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The time has come

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Harry escapes britain, and learns the truth about the weirdest heritage ever. He learns stuff and gets some girls, too. There will be a lot of NC-17 here, and not much quality. I write to amuse my...

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Author's notes. I'm writing this for my own amusement, so it won't be very good. This story will feature plenty of OC's, OOC behaviour, well trodden Clichéfilled paths and a hideously Super Harry. There will be pointless overdone smut. There will be plotholes large enough for Jupiter. There will be bizarre theories and strange forgotten stuff. I will drop threads. This story will not contain literature. I'm not just playing in JKR's sandbox. I'm mixing in concrete and ground glass. If you like it, let me know. I have avague sort of storyline, as is made clear below. Suggestions are welcome.

Further, this is a post OotP AU. As such, i'm borrowing some of JKR's ideas but i'm shamelessly changing anything i want. If you flame me for violating canon, i will taunt you. If you by now really believe i'm making money of this or have the legal rights to anything in the Harry Potter universe, i hereby command you to format your c:, because in that case, you're unfit to harddrive.

Harry Potter

and the

Midnight Sun

Chapter one, The time has come.

They waited. Waited and hoped that whoever it was that had sent those letters was right, that Harry was alive and that he would show up for the Hogwarts Express. Hermione was watching the normal King's Cross entrance, Luna kept an eye on the floo and Ginny staked out the apparition point. They hadn't dared tell anyone else. The only one who had an idea that something was up was Remus. He had thought it curious that the girls hadn't taken Harry's apparent death harder, and had simply informed them that he knew something was up, and that he considered it a prank. The girls had stayed silent, so he just smiled and left. They hadn't even considered telling Ron, since he had ”pratted out” completely in the week after Harry's disappearance.

Suddenly, the air on the platform began to move, and a scent of freshly mowed grass filled it. A pillar of what looked like lightning appeared and faded leaving behind one small figure and a huge one. The larger man, slightly larger than even Hagrid, surveyed platform 9 ¾ . He shook his head, as if to clear it, making the blonde braids on both head and beard dance.

”This right place?”

”Spot on, Leif. Welcome to England and Platform 9 ¾.” The smaller figure said with a grin.

Hermione couldn't take her eyes of the smaller figure. The voice wasn't exactly the one she remembered, but it was very close. The height was just as she remembered, even if she had expected him to have grown a bit. He was dressed in some kind of leather. A white shirt with wide sleeves under a black leather vest, and leather trousers that fit him snugly enough to give her a good idea about the muscles underneath. The vest was very tight too and showed off a well muscled back and powerful shoulders and arms. She noted absently that the width of those shoulders made the figure look even shorter than he was. He was really muscled. Luna and Ginny had joined her, and Ginny was actually making small whimpering sounds. Drool might soon become an issue, she thought.

”So now You go school. You have wand and trunk?”

The smaller figure patted a pocket on his strange leather vest.

”Check” he said.

”You have hammer and picture book?”

”They're in my tru... How did you know about the book? It's suposed to be a secret.”

”Hasse, the book is bound in lindorm leather. Who you think make that? I look in book and was very sorry. Some picture of daughter, a father should never see. You make her summer good and i'm happy for that. I not look much, but that clear.” The face behind the massive blonde moustache was grinning.

”You saw the pictures of Disa, and didn't look any further, right?”

”Yes, why?”

”It's just that there are even more pictures of Jorunn in there.” The smaller man said with asmirk.

”What! Please make copy. I give you whole armour in Lindorm.” the big man pleaded with exaggerated fervor until he started to laugh. Then his face took on amore serious expression.

”Be well, little Hasse. You have home with us. Good friends and three girls who would be wifes together if you let them.You need army? Just send word and the Einharjers will rise again.”

”Thank you. I might need that army, you know. Once I've done what I have to do here, i'd love to come back for a much longer stay. I will miss you all. Send my love to Jorunn and Disa. Be well, Leif Krake.” He slammed his right hand across his chest in some kind of salute, and the larger man responded in kind before the flash blinded them once again, and the boy was alone. He stood still for a moment before he squared his shoulders and turned to face the crowd. His brilliant green eyes shone at the sight of Hermione and the other girls.

”Hello there Hermione, Luna, Ginny. I've had a brilliant summer. How was yours?”


Platform 9 ¾ was devoid of monsters. Actually, it was devoid of most things, except a very quiet Harry Potter, sitting on his trunk, and a bunch of increasingly frantic people from the Order. When the Dursley's had failed to show up, someone from the Order had apparated to Privet Drive to find it empty. When knocking on the door had failed, and whoever it was had had enough of the horrible Westminster chime of the doorbell, they had tried the doorknob.

