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So Many Rooms So Little Time - SEPT 9

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Gerard and Monice make the house their own. Bob talks to them about Kara.

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Bob was driving Kara and Kelly to school so he could use the car the rest of the day. He had some things he needed to take are of like picking up his stuff from Mikey's.
Kara hadn't said a word since breakfast. She was distinctly irritated at the prospect of returning to school. She was really sorry that she had promised Bob that she'd finish out the term. This was going to be a miserable two months. She wasn't looking forward to seeing her so-called friends or facing the teachers whose midterms she'd missed. She wasn't a great student as it was, now she'd have to hustle t make sure she graduated. All she knew is that there was no way in hell she would ever step foot in that school after June.
Bob pulled up in front of the school, parking the car and getting out to open the door for Kara. She looked so dejected. He gave her a quick kiss and hug and told her he'd see her right after school. Kara sighed and turned to walk into the building. She took a few steps before turning back and giving Bob a weak smile. Then she squared her shoulders and walked with purpose into the school.
Kelly, who was watching her muttered, "Drama queen". Bob frowned at her. She made a face at him then her eyes lit up and she suddenly grabbed Bob and kissed his cheek.
"Bye big Brother. See you this afternoon." Kelly said loudly before turning and strutting towards the front door, barely pausing to say "Hi" to Sarah, one of Kara's former friends.

“Stupid fucking rain.” Gerard said again as he stood at the kitchen window staring out into the backyard. “It wasn’t supposed to rain. I checked the weather forecast. Clear and mild. That’s what we’re supposed to be having, not fucking rain.”
Monica walked up behind him and put her arms around his waist. She hugged him tightly. “Well someone didn’t get that memo.”
“I’m not gonna get the gazebo done before we leave.” He muttered. “I wanted to get it done.”
“Honey, you can work on it when you get back.”
“Shit, instead of having two weeks off when we get back its less than one now. I wish they hadn’t added the dates at the end of the Canadian tour.” He sighed, “We’ll just get back and then have to turn around and leave for Europe.”
Monica tried to change the subject. “Did Bob say what he was gonna do after he dropped off the girls at school?”
“Not really. I think he said something about getting his stuff from Mikey’s. They were taking off when I got down here.”
Monica turned him around so that he would stop glaring at the rain. “So tonight is out first official get-together in out new home. I talked to Donna and she and Don are both coming.”
He nodded, “That’s good. Mikey told me Frank said that he and Jamia are gonna be here. I guess the doctor was so please with things that they said Jamia can get out of the apartment occasionally.”
Monica smiled, “I bet she’s thrilled. She was getting awfully tired of the apartment when I stayed with her.”
She noticed that Gerard was frowning slightly. “What?”
He shook his head, “Nothing really. I was just thinking it would have been nice if Elle could be here too.”
Monica was pleasantly surprised by his words. “Yeah, I wish she could be here too. I miss her.”
He lowered his chin so that it rested on Monica’s head. “That whole situation is so fucked up. I just wish Liv would stop fucking with me. Why even tell me I have a daughter if I can’t get to know her?”
“Gee, it will be okay. I’ll talk to Liv.”
He sighed. “I hate that you have to deal with her at all.”
“But I do. For some reason she’ll talk to me.”
He laughed bitterly, “Yeah, when she wants something. When she needs a babysitter.”
“Look, I told her I would take care of Elle anytime and I meant it. I love that little girl.” She pulled back so that she could kiss him softly. “She’s a part of you.”
Gerard reached up and cupped her face with his hands. “I love you so fucking much.” His lips met hers with passion.
Monica broke away from him and took a step back. “Gee, I just had a thought.”
“Well it’s raining outside so you can’t work on the gazebo. I don’t have anything I have to do right at the moment.” She smiled.
Gerard smiled back “And?”
“Wonder what we could do? We’re all alone in our new home.”
He laughed as he reached over and pulled her back into his arms. “Let’s see. We could watch T.V.”
“Don’t feel like it.”
He stroked her back, “We could read.”
“Don’t feel like it,” She answered again.
“We could go upstairs and make love.” His voice was deep and smooth.
“Don’t feel like it”
He frowned as he looked into her eyes. “Don’t feel like it?”
Monica smiled seductively. “Don’t feel like going all the way upstairs.”
His puzzled look made her laugh. She lowered her arm and moved slightly so that she could gently caress him. “What’s wrong with right here?”
Gerard looked around the kitchen. “In the kitchen?”
Monica was lowering his zipper. Her lips nibbled on his ear.
Gerard hit on a wonderful ideal. “Kitchen, Dining Room, Family Room, Hall……” He had more rooms to mention but when her hands began to push his jeans down he stopped momentarily before adding. “Fuck, I’m glad this is a big house with lots of rooms” They both dropped to the floor.

