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#65- Alone. 'You're ugly inside and out and I hate you!' not sure about the rating. There's language and a tad of violence.

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It’s in Frank’s PoV.

“You’re useless!” I cry, rage colouring my cheeks an angry red, tears coursing down my face in streams.
“Why did you have to kiss him? What did you think would happen? That he’d kiss you back? Want you back?” I give a slight laugh. “Well he didn’t did he? And that, that is because you are one fucked up son of a bitch.”
I close my eyes for a second to gather my surroundings, listening out for anyone else who may have come back to the bus early. Once my mind is back on track again I continue my rant.
“All you ever want to do is hurt me! It’s like you’ve made it your life goal. I’ll be dead soon, it’s all your fault. I hate you!” I scream. I slam my fist into the wall, pain shoots up my arm and the skin over my knuckles splits. I watch in fascination as pin pricks of blood appear, slowly merging together into one another and forming a large pool of red. I cross over to the sink and rinse my hand, relishing the sting as water hits the sores on my knuckles.
I turn back to the cause of my disdain. “Why do you always have to ruin everything? Why can’t you just let life run smoothly, let me be happy? Why do you have to ruin everything? Go kissing other guys? Friends! He was a friend! Why’d you make such a scene? Everyone saw, every one saw. Now it’s all going to be sympathy and forced smiles. I don’t want to be some sob story!” I pace around the small part of the bus I am in, trying to wear off some of the anger.
When I turn back he returns my frosty glare. A strange calmness settles over me. I don’t care. I don’t care anymore. I’m done, it’s over. Life, everything. I can’t actually be bothered anymore. I’ve tried and tried to keep going but something always pulls me back down. It seems like I’m destined to spend my life at rock bottom and to be honest I don’t really like it down there much. Not with your gloating face tattooed in my memory.
“How… Why do you insist on doing this? Pulling everything apart? Ruining everything ? I hope you know I hate you. Every single ounce of my body hates you. I hate you. I hate you I hate you I hate you !” I sob, tremendous sobs punctuated only with more and more cries of ‘I hate you!’ No hand reaches out to comfort me, no shoulder presents itself for me to cry on. So instead I cry into the palms of my hands. I hug my knees and try to draw some small comfort from them.
“I can’t believe you.” I whisper, looking up again, this time with raw, red eyes. You look back at me and I take in every feature. I analyse everything that I see. I weigh up the pros and cons of everything that makes you you. I decide that you’re ugly, the ugliest most repulsive thing I have ever laid eyes on. I hate you for that too.
“Why’d you have to kiss Gee?” I ask wondrously. “What on earth possessed you to do such a thing? How could you? So easily, so naturally. He didn’t pull back right away, no, but he did. Everyone had seen by then though. Everyone had realised that you love him.” I look down and play with the frayed fabric of my jeans. I pull at strands until they snap. Relishing in the destruction. I need something more though, something bigger, I need to destroy something big. Something with the potential to matter to someone. I stand and catch your eyes. We’re both breathing heavily, we both know what is about to happen, we both raise our fists and swing them back, then forwards, with all the power o]that years of torment and pain and misery brings. I swing my fist and slam it straight into the face of my reflection.
I feel the mirror explode beneath my already bleeding knuckles. I stare in wonder at all the fragments lying around me. There are thousands of tiny pieces of glass all reflecting the same thing, a broken shadow of a man.
I pick up a large piece of mirror and hold it up to my face as I slide down the wall and sit down on the bathroom floor. “I hope you’re happy now.” I whisper to the only person who had witnessed this evening, and many similar ones before hand. “I really hope you’re happy now.” I repeat to my reflection. Feeling sick at the very sight of it.
I take the glass and lead it down my wrists. Tracing a pattern over the blue veins in red blood. I stare for a moment at the mess I have created. Not just in the tiny bathroom but of this charade called ‘life’.
“I’m sorry I loved you Gee.” I whisper as he enters the bus and watches me pass out with a mingled look of horror and shock. I die in his arms. For that one sweet moment I’m not alone anymore.
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