It had really opened the door.

Whoever it was, was currently in St. Mungo's. A Muggle boobytrap had been discovered as the source of the removed door and dispersed bodyparts. A brief scan had revealed several bombs scattered over the house, and for some reason, it was seen as an unsafe environment for Harry's summer holiday. Someone had told him about that, and had been mildly appalled at his response.

”So what? I'd be lucky to get out of the house alive. That's the way it's always been. What else is new?”

Sirius was dead. Harry had to kill. If he failed, there would be no one else. All would be lost. He knew he should pull himself together, practice like a madman, work out, study strange and banned magicks and probably become an animagus too, to round it all off. Unfortunately, since Sirius was dead, he didn't much feel like it.

Sirius was dead, and Harry looked at the Order people. He realized something. They hadn't once asked him if he wanted anything to do with the Order, or even if he wanted to fight Voldemort. What if he didn't? Maybe he and Voldemort could just go see a councellor or something. Anyway, while the Order was busy thinking about what they should do to him, or inflict upon him, he noticed that they weren't watching him. He also noticed that there was a Flooconnection not even ten feet away.

They didn't see him get up. They didn't watch him as he dragged his trunk the short distance, and, while Sirius still was dead, he spoke.

”Diagon Alley,”

Tom at the Cauldron was a really great guy, Harry surmised. He had set Harry up in what he had called a”double back room”. Tom had told him that the room blocked out most things from the outside, like sweeps and things like Mad Eye's mad eye. It was, however, not safe from tracers and things that reached from the inside and out. It was also possible to portkey and apparate out, but not in. Tom had also scanned him for tracers, and removed the three he had found. It was a great place for people who wanted to stay under the horizon, Tom had said. There was room service, and Tom had assured him that the service was as keen on alow profile as he was. Harry had also gotten a distinct feeling that Tom had something he wanted to say about that, but Harry figured he would learn about it in time.

Harry wasn't stupid. He knew that he would be found soon, and in all honesty, he wasn't sure why he had left, other than that he was feeling a bit rebellious and wanted to call at least one shot for himself. Why would the headmaster decide about his summer? School was out! Someone on the platform had tried to comfort him about the Dursley's. Like he cared, or something. If they were dead, he sure wouldn't miss them. Sirius was dead, but now, that thought didn't paralyze him as much. He couldn't just wallow anymore, he had to be vigilant. Someone had to look out for him, and he was the only one who could do it. He actually giggled a bit at the thought. He knew he was acting like a rebellious brat, and he liked it. He pressed the touchstone for room service, and a minute later, there was a knock on the door.

When he opened it, he saw a young girl, a year or two his senior, in a seriously decent maid's outfit. It was so unattractive that it was remarkable. Highnecked and quite shapeless, it hid most hints that the wearer was female. Nevertheless, he felt a certain attraction in spite of the profoundly unattractive clothes. She looked vaguely familiar. Her eyes were downcast, and her face was mostly hidden behind a curtain of silvery hair, but when he asked for something to eat, she looked up at him, and her beauty almost made his heart stop. Her eyes were luminously blue, and her face was perfect.

A little voice told him that Sirius was dead, but even that voice agreed that he still would be dead in half an hour.

He was more than a little shocked when she spoke to him.

”Mr Potter? Do you not remember me?”

Her voice was soft, and filled with hope. The girl had the lightest french accent, and with the silvery hair as an additional clue, he recognised her.

”Gabrielle? Gabrielle Delacour?What in the world are you doing here?”

”I work, and i hide. I did not know about the British laws when i went here, and Tom lets me work and hide here until my family can get me home. I'm sorry, it's not your problem.” She broke off, embarrassed, and curtsied.

”No, no. Come in, what laws are those? Why can't you just get a portkey?”

She stepped into his room, and curtsied again. After a deep breath, she told him in the tone of someone who has memorized a text..

”A near-human creature such as myself has no right to handle money, travel or even live without aresponsible wizard owner. The special laws regarding Veela clearly states that we are domestic animals, like house-elves. If i leave this hidden part of the house, anyone can claim me as their property, and if i even try to refuse, i'm sentenced to death automatically. The claiming is magically binding, and will torture me to death if itry to break it. No one told me or Fleur about that. I've heard that Professor Dumbledore made an exception to the law during the Triwizard tournament. The people who rent this part of the house aren't usually too keen on having their names show up in the ministry registers as Veela owners, since the ministry learns about the claiming immediately, and wants a fee for their services.” The last part was spat out, before she could regain her submissive stance.

