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Teaching Barbie - SEPT 8

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Kara and Bob get their first look at the room.

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Gerard bounded up the stairs. Monica followed more slowly with her arm around Kara. Kelly thought it over and decided to risk her Mom’s wrath and watch Kara's reaction. She followed the women up leaving Bob at the bottom of the stairs He looked around, blew out his breath, grabbed all the bags and stumbled after them.
Gerard stopped at the doorway to Kara's new room and waited for her to catch up.
"Hope you like it." He said as he flung the door open. He looked as giddy as a schoolgirl.
Kelly covered her mouth and pinched her nose in an effort not to break into laughter. This should really be good.
Monica gently pushed Kara forward, without taking her hand from her back. Kara took one look at the room. She turned back to where Gerard was standing, her face lit with a huge smile. She hugged him. "How did you know?"
"Well, Kelly helped pick it out."
"Really?" Kara turned back to where Kelly was standing. Kelly gave a weak smile as Kara stepped around Monica to face her. "You always know just what I like. You're such a great sister." She then grabbed Kelly giving her a hug while whispering in her ear, "Nice try, Sweetie."
The group was startled by a crash. They turned to see one of Bob's bags bouncing back down the stairs. He shrugged at them and let the rest of the baggage drop to the ground.

Gerard was lying in bed just staring at the ceiling when Monica walked into the bedroom. “Uh, Dad, Kelly is waiting for you to check on her.”
He looked over at Monica who was now standing beside the bed. “What?”
“I stopped by Kelly’s room cause her light was still on. When I asked her if I could turn it off she told me that Dad always does that when he checks on her.”
Gerard smiled slightly, “Guess I still have one daughter in the house.”
Monica sat on the bed and leaned over to kiss him, “Honey, you have two daughters in the house” She smiled and added “and a son-in-law.”
“Fuck” Gerard closed his eyes.
Monica gave him a gentle shove towards the edge of the bed. “Go tell Kelly goodnight and get back in her so we can talk.”
He reluctantly got out of bed and walked down the hall to Kelly’s room. His knock was met with a quick “Come in.”
“Hey, Kell. Ready for me to turn off the light? You got school in the morning.” He remained her gently.
Kelly had just closed he phone. “Yep, I was just telling Mike goodbye.”
Gerard moved into the room “Everything okay between you two?”
Kelly smiled, “Yeah, I took your advice and told him how I feel. I told him that if he really loves me he’d understand and not want me to do anything I didn’t want to.”
“And? How did he take it?”
She smiled, “He wasn’t really very happy at first but he’s good with it now.” She giggled “I didn’t even have to tell him you’d kick his ass if he tried anything.”
“That’s cool” Gerard was feeling slightly less depressed. He started towards the door.
“Hey” Kelly’s voice stopped him as his hand reached for the light switch.
“They really are meant for each other.”
“You knew they were married as soon as you saw them, didn’t you?”
Kelly nodded, “Yeah, sorry I couldn’t warn you but Kara threatened me.”
Gerard sighed, “It’s okay.” As he switched off the light Kelly’s words made him smile.
“Goodnight Dad. I love you.”
“Love you too, Kell.”

Bob and Kara stood in the middle of her room just staring at the sheer gaudiness.
"I was hoping I had just imagined this." Bob joked. "This is worse than that crappy Dream House that Stephanie used to have." He turned to Kara. "Are you sure they didn't know about us getting married? This could all be a devious plot. Doesn't it strike you that this is a great form of birth control? Who the hell could be masculine in here?" He shook his head. "Just kill me now before the room castrates me."
Kara broke into a fit of laughter. "Come on Honey. Let's see if we can teach Barbie a few new tricks" Kara crooked her finger and beckoned him while backing towards the bed.
Well hell, maybe he could perform his husbandly duties - if he kept his eyes tightly closed.

“So are our daughter all tucked in for the night?” Monica asked as Gerard returned to the bedroom.
“Well Kell is. I ain’t fucking going near Kara’s room. I heard her giggling. No telling what she and Bryar are doing.”
Monica laughed, “Gee get into bed. You’ve had a rough day.”
He slipped between the sheets and pulled Monica into his arms. “Shit, it’s been one hell of a day.”
They laid together in silence for several moments each lost in their own thoughts.
“It’s just not how I figured things would turn out. I thought I would have both girls in our house at least a couple of months.”
“Gee, you wanted to give Kara a big wedding didn’t you?”
“Yeah, I guess I did.” He absently stroked her arm, “Fuck, I just figured you and I would be married before Kara.”
“I know, Hun.” Monica had figured that was going through his mind.
“Mikey’s married and now Bob. Frank and Jamia are gonna be parents soon. Ray and Christa are engaged and she’s going with him on the tour. What about us?”
Monica surprised him by lightly smacking him on his forehead. “Okay enough feeling sorry for yourself. Gee, you have a beautiful home, beautiful daughters and a woman who adores you. Are you gonna tell me that’s not enough?”
He rolled over on his side partly pinning her down. “Never said that.”
“Then stop being Emo boy.” She teased “In September you and I are gonna have a beautiful wedding,” She had been keeping a thought in her head but decided his mood demanded she share. “I want to be married here out back in the gazebo.”
The look on her face made her realize she had done the right thing sharing, “That’s a great idea. We could rent chairs and set up the whole backyard.”
“Yep” Monica agreed.
He lowered his lips to her neck. Gently kissing her he said, “See the gazebo was a good idea.”
Monica moaned as his fingers began to gently caress her. “Honey, there’s just one thing.”
Gerard continued to rain kisses down on her, “Yeah?”
“Is the gazebo gonna be done by then?”
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