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Cause You Loved Liv - Sept 4 this follows Aug 30

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Gerard was driving to the furniture store to pick out Kara’s bedroom suite. So far, so good. He’d talked Kelly into going with him. He figured she would know best what Kara would like. Monica was still asleep. With any luck they would be in and out of the store in under 30 minutes and he could get back home to work on his pet project – the gazebo or better yet, Monica if she was still in bed.
As they entered the store he realized that he knew the least about Kara. He really didn’t know what kind of bed she would like. Hell, he didn’t even know what he favorite color was. He just seemed to be closer to Kelly. He’s take care of that as soon as Kara came home tomorrow. He’d think of something special they could do together and work on getting to know her.
Kelly was drifting from bed to bed, humming softly to herself.
“See anything you think she’s like yet?” Gerard called out to her.
“No, these are kinda plain. You know Kara. She’s kinda fussy. She’d want something more girly.”
“Would she want one like yours?”
Kelly quickly answered with an emphatic, “No” Then she paused as if thinking, “She’d want something with lots of ruffles…. and pink…. really girly.”
“Sounds great. I think there are some back this way. Let’s go look.”
40 minutes later and they found the perfect bedroom suite. It looked like it was straight out of Barbie’s dream house. It was a symphony of pink ruffles. Pink ruffled canopy, pink ruffled curtains, and pink ruffled comforter. There was even a pink rug for the floor. The furniture was all white lacquered. And the entire display was on sale as floor samples. Gerard bought it lock, stock and barrel. He arranged for it to be delivered later that day. He was feeling really great after that triumph. Even Kelly seemed really pleased with the purchases. He couldn’t wait for Kara to get back home.