”Did i get this right? If you stay in this country, you will have to be a slave, but you can't leave unless you are a slave. So, the ministry's got you coming and going, right?”

”Yes Mr Potter, but that's not your problem. You wished something?”

Harry thought for a second. It was very tempting to say that he wished for her, since he wasn't very worried about showing up in a ministry ledger, but he realised that he was jumping in again, and the last time, Sirius had died. He needed to know more.

”I wish... to know more about this, so that i can help you. I thought your sister was staying here, too? Can't she help you? Why can't you just owl for a portkey from somewhere?”

”When i couldn't buy a portkey home, i went to the ministry to complain. Once they had told me that i am little more than a bedwarmer for purebloods, they placed a spell on me that can't be lifted until i'm claimed. It prevents me from sending or recieving owls, and it also works as a personal anti-portkey ward. I'm stuck here.”

He looked at her seriously. The ministry be hanged. This pretty girl would go home, no matter what. Sirius was dead, so now it was up to Harry to do what he thought Sirius would have done. Help the girl and mock the ministry. Besides, it looked like he would have to claim her in some way, and she was beautiful. Absolutely gorgeous, in fact. Now that he had seen her move, he had noticed with the sixth sense all young males have, that her clothes hid some very interesting bulges that provoked a slight bulging in him too. The immediate future was looking good.

”Gabrielle, tell me everything about the Claiming.”

She looked a him, and he could see the traces of tears on her lashes. There was also a little smile there, slightly hopeful, and an expression he had seen on Ginny's face acouple of times. When she finally started talking, it was with athroaty voice that did funny things to the fit of his pants.

”We are sexual beings, Harry. Once upon a time, we were mountain nymphs, but we have been changed into creatures of delight and desire. Once we mature, we grow fast and we become alluring. How old was i when you saved my life in the lake?”

”I thought you were about eight, but now i have no idea how old you are.”

”I was thirteen, but i was not ready to mature. I am fourteen years old, physically as mature as iwill ever be. I will grow a little taller the next few years, but iam fully formed.”

She paused, long enough to make him think about how fully formed she might be, before she continued.”

”The Claiming is of course sexual. It uses the old Veela Bonding, which is something we Veela are driven to do. Basically, you are to take pleasure from me twice, without the chance of impregnating me. That signifies that you are only using me for pleasure.”

”Eeh, doesn't sex usually lead to pregnancy?” a severly blushing Harry injected. ”I mean, unless you use protection?”

”Oh, i didn't know you were so innocent, ”she smiled.” The idea is that it should be oral or anal sex. Also, i am not to feel pleasure. If i happen to orgasm, we are close to the Bonding, and since that goes both ways, your ministry doesn't like that. With a full Bonding, you would have responsibilities to me, to keep me safe, fed and clothed, to care for our eventual daughters and so on. It's a bit like a concubine, rather than a slave. Both would also enable me to be what you want and to know just what you want me to do. Why did you ask?”

She had moved closer to him, and he could almost feel the heat radiating from her small body. It was hard to think, but he gathered up what little occlumency he had learnt, and his head cleared a little.

” I want to help you. I just don't want to do anything against your will, or anything that can't be reversed. Can the Claiming or Bonding be reversed?”

The young Veela suddenly had a stricken look on her beautiful face.

”Both can actually be dissolved. To be rejected from a Claiming is painful, but not really dangerous. It would damage my magic though, but not very much. A Bonding can be dissolved with consent, even if the ritual is a bit complicated. It's just very unlikely that people in a Bonding will want to dissolve it.”

She broke off, and tears rose in her eyes again. Harry saw it, and wondered briefly if he was cursed to make pretty girls cry, but he was startled when she continued.

”I'm so very sorry Harry. I was manipulating you. I told you what i thought you wanted to hear, and used my power on you to make you less likely to think things through. I was going to overwhelm you, and bond myself to you without letting you know, and then you would be looking out for me without knowing why. I just want to feel safe, you know? But i was going to do something against your will, while you were defending mine. You were able to fight off my control and you did it for my sake. I'm so very sorry. I'm so ashamed right now. I should go and bring you dinner or..”

He laughed, and brought her up short. He reached out and stroked her cheek before taking her hand.

”Gabrielle, I've been manipulated all year. This, making me feel good in order to give me something most guys dream about, it's not even on the same field. Besides, you told me about it. Now, why don't you describe the Bonding to me, since that's what you wanted, right?”

”It's similar to the claiming, it's just that technically, you also have to finish inside me in all three ways, and i have to orgasm at least three times as well. With you i probably would anyway.”

