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Those Lips...

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yeah almost sexx on the elavtore

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Ryan wasn’t at all wrong, things with Brendon, well they couldn’t be any worst. Not only that but Spencer was acting all weird when he was around and Jon just gave him those dirty looks. It made him feel like an idiot, like if he had done something wrong, which he hadn’t. Ryan had done only what his instincts had told him and as far as he knew, the only one who felt really hurt right now was him and only him.

Really, Brendon he couldn’t look more fine with the situation. Yeah, there was sort of a tension among them, but it was more Ryan than him. Spencer, yeah he had walked on them making out but how did that even affect him? He hadn’t felt sort of heart broken or anything. And Jon, he did nothing. Spencer just told him, so what the hell was his problem.

Maybe it was all in Ryan’s head, but it was affecting him. As he walked through the corridors of the building where they were having their next interview, he wondered if he would stand being around those 3 guys who had proven to be strangers in the past week.

He reached room 803 and it had sign that said Panic! At The Disco. Inside, the three guys were already there two of them sitting on the couch the other one doing his makeup. “Hey.” He muttered, looking disgusted.

Jon and Spencer said a weak “Hi”, but Brendon, he didn’t even bother to move his lips. He just kept doing his makeup, which by the way didn’t look so good.

Ryan walked towards the mirror and grabbed one of the black eyeliners that was on the table and started doing his own. He poked his eyes a couple of times, when his eyes shifted to look at Brendon’s reflection. “Holy shit!” he screamed and his placed his hand firmly on his left eye.

“What happened?” Brendon asked with a smile on his face.

Ryan shrugged, “I poked my freaking eye.” He said and kept doing his makeup.

“Oh Ry, don’t get so moody.”

He rolled his eyes and dropped the eyeliner. “I’m not moody.” Ryan said and exited the room. He took out his phone and looked at the message Spencer had send earlier.

Dressing room 803
Interview 1105

Ryan passed a hand over his hair to flatten it before pressing the elevator button. The elevator didn’t take to long to get there and as soon as it opened, he went inside. He pressed the 11th button and when the door was closing some re-opened it and entered.

He deiced to keep his eyes on the wall, so whoever just entered didn’t see his face. Anger showed in it. The door closed completely and he felt a hand on his shoulder. It was Brendon, who had a huge smile on his face. “What are you doing here?” Ryan asked.

“You looked upset and for some reason I feel it’s my fault.”

“It’s not your fault, it’s just that…” the door opened and closed, “What happened with us made me think and when thinking I felt paranoid.”

Brendon smiled, “Are you still thinking about us?”

Ryan blushed, “I can’t help but think about it.”

“I can’t stop thinking about it either.” He took a deep breath, “Ryan, what I feel when I kiss you, it’s not normal and its driving me crazy.”

“Brendon, I don’t know what to say.” He was blushing madly and all he could focus on right now was Brendon. For him, they weren’t in a public elevator or had an interview in about fifteen minutes, it was all Brendon.

“I’m so sorry.” He mumbled and kissed Ryan’s lips ferociously. As he did, he not only could feel the other boy’s weakness in his composure but also the elevator moving. But that kiss they were sharing, it was so profound; it didn’t matter if someone saw them. He could care less.

Ryan kept trying to keep up with Brendon’s lips, but they seemed more eager than his to kiss. It was sort of like Ryan was a drug and Brendon just couldn’t get enough. Every time his tongue crashed into his, all he could feel was pure craving and in a way it satisfied Ryan.

It seemed like hours but in fact it was only seconds after their unholy act has started when the elevator’s door opened. Ryan’s shirt was opened and Brendon’s belt undone. They were just all over each other and probably if the voice who had said the following words hadn’t been so familiar they wouldn’t have mine. But when Spencer screamed a clear “Ryan!”, both of their bloods froze and they knew they were being looked at by a pair of green eyes and a pair of brown eyes.

I got excited writing this shit. Man I liked it although I think my Rydons tease a lot you know, it always seems like they are going to start doing it right there and someone interrupts.
Don’t worry; they’ll get to it eventually.

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