, panic! At the disco, and basically the whole FBR/DECAYDACE crew is going to be there. Ok now before I indulge into the wedding any further I’ll update you on the rest of the group. Sarah and Patrick are happily engaged, Jess and Joe couldn’t get any happier, and JJ and Pete well they still talk, which is great considering the situation.
Now, on with the wedding indulging, my dress well I really can’t explain it. it has lace all around the shoulder. and a train a mile long.I’ve had to let the dress out so many times in the past few months it’s been ridicules.”/
“Hey chic are you ready?” JJ yelled from downstairs. “Not yet, I’m blogging” I yelled back.
“Anyways, our colors are peach and white. Yes I picked them. Ok so I have to leave now, I’ll leave you with a mental picture of Andy in a tuxedo. lol”
I submitted it and turned the computer off. “What were you blogging for so long?” Sarah asked as I came down the stairs, slowly. “Life” I said with a smile. They shook their heads and smiled. Being the day before the wedding the girls were sleeping at mine and Andy’s house and the guys were staying at Joe’s. “So were we off to?” I asked grabbing my coat and walking out the door. “To a place” Jess said. They refused to tell me any information. We finally pulled up to what looked like a run down shack. “What is this place?” I asked. “Hopefully something an eight month pregnant women can do.” I added. “Most defiantly” JJ said smiling. We walked in and it was totally different on the inside, it was beautiful. “Hi welcome to Bahamas day retreat” Said a petite women standing in front of us. “Guys you shouldn’t have.” I said leaning over to hug them. The day was bliss. I was so relaxed when we exited the spa. “I could have the baby right now, I’m so relaxed.” I said laughing. “No, lets not have it yet.” Sarah said. We returned home and dove into gallons of ice cream and tons of movies. “I hope I can still fit in to the dress in the morning” I said licking the last spoonful of ice cream slowly off the spoon. “I hope we wake up in the morning.” Jess said. I looked at the clock and it read 4:30 am. “Urg, I’m just going to fall asleep right here.” I said grapping a pillow and hugged up to it on the couch.

Beep, beep, beep

“Ashley wake up it’s your wedding day. You get to see Andy in a tux.” Sarah whispered in my ear to wake me up. The last part made me smile. Even though three and a half hours worth of sleep wasn’t good, but I was still awake. I had a hair dresser come to the house to fix all of our hair, a nail person to do our nails, and Jess’s mom did our makeup.
We had an hour left before the wedding and my nerves were standing on ends. The limo arrived promptly and we filed in. As we approached the church my heart skipped a couple of beats. I think reality just sank in, I’m getting married. My life will change. Will we have a real honeymoon? My heart was racing. The car stopped and I jumped out. I started down the drive but the baby was slowing me down. I heard the girls come after me. “Ashley what’s wrong?” they asked. “I don’t know if I can go through with this or not.” I said panting. “Of course you can. You love him and he loves you dearly.” Sarah said softly. She was right I did love him very much, and this baby needed a father. So we got up and walked arm in arm, just in case I decided to run again, to he church.
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