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Works For Me - SEPT 10

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Kara gets a surprise at school and Bob gets a surprise too!

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Kara entered the lunchroom and looked around. She’d been delayed since she’d been summoned to an impromptu meeting with her school guidance counselor and the assistant principal. The day wasn’t even half over and she’d already been raked over the coals. Apparently students getting married before graduation make the ‘powers that be’ very nervous. Of course, those two biddies were convinced that she was pregnant. Since they never actually come right out and asked if she was, she didn’t say anything to satisfy their curiosity. Shit. Even if she was preggers, it should have been painfully obvious that she wasn’t going to lay an egg right in the middle of the fucking graduation or anything, so who the hell cared, anyway? They probably thought that she was a bad example or that it was somehow contagious. She should have just gone to the library during lunch period. She wasn’t hungry anyway. Sarah, Hope and the rest of the old gang were at the usual table. Hope caught sight of her and immediately bent her head to whisper something to the rest of her tablemates. Whatever…. Jealous cows.
She spotted Kelly sitting at her usual table. Guess she could put up with the little dweeb at least for the lunch period. Kelly caught her eye and started to stand up, shaking her head. Oh great. Dweeb Girl didn’t even want to sit with her. Kelly pointed toward Kara and mouthed something. Kara mouthed “What?” Kelly pointed emphatically, stabbing the air several times before making the ‘turn around’ sign. Kara turned to find Bob a few steps from her. Heedless of the prying eyes, Kara ran to him.
“Hi Honey! What are you doing here?”
“Kelly said you might be free for lunch. How ‘bout it? Wanna take pity on your poor old husband?”
Kara laughed and pretended to think about it. “Well, just this once.” She looked up into Bob’s face finally feeling the joy that had been missing all day. She reached up and kissed him soundly. A loud throat clearing interrupted her. She turned to see Mr. Warford shaking his head at her.
“Kara, no PDA. Don’t make me write you up.” He leaned closer and said quietly, “Now get out of here you two. I think the point has been made.” He gave the couple an indulgent smile.
Bob took Kara’s hand and led her back out of the lunchroom. Kara had eyes only for Bob and missed the outraged reaction of her former friends. Jealous cows.

After dropping Kara back off at school after lunch the day seemed to get better. He’d be picking her up in a few hours. That was something to look forward to. He had to admit he even felt good about the talk he had endured with Monica and Gerard. He was feeling a bit better about the whole situation. Good thing Monica had talked some sense into Gerard. Man, that dude was wound tight at the moment. Bob wondered briefly what it was going to be like being with him almost 24/7 on the tour. Shit, he didn’t want to think about that right now.
On the way to Mikey and Alicia’s he tried to call to let them know he’d be picking up the stuff he had left there. No, he wouldn’t be staying with them anymore. Fuck, he’d be staying in the Pepto Bismol Palace. Just thinking about that pink nightmare of a room gave him the willies. There had been no answer the first time he called so he tried again. Still no answer. Well, he was glad he had his key.

“Mikey, did you answer the phone?” Alicia called out. She was quite happily lying in the center of the bed feeling very satisfied. Mikey had gone to the kitchen to grab them some sodas. This is the life, she thought. Whoever said married sex was boring hadn’t shopped in the right stores.
“Nope, no one I want to talk to right now.” He said sprinting back in with the drinks. He looked down at his wife’s nude body and smiled, “Nope not right now.” He sat both of the drinks on the bedside table and moved to the bed. Hell, who’s thirsty anyway?

Arriving at the Way’s apartment Bob fumbled around with his key ring trying to remember just which key opened the door. He found it and inserted it into the lock. He walked in, careful not to let any of the cats escape, and then closed the door behind him. I’ll just grab my stuff and be off, he thought turning. He heard the scream at the same moment his eyes fell on a very unclothed Alicia coming out of the kitchen.
“Shit, Bob. What are you doing here?” Alicia asked from behind the breakfast bar where she had ducked.
Bob who was bright red now answered from his position, facing the door. “Fuck, I’m sorry. I was just getting my stuff,” he stammered.
Mikey ran out of the bedroom, “Alicia, what’s wrong?”
Bob turned slightly, “Dude, sorry. I let myself in. I called but you didn’t answer I thought you guy’s weren’t home.” His words trailed off as he got a look at Mikey. “Hey, like the outfit. Are those real feathers?”
Mikey turned as red as Bob. “I swear to God if you tell Frank I’ll beat you with your own drumsticks.”
Behind the breakfast bar both men could hear Alicia giggling. “Hey Bob. You should get yourself one of those outfits. Kara would love it.”
The look on Bob’s face caused Mikey to burst out laughing. Bob shook his head. “There is no fucking way I’d ever put on something like that, that ….thing.”
Mikey smiled, “Works for me.”
“It most definitely works for me.” Alicia said with a satisfied sigh from her hiding place.
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