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Only You

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Ville is at Ginger's waiting for Master. Better than it sounds, believe me. I'm finally back!

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Yep, it's finally here. Vapix66 was one who sent me the comment that got my ass back in gear. Thanks to all others who also reviewed. This is a bit of a filler, but the next chapter is going to be hot. rawr.

Ville dressed in his tight black jeans and a tight black button-down shirt, leaving most of the buttons undone. Redoing his makeup, he added more ebony eyeliner and some red eyeshadow for good measure. Shining the silver tag on his collar, he headed down the stairs, out the massive doors, and into the awaiting car. He was not particularly happy that he would be separated from his master, but he knew he had to respect Master's wish. Besides, Ville hoped that Master would be eager to pleasure him when he got home. Realizing his thoughts were now wandering to more sexual thoughts, he shook his head. Arriving hot and bothered would not be that appropriate. Deciding to distract himself, he stared out the window. Nothing but trees and road, making him wonder where the hell he even lived. When he arrived at Ginger's mansion five minutes later, he took a breath and knocked on the wooden door. Though he had met Ginger before, Ville knew it was important to impress him. In a few seconds, Ginger answered the door.

"Hello Ville, come inside," Ginger greeted, ushering him inside his godly palace. Knowing Ville knew the basic layout of his home, Ginger directed Ville upstairs to a lavish room, which had a tasteful decor, "This is going to be your room for your stay. I hope you like it"

"Yes Sir, it's very nice" Ville reassured Ginger, "Thank you very much for letting me stay here"

"No problem, feel free to wander around as you like," Ginger replied, "I told Manson I would take care of you. Although I would love to entertain you, I have to go now, but enjoy your time here. If you need anything at all, find me or one of the servants."

Once Ginger left, Ville closed the door and settled down on the bed which appeared to be the vacant one. He wondered how long he would be around this place. The room was quite exquisite, Ginger apparently not sparing a single cent in the decoration. Marble floors and apple green silk wall draping were the first thing that caught his eyes. Hand-carved wooden furniture were placed in various locations. Though everything was beautiful, Ville could not help but miss Master's darker home. Not feeling up to exploring the house yet, he found the remote as to watch some random tv show. Laying there, he realized that he hadn't seen television since before he was kidnapped.


Barely awake, Ville could swear he could hear footsteps and voices coming from the surrounding darkness of his room. Too scared to even open his eyes, he pretended to be in deep sleep and concentrated on the soft voices humming around him.

"Just hurry up and grab him, we don't have much time", an annoyed deep voice instructed someone.

"Shut up and give me one second to enjoy my victory", the other voice replied angrily, "I've been stalking this one for months and now I finally have him."

"We're going to lose him if we don't get this over with" the deep voice replied.

As he heard the footsteps getting closer, his heart started to race. What were the voices talking about? That guy had been stalking him? Why hadn't he noticed this? Just then he felt a hand clamp over his mouth. He opened his eyes with a jump to see a burly man leaning over him.

"Scream and I'll kill you painfully and slow", the voice whispered into his ear before turning to the other man, "Go on and tie up him up"

Ville watched as the man tied up his legs and then forced him to sit up while tying his hands. Fighting would serve no purpose. He was captured and far too slight to stand a chance against two full grown men. He was have to sit back like a coward and let this happen. There was nothing he could do.

**End of Flashback**


The rest of the week that Ville stayed at Ginger's was uneventful. To say it was anything more would be lying. Ville usually stayed in his room or hung out with Ginger's own boy toy, Isaac. He was quite a sweet boy, a few years older than himself. Ville had to admit that it was nice to be able to talk to someone who was in the same position as him; not liking being held captive but loving the embrace. And no, Ville didn't take the offer to have 'fun' with Ginger, he was too loyal to Master. If Master could wait, then so could he. He didn't understand why he felt like he had to be good enough for his captor, but somehow this feeling had become an instinct. In total, it was a pretty good week, but by Monday night, Ville was longing for Master's touch, his kisses, Master holding him in his arms. So when Ginger came into his room that night and told him that he was going home tomorrow, Ville was ecstatic.

Ville woke up the next morning, happy and ready to see Master again. He dressed and did his makeup extra perfect and then went to go see Isaac before he left. After the almost tearful goodbye, he went to go thank Ginger for letting him stay since that was the respectful thing to do. He headed down to the glass atrium to find Ginger eating some odd mix of breakfast foods.

"Um, Sir?" Ville asked as Ginger looked up from his pile of food, "I just wanted to say that I really appreciated for you letting me stay here for so long."

"Its no problem", Ginger replied with a smile, "I'm sure you're excited to see your master again, huh?"

"Oh yes! I mean yes, I am" Ville replied, his face lighting up.

"Well, I hope I see you soon", Ginger responded with a knowing smile before turning to his mound of food.

Ville trotted outside to the awaiting car. He jumped in, wondering how it was possible that there seemed to always be a car waiting outside. He could only guess that it was some secret amongst powerful men. During the car ride, he tapped his foot and kept looking out the window, impatient to get home. When he did arrive, he decided to act cool and collected for his master so he calmly knocked on the door where Clarisse, the maid, greeted him.

"Nice to see you, sir", she told him with a smile.

Ville didn't appear to hear her as she saw Master coming down the stairs. Once he reached the bottom of the stairs, Ville ran and jumped onto Master, wrapping his legs around his waist. Manson gave a laugh as Clarisse bustled off to give them some privacy.

"Happy to see me, are we pet?" Manson cooed, kissing the top of Ville's head, using his left arm to support Ville.

"Very happy Master! I missed you!" Ville told him as he rested his head on Manson's shoulder.

"I've missed you too baby. How was your stay at Ginger's?" Manson asked Ville, still holding him.

"It was fine Master" he responded simply.

Manson carried Ville up the stairs with amazing ease for a man as slender as him. They headed into their room, Manson laying Ville on the bed before taking his place beside him so they faced each other. He softly kissed Ville.

"I've been pining over your sweet ass all week darling" Manson whispered sensually, making Ville blush, "But right now I want to know if you needed my permission"

"No Master", Ville whispered back, "I only wanted you"

Manson replied with pressing his lips against Ville's with as much force as he could, pulling Ville's bottom lip between his teeth, making Ville moan. Releasing his lip, he massaged his tongue with his own. Too overwhelmed by the sensations, Ville could do nothing but melt in his master's arms. His head fell back in pleasure, giving Manson the opportunity to nibble his throat before leaving a million bite marks.

Manson pulled away to look over his work before looking Ville right in the eyes. "Now not a single soul will doubt that you're mine."

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