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Wedding Date - SEPT 13

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Finally Gerard gets Monica to decide on a wedding date.

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They were almost home when the rain picked up at bit more. As they neared the house Gerard saw all the cars.. "Looks like everyone is here. Monica told me we had plenty of time to go to the store and get back before everyone got here" Gerard turned off the engine and got out of the car.
Kelly grabbed one of the grocery bags and he grabbed the other. "Doesn't matter, let’s go"
They walked quickly through the falling rain to the front door. "Where is everybody?" Gerard asked standing in the entrance hall.
Kelly closed the door behind them. She took the bag from his hand "I'll take these to the kitchen." She had her head down and wouldn't meet his gaze.
"Kell" Gerard said realizing something was going on that he wasn't privy to. "Where is everybody?"
Kelly looked up at him, 'Downstairs"
Gerard frowned, 'Why?" He didn't understand why everyone was down in his space. Shit, that basement was supposed to be his own personal sanctuary.
"Oh shit." Kelly said softly.
Gerard had never heard her use that word. Now he was no only surprised but curious. "Oh shit, what?"
Kelly was saved from answering when Monica walked in. "There you guys are. I was starting to get worried" She looked over at Kelly, 'Go ahead and take to the kitchen." she nodded to the bags of chips. Kelly rushed off to let her mom deal with him.
"Want to tell me what's going on?" Gerard asked.
Monica brushed a few remaining raindrops off his shoulders. "We're having a party, don't you remember?"
He reached out and pulled her to him. "Yep, I remember. We are having a dinner party. I'm grilling hamburgers and tofu burgers. So why is everybody downstairs in my space?"
Monica laughed, 'Gee, chill. You sound like we've invaded the bat cave or in your case the man cave. No breach of security, Hun. It was just easier to set up the tables and decorations."
"Okay, spill it. What's going on? I'm pretty fucking sure you didn't decorate for burgers."
Monica gave him a quick kiss, "I talked to everyone today and we all agreed to have the wedding shower for Kara and Bob tonight since everyone was going to be here anyway."
"You said you were going to have it tomorrow night. That gave me plenty of time to clear out."
"Gee, that's not a nice attitude. Why would you want to clear out? This is for Kara and Bob."
He sighed, "Okay, okay, let’s go. I've got burgers to grill. In the rain."
She smiled, 'Yeah, everyone is hungry, Grillmaster Way. Go on down and say hi to everyone before you light the grill."
"I'll just start grilling,” he said trying to walk past her.
Monica grabbed his arm. "Oh no you don't."
"No, I don't, what?"
"Don't make me call you Emo Boy again. This is a party for our daughter and her new husband who just happens to be one of your best friends. Now get in party mode."
"I just thought that this was supposed to be a party to celebrate being in our new home." He said with a frown.
"And what better way then to have a party with all our friends. A party to celebrate the marriage of our daughter."
He relented, "You're right. I'm just being a douche."
Monica laughed, "I love you. And think about this. Now that I don't have to stress about having a party tomorrow night I won't have anything to do tomorrow. You have the meeting with Brian in the morning then we'll have the rest of the day together."
His hands caressed her back. He liked where this was going.
"Just think of the rooms that haven't been christened." She whispered in his ear before giving it a quick nip.
"Fuck, yeah." he said his hand slipping under her shirt.
"Excuse me" Frank said loudly, "Hate to interrupt but my namesake just knocked over a bowl of nuts and is scattering them all over.
Gerard spoke to him while still hugging Monica, "He can be an annoying creature. Just like his namesake."

