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A Trip

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Manson and Ville go on a business trip. More interesting than it sounds.

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Manson awoke with his darling Ville still snuggled into his side. They were both still completely nude, except that Ville had his collar on. Manson softly slipped away from Ville's side and dressed in a fresh black outfit. He then fixed his ghostly makeup. Covering Ville with a silk blanket, he regrettibly left the room since he had important business to in his study downstairs. When Ville woke up, the first thing he noticed was that Master was gone. Snuggling into the blanket, he drifted back to sleep for another few hours. When Ville awoke once again, he slipped into his own room and dressed. He pondered over the idea of searching for Master. Would he allow such freedom from him? But maybe Master would enjoy his company and it would make him happy.

Ville cautiously walked down the halls, trying to decide which room to look in. He decided to check the library first. Tip-toeing down the stairs, he carefully peeked inside, but to his dismay, Master wasn't there. Once the door was closed, Ville could faintly hear Master talking. Following the sound of his voice, he found himself outside the study. He opened the door quietly and saw Master sitting at his desk, hanging up the phone and appearing to be writing something. Master looked up and saw Ville standing at the door.

"Well Ville, you shouldn't be wandering the halls all by yourself" Manson said lightly, "Me taking you around is a different story. Now go on and sit on the couch over there until I'm ready for you"

Ville went sat on the couch, sitting properly with his hands in his lap. Master turned back to work as if Ville wasn't there. Ville watched as the clock slowly moved. 1:00, 2:00, 3:00...... He was bored to death but didn't make a sound. He observed the library, with the dark wood bookcases lining every wall and the plush red carpeting. Finally, around six o' clock, Master beckoned him with a flick of his hand. Ville soundlessly walked over to Master and was pulled into his lap and into a kiss.

"No wandering without my permission", Master explained to him, "I can see that I should have given you the little bit of freedom earlier, but I think you learned your lesson"

"I'm sorry Master," Ville replied, "I thought it would make you happy"

"Oh Ville, you already make me happy", Manson whispered into Ville's ear, "You made me extremely happy last night darling"

Manson pulled Ville into a kiss, once again running his hand through Ville's hair. Their tongues fought for dominance with Manson winning. Ville grinded himself aganist Manson, making both of them moan loudly. Manson moved down to Ville's neck, sucking and biting in various places. Just then the phone rang.

"Damn phone....." Manson groaned, pulling away from Ville's neck and grabbing the phone.

"Yes?" Manson asked gruffly into the phone, absently wrapping his arm around Ville's waist, "I'm kinda busy right now..... what?.... okay, I'll come over there.... okay, bye"

"Gorgeous, I gotta go downtown and meet someone, business stuff", Manson said to Ville, placing the phone back into its cradle, "You may come if you like"

"I'd love to Master" Ville responded.


Manson brought Ville to a dimly lit bar on a seemingly crummy neighborhood. Manson gestured for him to follow since today Ville had no leash on. They sat down at a small table near the back, where another fellow black-wearing man was sitting. Manson sat in the chair opposite the man and Ville sat to the side of Manson.

"Thanks for meeting me here Manson. I can see now how you were busy", the black hair man greeted with a smirk and a glance at Ville, "So lets just get down to business here"

"So whats the problem?" Manson asked.

"Its seems that the shipment in New Orleans seems to have been misplaced," the man explained, "We've sent down people to search and try to figure this out, but we've had no such luck"

"How could this have happened?! How do you lose twenty thousand kilos?!" Manson exclaimed, "When I find that son of a bitch, I swear!"

"The best thing would be to head down there yourself," the man explained in a calm tone of voice.

"I suppose....," Manson said, contemplating the idea, "I can get down there by tomorrow[monday]"

Ville wondered if Master would take him along with him. He already took him to this business meeting so why couldn't he come? What if he did leave him home? He would be so lonely! Ville couldn't imagine being apart from Master.

"Ville? Ville! Did you hear what I just said?" Master asked Ville, who just noticed he had been daydreaming.

"Not really Master, sorry", Ville responded regretibly.

"Your gonna stay with Ginger, babe," Master told him, "I would love to take you with me, but you'd just be alone the whole time"

Manson then turned to the black-haired man, "I'll leave tomorrow. Meet me at the airport at 9am"

Manson shook hands with the man, grabbed Ville's hand and led him back to the awaiting car.


The two were back in the study, Manson gliding across the room, collecting the papers and such he would need for the flight and the trip. Ville sat at the desk, watching his master. He contemplated his future stay at Ginger's. He had only met him once, and he seemed nice enough. He'd much rather stay at Tim's, but he decided not to mention this. Just then Manson appeared in front of him.

"I know you want to come, but it will just be easier this way", Manson explained, "I don't want to worry about you twenty-four seven. Ginger promised me that he'd treat you right. And feel free to have fun with him baby"

Ville looked at him wide-eyed. Did he really mean it that way? This was definitely a bit wierd. Manson gave him a smile.

"I want my darling satisfied. And since I can't be the one to do it, I'm giving you permission", Manson said, pecking Ville on the lips.

"But Master...will know?" Ville asked quietly, almost ashamed to ask the question.

"God no, I'll be way too busy. I can wait until I get home", Manson said with a smile and a little laugh.


The next morning Ville awoke as he normally did, in Master's bed. Snuggling into the sheets he looked at Master's side of the bed. A note was attached to the pillow. Rubbing his eyes, he grabbed the note and read it over:

My Sweet, Beautiful, Obedient Boy,
I hate goodbyes, even short ones, so I had to leave before you awoke. A car is waiting outside to take you to Ginger's. Be good darling and have fun. I'll see you soon. When I return I promise we will have lots of fun XXX.

x0x0x0x0 Love you Beauty

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