Monica, Christa and Alicia were standing on the deck staring out across the yard. They cringed when she saw Ray drop a large cedar plank narrowly missing Mikey’s foot. So far he had moved the same plank four times. Gerard was having a little problem organizing the supplies. In between telling Ray where to move the same planking, he was busy trying out all of the new power tools. The big Oak tree now sported several nails in its trunk and the azalea was noticeably shorter. Mikey was sitting cross-legged on the ground staring intently at the instructions. While they watched he turned them upside down, obviously trying to see if they made more sense that way.
“You know I can’t help but feel like we’re watching an old ‘Three Stooges” movie” Christa said.
“Yeah, I was just thinking the same thing.” Alicia agreed. “Monica, did you want this gazebo thing?”
Monica laughed, “No actually Gee saw it at Home Depot and wanted it. I mean it really is beautiful when it’s assembled.”
“Uh right” Alicia said, “I’m trying to picture what it’s supposed to look like in my head but I’m just not seeing it.”
They all studied the structure that had been erected thus far. Alicia even tilted her head sideways trying to get a mental picture. “It sorta looks like something out of a sci-fi movie, you know like something on an alien planet.”
“Well maybe the more they do the more it will start to look like it’s supposed to look.” Monica said hopefully.
Christa glanced over at her, “At least it’s in the backyard where no one can really see it.” Just then Ray called to her. “Oh hell, I hope he doesn’t want me to help.”
“Maybe they want you to help with the instructions.” Alicia guessed, “Pretty sure he doesn’t know which way is up.”
Christa walked off the deck and across the yard. Alicia turned to Monica. “So you haven’t told Gee about Liv calling Mikey?”
“No, do you think I should?”
Alicia frowned, “Fuck, I don’t know. Mikey told me you said that Gee was really upset when he tried to call her. Maybe knowing she’s planning on getting back in touch with you would make him feel better.”
Monica sighed and moved over to the patio table and chairs. Alicia followed and they both sat down. “He’s struggling so much with the whole thing. I know part of it is that he knows it’s gonna be hard to see Liv again.”
“How does he feel about Elle?” Alicia asked softly.
Monica looked down, “He says he want to get to know her and be a part of his life. She’s such a wonderful little girl I just know that if he spent time with her he would love her.”
“Like you do?” Alicia asked.
“Is it wrong for me to love Gee’s child? I just want to be part of his child’s life. I don’t mind dealing with Liv if it means we can see Elle.”
Alicia looked away when she asked, “Monica, do you love Elle cause you think if you can bring her and Gee together than you will in some small way have given him a child?”
Monica’s anger flared, “That’s not true. Yeah, I hate the fact that I can never give him a child of his own. But I’m not using Elle to make up for that.”
Alicia locked eyes with her, “Then why is it so important to you? You know how fucking hard it will be for him to deal with Liv. Why are you pushing this?”
“You are the one who just said it might make him feel better to know that Liv called. Who said I was pushing anything?” Monica demanded.
“Ray told Mikey he kinda thinks Gee really doesn’t want to deal with the whole thing right now.”
“Ray never wanted Gee to have to deal with this period. Remember he’s the one who didn’t tell Gee he had a child. He’s the one who told Liv that Gee didn’t care or ever want to see his child. He needs to stop making decisions for Gerard.”
“And maybe so do you.” Alicia responded quietly.
Monica tried to control the anger she was feeling, “Look, it was his idea to call Liv and ask if we could have Elle for the day, not mine.”
“But was it what he really wanted or was he doing it to please you?”
“So you think he just wants to get to know his own child to please me? Monica asked, “Are you saying that he really doesn’t give a shit about his own child?”
“Monica, please I’m not trying to start an argument with you. It’s just all of us know what kind of a woman Liv is. For fucks sake what if Elle really isn’t his kid? It so wouldn’t be above Liv to lie about something like that. Without a paternity test no one really can be sure.”
Monica was shocked by her words, “Look you saw her, can you really say you have doubts that Elle is Gee’s child?”
“I saw her once at the park. Yeah, she looks like Gee I’ll admit that but that’s really not proof. Mikey and I are just worried about Gee. Liv did such a fucking number on the guy once and we don’t want to see him get hurt again.”
“I’m not the only one who is sure Elle is his child. Donna told me she knows that Elle is his.”
Alicia tried to say what she was thinking carefully, “The two women who think Elle is his child are the same two women who want her to be so badly. Donna wants Elle to be her grandchild and you want to be a mother to her.”
Monica didn’t know what to say, the whole conversation floored her. She looked out across the yard at Gee. Finally she spoke, “I just know in my heart it’s important for him to be a father to his child. Elle is his child.”
They sat in silence for several minutes. Alicia reached over and touched her arm, “Please don’t be mad at me. I’m sorry for sticking my nose in where it doesn’t belong.”
Monica continued to watch the guys not speaking.
“Look maybe part of this is I just don’t understand you.” Alicia said softly.
Monica turned to her, “Understand me?”
“Yeah, sometimes I think you’re a fucking saint. If I found out Mikey had a child by some woman I would be pissed, I know I would and our marriage would suffer. You are so understanding, so calm about it.”
Monica smiled slightly, “I’m older, Alicia. I have a different outlook on things than you do. I’m not saying that makes you wrong, that is just the difference between us. Gerard loved Liv very much once and I accept that. I just realize you can’t change the past. You have to deal with it. I tried running from the past and believe me it always catches up with you.”
“Yeah, I guess you’re right. It’s just too bad with all the shit that’s been going on that you have to deal with this now.”
Monica tried to make her understand, “This whole thing with Liv has to be dealt with now. When Liv calls me I have to make her understand. I don’t want Gee to miss any more of Elle’s childhood. It goes by so fast. He needs to be part of his daughter’s life and she needs to be a part of her father’s life. They need each other.”
Both women looked across when they heard the yelling begin. “Oh crap” Alicia said standing, “Mikey must have it his finger with a hammer.” He has holding his finger and cursing up a storm.
“Just be thankful they weren’t using the nail gun,” Monica said as she turned to go into the house to get ice for Mikey’s finger.
“I made him promise not to touch the nail gun,” Alicia said shaking her head.
“I just wish I could say the same for Gee.” Monica said as she disappeared onto the kitchen.
Christa came back on the deck softly laughing, “This is a real case of the blind leading the blind. Mikey was trying to read the instructions printed in French?”
Alicia just shook her head. “How did he get hit with a hammer if he was in charge of the instructions?”
“Hammer? He hasn’t been near a hammer yet. The poor thing’s got a paper cut.”

Monica stared in stunned surprise at the bedroom suite that had just been set up. What the hell was it supposed to be? She saw the fine hand of sisterly love. That explained why Kelly had suddenly disappeared when the van had pulled up. Kara was going to have a fit. She absolutely hated ruffles and pink was her least favorite color and the room was absolutely awash in both.
“Well, what do you think?” Gerard had come in from outside.
Monica chose her words carefully, “Well….it’s certainly pink.”
“Yeah, Kelly told me that pink was Kara’s favorite color. Isn’t it great?”
“Oh, it’s something all right.”
Gerard feeling his ego had been stroked sufficiently went back outside. Monica waited until she heard him on the deck before yelling, “Kelly….”