"Look who's here." Frank said as he hit the bottom step with Gerard following directly behind him.
Gerard looked around his basement and tried not to shudder at all the frilly directions. Shit, this was just so wrong. His space had been compromised. He pasted a smile on his face. "Sorry but I got sent to the store at the last minute." He shot Monica, who had just walked down.
"Glad you're here, I'm hungry." Mikey said shoving another handful of mixed nuts in his mouth.
"You're always hungry." Gerard answered.
"I love your house, son" Don said. "You and Monica have a real showplace here."
Monica smiled, "We love it." She answered for both of them.
Gerard wandered around talking to everyone a bit more before heading up to the kitchen. He was pleased to find it had stopped raining when he walked out on to the deck. He lit the grill, and then lit a cigarette while waiting for the grill to heat up.
"How's it going, man?" Ray asked walking out to join him.
"It's good." Gerard answered.
Ray looked at him, 'Ok now tell me the truth."
Gerard sighed, 'I can't cause if I do I'll just sound like a whinny bitch." He took another deep drag and looked out at the gazebo.
"Too bad we can't get it done before we leave." Ray said reading his mind.
'Yeah, I was hoping we could but it's supposed to fucking rain all day tomorrow." He checked the grill before adding, "Monica and I are planning on getting married out in the gazebo."
Ray smiled, "Hey that's a good idea. We'll be sure to have it done by September. You guys got a date set?"
Gerard frowned, "Kinda hard to pin Monica down on this one. Fuck, sometimes I'm not sure she really wants to marry me."
Ray looked at him with a shocked expression. Before he could say anything Monica walked out on the deck. She looked at Ray, "What's up?"
Ray tried to think of something to say to explain his look of shock. 'Uh, We were just talking."
Monica walked over to the deck railing where Gerard was standing and put her arms around his waist. "About what?"
Ray looked over at Gerard hoping he would come up with something.
"I was just bitching about shit." Gerard said tossing his cigarette away.
Monica turned him around to face her. "Bitching about what? The wedding shower, the rain, Bob marrying Kara?" He didn't answer so she continued, "You and I not being married yet?"
He looked away and she knew she had hit the mark. "Gee, we're getting married in five months."
"We don't even have a date yet." He said softly.
"Sure we do." She smiled.
He looked at her and smiled, “Care to share with the groom?"
Monica laughed, "September 22nd."
Gerard leaned down and kissed her, "I'll have to check my schedule and see if I can make it."
Ray moved towards the kitchen door, 'I'm going back in now. Get the burgers done, Gee." He looked back to see them involved in quite a kiss. Shit, he'd have to go eat some more nuts. At this rate they'd never get dinner.
They finally broke apart. "We have guests, guess we should feed them dinner. Your brother has raided all the mixed nuts baskets including the one the dog knocked over." Monica said with a laugh.
Gerard shook his head, "Yeah, I'll get the burgers on." He walked in and got the large platter out of the fridge. He had them all made up and ready to go on the grill. Monica was waiting for him.
"So everything okay, now? I'm sorry I didn't tell you about the shower beforehand."
He narrowed his eyes, "Sneaky of you, woman."
She smiled, "Sorry about your man cave being taken over by women decorators."
"You owe me,” he said placing the burgers on the grill.
"Oh really? What kind of payment do you have in mind?" She asked touching his arm.
"Not while I'm grilling,” he said trying to sound serious.
Monica laughed, " Come on, this is gonna be a great party, Mr. Gloom. Besides it could be worse."
He looked at her, 'How?"
"Could be raining."
Just then a huge clap of thunder announced another round of showers. Gerard closed his eyes and sighed. She just had to say it.

Gerard was just taking the burgers off the grill when Kelly came out on to the deck. He had been sitting under the patio umbrella but was now standing at the grill he was getting quite wet.
"Need any help, Dad?" she asked pulling the hood of her sweatshirt up over her hair.
He handed her the platter, 'Sure take these into the kitchen."
He placed the next round of burgers on the grill then followed her in. "Go down and tell everyone it’s time to come and get it.”
Kelly nodded and started for the basement stairs. She turned back to him, "You're not mad at me are you?"
He was surprised by the question, "No, why would I be?"
She looked down, "Cause I didn't tell you about the shower?"
He laughed, "Kell, you were just doing your job."
She smiled at him, "This is a great party though, isn't it?"
He thought a moment, "Yeah, it is. All our friends and family are here. Yeah, it's all good."
Kelly gave him one final smile and took off for the basement.
Gerard suddenly realized she was right. This was what he had wanted all along. This had been his dream. The house was now a home and his family was with him. He and Monica had a wedding date set. It was all good. Shit, they even had a dog. He smiled to himself. Life was good.
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