She stopped and blushed. She had started talking before she could think about it, as soon as he had asked. It was like a reflex action, to obey him. He was willing to help her even after she had almost betrayed him. She made the decision then and there that whatever he would want from her, she would give.

”As bonded to a Veela, you have someone you can trust absolutely. I would not, could not betray you.You have someone who will draw you a hot bath when you want it before you say anything, or know what food you'll like today.”

”What's the difference between Bonded and Claimed there?”

” As Bonded, not claimed, i would also be able to go against your wishes if i knew it would benefit you. I would be able to surprise you and take initiative.”

”Sounds much better for me, but what's in it for you? Why do i get the idea that you really want to be bonded?”

” I would have a man who would know what i need and when i need it. Love, sex, comfort, all those things. You would just know. On the other hand, you would make me happy no matter what you did. Anything that would give you pleasure, would be enjoyable to me too. Most girls aren't that lucky.”

”Veela or not, there has to be laws and rules about this sort of thing. You are underage still, right?”

”The laws say... the french laws, that is, that my parents are still responsible for my wellbeing until i am of age, and if we bonded now, i would still have to live two years with my parents, unless they decide otherwise. There are potions i could take to mitigate my desire to be with you, but they have some drawbacks, and can't be used for too long.”

”Will they hurt you?”

”No, but they will make me loopy, and impossible to be around, because i will lose control of the Veela power. There's a chance that the potions can make that permanent if they are taken for too long. They might also make me barren.”

”That's one hell of a price.”

”Truly. I don't really want that to happen. The natural thing is that i stay with my bondmate.”

”What kind of obligations would Ihave?

”The only strain the Bond would put on you is financial, since i won't be able to keep myself from taking care of you. I will not be able to keep a job, but will spend my time taking care of you and yours.” She sighed. ”Here's the real dealbreaker, and the one that would send my father up the wall. The Bonding usually leads to a child. There. That's the highlights, and i tried to steer clear of the whole sex thing. Believe me, that's a large part of it, but i don't want to distract you too much.”

”Thank you. I really appreciate the honesty. So, if we bonded, i would get all these benefits and you would be happy?”

”To boil it down to basics, yes. Also, i would love it if you made me pregnant, and i would very much want to go through with it. I just thought you should know.”

She fell quiet, watching the man she was trying to .. what? Snare? Entrap? She had nurtured a crush on him since he had saved her from the lake. She had actually run away from home to find him, hoping that she could persuade him to do just what he was thinking about right now, but for very different reasons. Now, when she was near rock bottom, he had showed up, her personal Knight, and what had she done? She had done something her mother called mindrape. He had fought it off, and was still prepared to help her. She had never been so ashamed of herself in all her life.

Harry was reeling. He could not believe he was having this conversation. The whole thing was just too surreal for words. On some level, he was treating this whole thing like adaydream. It made it easier to control his rampant blushes that way.

He had escaped the Order, ended up in ahideout, been approached by a young Veela, who seemed to be begging him to fuck her in several interesting ways. Part of him was wondering what he was doing, and another what he was waiting for. Athird one, with a female, slightly bossy voice, entreated him towards more research and to cover all possibilities. He needed a bit more time, but he also wanted to reassure this poor girl who had found herself in such a bad place.

”You know, making you pregnant was exactly the kind of permanent thing i was trying to avoid. You never told me about your sister. Can't she help? Isn't the same laws affecting her?”

”No. She's a quarter-veela. Normally, the Veela traits breeds true, but for some reason Fleur only got bits and pieces of it, while i got the whole thing. I am Veela. She is human with Veela traits. Also.... iranawayandshedoesn'tknowi'mevenhere.”


”I ran away from home over astupid thing, and i haven't been able to contact anyone, and i'm afraid that everything will just go to pieces and...”

”Relax, you're babbling. Here, let's write a letter to your parents. Hedwig can take it, even if it'll take a few days. One thing i've learnt,” he said, feeling very wise, ”is that adult's are great advisors, even if we shouldn't let them make decisions. I will write them a letter, introducing myself and tell them that i'm ready to do some pretty extreme things to help their daughter, including make her pregnant. You will write what you have to, and then we will wait for their response before we make any big decisions. Tell them pretty much what you told me about the laws. It's not like i'll proofread it or anything, but you need to be honest with them. Now Gabrielle, ireally do need something to eat, and then we both have some writing to do.”

There. First chapter ever published. I will probably update this in a few days. If i ever learn to write, i will probably rewrite the whole chapter. Ta!

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