Lying in bed that night Monica replayed the conversation with Alicia in her head. Was she pushing Gee, making decisions for him?’
“Hey, you’re not listening to me.” Gerard said pulling her into his arms.
“I’m sorry, what did you say?”
“I said I think me and the guys really got this gazebo under control. Tomorrow if the weather stay good I think we’ll get most of it done.”
“Yeah, so they are both coming in the morning?”
“Yep, bright and early.” Gerard shifted slightly so he could pull her even closer, “So do you really think Kara will like her room?”
Monica smiled, “She will love it. It will be a nice surprise for her.”
Gerard sighed contently; “Tomorrow night I will have my whole family under our roof.”
Monica closed her eyes and whispered, “Almost your whole family.”
Gerard who was stroking her arm froze. “Yeah, almost.” He said in a strange tone.
“I’m sorry.” Monica said as she reached up and touched his face. “I shouldn’t have said that.”
“It’s okay, you’re right. Guess you think I’m a real shit for not including Elle.”
Monica sat up and reached over to turn on the bedside table lamp. “Gee, tell me the truth. Are you trying to bring Elle into your life only to please me?”
He rolled over on his side to face her, “I’ve asked myself the same question. I won’t lie to you sometimes I hate myself for it but I wish I didn’t know about Elle. But then I will realize that a very selfish attitude. Elle exists cause I was with Liv.”
“Cause you loved Liv” Monica said reaching over and stroking his hair.
“Yeah, cause I loved Liv. No matter how fucking terrible the relationship was something good came from it.” He closed his eyes thinking, “But I have to tell you it’s so fucking hard. When I look at Elle I can see Liv in her. Then the memories I have come crashing back and I have to deal with them.” He asked Monica to turn off the light and snuggle back down with him. When she had he continued, “And part of my reluctance about this whole thing has to do with you. I can see how much you love Elle. I can hear it in your voice. I’m afraid that if Liv turns mean she will take Elle out of our lives and I know how much that would hurt you. Fuck, she probably already has done that. We can’t get a hold of her so who knows when she’ll surface again?”
“Gee, she’s gonna get with me next week.” Monica said softly.
“What? How do you know?” he was shocked by her words.
“She called and lift a message for me with Mikey. She told him she would call me next Wednesday of Thursday.”
“When did she call and why did she call Mikey?”
“She called yesterday. I’m not sure why she called Mikey but I think she’s avoiding you.”
He sat up on his elbow so he could look down into her face, “Why didn’t you tell me?”
“I didn’t want to upset you anymore. You were so upset when you tried to call her and couldn’t. I thought to myself what if I tell him she said she’ll call and then she doesn’t. I just didn’t want you to be hurt.”
He lay back down and started into the darkness. “I don’t understand what game she is playing. Why is she suddenly your new best friend?”
“We’re not friends, Gee. But I think she needs someone and I’m all she’s got.”
“Fuck, fuck, fuck” he sighed, “Monica how can you love a guy with so much emotional baggage.”
Monica didn’t want to deal with any more heavy issues tonight. The days they had together before he was leaving again were few. “I overlook the baggage cause I like the package.” She teased as she reached under the sheets to fondle him.
Gerard laughed, “Oh yeah well come here I got a present for you.”

AUTHORS NOTE - Hello everybody,
I’m back and extremely tired. I put over 1,500 miles on my car total but hey it was so worth it. My friend Anne and I went and our seats were 7 rows back center. There was a very small pit so we were close! How was the concert you ask. Fucking awesome! Gerard was in top form. He was wearing a tee that had a unicorn with a crown and Lyn-Z written on it (no comment from me). He also had For Ever written on his neck (another no comment). Oh hell he seems really happy! Quite a hole in his pants so when he did the “bases” he stuck his hand in his pants and his fingers came out the hole just below his crotch (love that guy). Bob was adorable with a full beard, Frank adorable as usual and well Ray was hot! The crowd loved them. Since it was the last concert of the tour they brought their crew out and toasted them with champagne. Gerard told the crowd that his was sparkling apple cider cause he can’t drink but when he took a sip he said “I’m just saying this tastes real.”He threw the glass down. Not sure if he got the wrong glass or what. He attempted to do a backbend (gosh I think we know who does those) it looked funny. Hopefully my photos will come out good. It was a great place they let you have cameras. Of course I had to buy one there cause I didn’t take mine. There are so many more great memories but I’m so tired. Promise to update in the morning. Love you all.
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