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In My Heart And Head - SEPT 11

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“Okay, I give” Gerard said completely out of breath. He and Monica had just finished “christening” the family room. It was the room they had moved to after finishing up the living room once Bob left. “I’m getting too old for this.”
Monica gazed at his glistening nude form, “Oh come on. I’ve got several years on you and I’m not the least bit tired.” She stretched out and rolled over. “We still have more rooms.” She smiled seductively. “Ready?”
He groaned, “Woman, give me time to catch my breath.”
Monica loved the feel of the plush carpet under her body. “Okay I’ll just lay here until you rest up.” She stretched again this time arching her back to give him a nice view of her full breasts.
He groaned again. “I need sustenance. We haven’t eaten since breakfast and its almost 2:00. I need to keep up my strength.”
Monica was enjoying this time alone with him so much. Thinking about him leaving again was too much to bear. Hard as she tried she just couldn’t get the last time he had been gone out of her mind. She forced herself to bury those thoughts for now. She wanted to spend every moment she had with him just being happy. “Oh, you mean food?” she purred.
Gerard rolled over on his side to face her, “You are a very naughty woman, Monica Way.”
His words surprised her. She locked eyes with him.
“Yeah, I called you Monica Way. I’ve told you in my heart and head you are my wife.”
She smiled, “I love you Gerard Way.”
“And I love you.” He reached out and touched her face tenderly. “I promise this time when I’m gone there will be no problems.” He wanted to make her understand that he would not ever again jeopardize their relationship.
She forced herself to smile “I trust you, Gee. I just am gonna miss you so much.”
“And I’m gonna miss the fuck out of you.” He answered, his voice heavy with emotion.
“So wanna have lunch?” she asked softly. She decided to take pity on him.
His hand moved down to cup her breast, “Nope, food is overrated. Besides the girls will be home from school soon. I figure that just gives us enough time for the pantry.”
Monica giggled, “The pantry? I thought we were just doing the rooms?”
He leaned in for a kiss. “We are gonna do the fucking rooms and closets.”
Monica moaned as his fingers worked their magic, “Stop that or we’ll be redoing this room.”
He smiled, “I don’t have a problem with that, do you?”
She smiled as he rolled his body over to cover hers, “ Not in the least bit.”

“So everything for tonight is a go?” Monica was sitting at the kitchen table rechecking her list. She wanted to take care of this phone call while Gee was upstairs taking a shower. Poor guy had worked up quite a sweat.
I’ve talked to everyone.” Alicia answered. “All systems go. You and Bob worked out a plan?”
“Yep. Taken care of. Now I just have to enlist Kelly to get Gerard out of the house while everyone gets here and we set up.”
Alicia laughed, “Poor Gee. Think he’ll be mad?’
Monica shrugged, “ I hope not. I just think it will be better if he doesn’t know what we’re up to ahead of time.”
“You’re probably right.” Alicia agreed. “See ya later. Oh and by the way, your son-in-law saw me naked today.”
“What?” Monica squeaked.
“He came over to get his stuff and well, me and Mikey were…well you know.”
“Oh Lord, poor Bob. Bet he turned bright red.”
“Hells yeah, he did. Just thought I’d tell you about it so you can tease him.”
Monica laughed, “Alicia you are an evil woman but I love ya.”
“I love ya too, Monica.” It felt good they were talking like this. It helped to erase some of the bad feeling that had been between them since they had talked about Liv and Elle. “See you later.”
Monica had just put her phone down when Gee walked in smiling. “Hey, while I was showering I realized that our room has two closets. That makes the count higher.” He winked.
“You’re a bad, bad man.” Monica said standing up to kiss him. “Too bad I just heard a car drive up or we could have taken care of one of those closets.”

Bob and Kara were ensconced at a table in the far corner of the library. Bob’s mission was to keep Kara out of the house. He had promised Monica he was up to the task. It had been easier than he had hoped. Kara had surprised him by announcing she wanted to go to the library after they had dropped Kelly off at home. He had thought to take her shopping, a surefire hit, but she had been assigned a thesis today and she wanted to get started on it before Gerard’s party.
Gerard’s party was something Bob was trying to put out of his mind. He got the distinct impression that Gerard hadn’t gotten the memo about the change. Bob could just imagine the look he was going to get on this face when he figured it out.
Kara chewed on the end of her pencil trying to concentrate. With Bob so near it wasn’t easy. Okay to be honest it was hard. So far there had been more playing footsie than research. Oh well, Kara thought, at least I’m making an effort.

Kelly was up in her room finishing up her homework. She wanted to get it done before tonight’s party. Her mom had just left after explaining her mission. Poor Dad. It wasn’t that she thought he’d be mad just sort of bummed. This whole thing with Kara being married was messing with his mind.
She wrote the last sentence of her report and closed her study book. There that was done. She stood and walked over to her bed. She jumped up and threw herself back on the pillows. Too bad Mike couldn’t come tonight. He was grounded again. It would have been nice if he could have met everyone.
Suddenly she thought about Elle. She frowned not quite sure why she had suddenly thought about her. Maybe it was because she wished Elle could be here tonight too. She belonged with the Way family, she was part of it. Kelly was still trying to sort through her feelings about Elle when her mom called her to come downstairs. Time to get Dad out of the house.
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