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I know the title is lame and this is my first story. i have NO idea wad title to put and urm..plz be nice? O_O

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Sunlight sifted through the blinds that barricaded Inuka's room from the world, gently playing on his face. The Beginner has yet waken up, but a shrill voice pierced his ears.
'Inuka!! Time to get up! '
Inuka groaned at this, today was the day, the day he was coming out of his little village in Maple Island, for higher powers, to be what he always wanted to be. An assasin. And waking up so early for any normal human being was way too... horrifying.
'Inuka, I'm warning you, if you don't get your ass down here right now, I'm gonna shove my spatula so hard up your rear you won't even know what hit you!'
Slowly, exhaustedly, the Beginner arose, a dark aura enamated from him.
shuffling out of his blankets and wearing his shirt, Inuka emerged out of his sanctuary to the dangerous smell of breakfast.
A low, rumbling sound rang through his ears.
'Mmm...Bacon..' said Inuka as he plopped down the stairs, on at a time, head bobbing precariously with each bounce.
'Don't you give me that sloppy attitude, today you're gonna be training real hard until you're Level 10 to get a job, quickly eat your breakfast and bathe, then you can go visit Meena for some Beginner help!'nagged his mom.
Way to go mom, spoil my ears first thing in the morning, thought Inuka. Today's going to be a loooooong day..
Mauve cracked her sandman dust matted eyelids open, the sound of robins twittering soothed her mind, it calmed her down for the big event that was going to take place later.
She was going to get a Job.
Mauve washed up and got dressed, bringing her haversack along, she energetically waved good-bye to her parents, walking briskly to Meena's.
Sweat glimmered in the sunlight on Firon's body, despite being only 14 years old like the rest of the Beginners that were going to get a Job today, he has developed quite an acceptable physique. He has been training hard core from last night till dawn, wanting to be fit and ready for Meena's quest a few hours later. His father was gone, he was a powerful warrior named ..., it was so long, he had forgotten about his fathers name.. His father has left the village when he was still a toddler, rumors says that his father was might warrior, that gallantly fought off some evil monstrosity deep in Sleepywood, but just when he thought he achieved victory, the monstor blasted him with a final fireball, killing itself because of exhaustion. The fireball's aim was true, and Firon's father was blasted off the cliff, only his old Gladius remained stuck firmly into the ground.
Firon's eyes stung at this, he didn't wwant to belive it.
Afterall, it was just rumors..Thought Firon.But he had ignored me and my mother for so many years, not a word from him, only from his weirdo called 'Manji'.Ah heck, why do I care?
Firon was going to train to be a strong warrior, so he can challenge monsters with abilities beyond our compreehension. He had hoped, that through this path, he might just meet his dad, fighting off some disgusting boss.
Picking up his thin sword that his mom got for his birthday, he wished his mom good-bye, kissed her, and promised to write to her everyday.
'Mom, I love you.'
Leaving his tear-stricken, touched mother waving at the fence, he made his way to Meena's, intent on getting his Job today.
belched Regina as she finished her delicious breakfast.
She was a great cook and so was her whole family, her relatives and family are all over the world, selling mouth watering products, her aunt was in Zipangu, her dad in Singapore, Uncle in El Nath, 2nd uncle in Orbis, Grandpa in Kerning, Sister in Henesys, Brother in .... you get my point. Her entire family's ambition is to sell potions in all parts of the world, but Regina is taking a different path, she was going to get a Job. Inspired by how Athena fought off an entire herd of raging Green Mushrooms attacking Henesys, she had heard from her sister, she wanted to wield the might in a bow. She wanted to be the next Athena, to rid the world of evil. Or at least, snails. She was scared of them. Very scared.
Swinging down her leg from the table, she shouted down the hall
'Bye mom, bye Dad'
Even though her dad was right beside her, the two parents both replied.
'Regina, even though you're a good cook, you have horrible table manners, and you're freaking tomboyish.' commented her father.
'How are you going to find a boyfriend during your travels man..'
Regina was so used to this comments she just shrugged it off, carried her bag, and left for Meenas.
All the four teenagers were unaware that they were about to meet thier lifelong friends, and they were clueless about how thier union was about to change the world. Literally.
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