Gerard and Monica had just moved from the dining room into the living room. "Shit, woman you wear me out." he said brushing his damp hair off his forehead.
Monica giggled, "Hey, whose idea was this? I just didn't want to walk all the way upstairs when we were in the kitchen. You totally came up with the idea of christening every room."
He grabbed her and pulled her naked body to his then they moved as one to the sofa, "So are you telling me this isn't a good idea?" His fingers gently cupped her behind. She smiled feeling how ready he was again.
"You are gonna wear me out." She purred while rubbing her body against his.
He laughed, "Just so you know tonight when everyone’s here and we're having dinner I'm gonna somehow remind you of what we just did in the dining room just so I can see you blush."
Monica leaned over and bit his neck lightly. "Oh are you?"
"Fuck, yeah." He pushed her down on the sofa and kneeled in front of her. "So now for the living room" He gently spread her legs apart....." The knocking on the front door startled both of them.
"Shit, let's just ignore it" he hissed.
Monica sat up. "Look through the peep hole and see who it is."
"Fuck, do I have to?" he whined sitting back.
Monica nodded so he got up and walked to the door slowly hoping whomever it was would we gone by the time he got there.
"Fuck, it's Bob" he whispered.
Monica was off the sofa like a shot. She headed towards the kitchen to retrieve her clothes. Gerard followed her at a slower pace. "Crap, I thought he wasn't coming back. Didn't he say he was going over to Mikey's to get his stuff?"
Gerard grumbled, "He's kinda making a habit of not doing what he says."
Monica finished pulling on her hoddie and ran her hand through her hair, "I'll go let him in." She looked at Gerard "Zip you pants"
He frowned, "What? I'm not allowed to have sex in my own house?"
Monica glared at him before heading to the door. Bob was sitting on the top step.
"Bob, sorry we were in the basement and didn't hear you at first."
Bob stood up "That's okay. I know I'm not supposed to be here. Sorry if I interrupted anything."
Gerard who was now standing behind Monica made a humph sound. As Bob walked into the house Gerard once again got an elbow to the ribs.
"We got to get you and Kara keys,” Monica said as they all walked into the living room. Monica couldn't help but notice the look of longing Gerard gave the sofa.
"I kinda want to talk to you both about that." Bob said sitting down on the loveseat.
Monica and Gerard both sat on the sofa across from him.
"I...uh...have a huge favor to ask you."
Gerard muttered, "It figures." under his breath.
Bob continued, "Kara and I were going to rent an apartment but I was thinking since we're going to be gone so much that maybe you could let her stay here during school. I know she'd appreciate the company and she and Kelly could still go to school together. And I understand if you don't want me to stay here with her, so we'll stay at a hotel until we leave."
Bob looked at Monica and Gerard expectantly, but both seemed to be waiting for the other to speak.
"Look, I know you said not to dump my wife while I'm gone but I don't think you should take it out on Kara if you're mad at me."
Monica turned to Gerard a look of shock on her face, "You said what?" she demanded.
He shifted away from her afraid he was about to catch it in the ribs again, "That's not exactly what I said" he hedged.
"No, his actual words were 'park her at my mother-in-laws house'" Bob said looking directly at Gerard.
Monica's look of shock now became a death stare, "Gerard Arthur Way, you really said that? How could you?"
"Look I was mad. I didn't really mean it,” he said thinking honesty was the best policy. “Besides, he said he wouldn’t live in this house.”
"Well then, tell Bob right now you didn't mean it. Of course my daughter is going to stay here. Why the hell would she stay in an apartment by herself?"
"Our daughter." Gerard corrected her without thinking.
Monica took a deep breath while trying to calm down.
"Oh shit, you're not counting are you?" Gerard asked. He knew he was really in trouble when she was mad enough she had to count to ten before speaking.
Monica's eyes narrowed, "No, actually I just counting the rooms in this house and thinking how many won't be getting done."
Fuck, he understood what she was saying even if Bob didn't. He had to fix this now. "Look Bob, I'm sorry about what I said. Of course Kara will stay here. Shit, we just got her room done."
He didn't see Bob cringe but Monica did and smiled.
"Thanks, I just wanted to get that settled. I didn't like the thought of her being alone while I'm gone." He signed, "Well I'm off to book a hotel."
"Why?" Monica asked
"Well so Kara and I have a place to stay for the next few nights."
Gerard sighed, 'Dude, I thought we got this settled last night? You both are staying here." He noticed that Bob was shaking his head, "I mean it, I really want you guys here. Just don't ever fucking call me Dad again."
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