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Envy? Oh YEahhh

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Ryan and Brendon sexy act is interrupted by Mr. Smith and Mr. Walker and Spencer is a little... emm... well find out.

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“What the…” Spencer just didn’t know what to say. He looked at Jon and he has the same face, pure stun.

Ryan buttoned his shirt, “Spencer…”

“Look, I don’t know if you guys have noticed, but this is no place for you to exhibit how much you fancy each other.” Spencer said with a appalled look.


“Good god Brendon! ZIP UP!” Spencer interrupted.

“Heheh, my bad.” He said and buckled up, “Well see Spencer, it seems to be as if Ryan and I just want each other so umm... Wait, that wasn’t what I was going to say.”

Jon was silent for a while but then he analyzed the situation, “You guys are crazy.” He said.

“Crazy? Man! Are you kidding me?” Spencer almost screamed.

“Guys, would you just step in and we can talk about that later. We have an interview, remember?” Ryan intervened.

Jon and Spencer nodded and they went in. The entire time, it was like Jon & Spencer vs. Brendon & Ryan.

“How can you guys even do that?” Spencer suddenly said while they were waiting for the interviewer to come. They were alone in this tiny room and he and Jon were in a large couch while Ryan and Brendon were in a small one.

“Spencer, all I can tell you is this. Brendon and I are not just into a good fuck okay. I can’t stop thinking about him and from what I’ve heard he can’t either. So just lighten up its not affecting you its affecting us.”

Brendon smiled, “Right, I’ve never felt this way before and I don’t want it to end so if you guys can’t see that then you are not the kind of friends I thought you were.”

Jon shrugged, “You guys are right. But you have to understand, we thought that you know it was all media created so to actually see you guys together…”

Spencer just stayed hushed. He still couldn’t comprehend why they were together. Why was Ryan with him? Suddenly it hit him. Was he perhaps envious?

“Spencer?” Jon said, shaking him lightly, “You are pale, what’s wrong?”

Oh yeah, drama.
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