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Gifts For The Happy Couple - SEPT 14

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The wedding shower

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After several minutes of organized chaos, everyone had made their burgers and fixins and headed back downstairs. Frank brought Jamia a heaping plate of grilled goodness. Gerard giggled to himself as Bob bit into his burger. Whoops. Now how did he get a tofu burger? He giggled again and turned to find Monica staring at him. He smiled and batted his eyes at her feigning innocence. She frowned at him but didn’t say anything. At least she hadn’t elbowed him in the ribs again. It would have been so worth it though.
Conversation was at a minimum as everyone gobbled up dinner. The guys quickly polished off their plates and returned upstairs for seconds or in Mikey’s case thirds. The burgers left on the grill were only slightly singed from neglect but no one seemed to care.
After several more minutes, Mikey looked at his again empty plate and let out the mother of all belches. The guys all laughed.
“Mikey….” Donna chastised him in her best mother voice.
“But Mom. That’s best compliment you can give a chef in some countries.”
“Well, this isn’t one of them.”
“Mikey’s right though, Son. Damn fine burgers” Don piped up.
“Thanks, Dad” Gerard said. “But it’s all due to my new grill.”
Monica leaned over, “I thought it was due to your Grill Master Way pro apron.”
Gerard leered at her, “Wanna see what a chef has on under his apron? Wink wink, nudge nudge. Know what I mean? Know what I mean?” He playfully elbowed her. “I think the deck counts as a room, don’t you?”
Monica laughed, “Maybe…late at night…. during a new moon… and the neighbors are all on vacation…then it counts as a room.” Gerard started to pout. “Or tonight, whichever is sooner.”
“So why are they still here?” He said arching his eyebrow at her.
“Knock it off. Kara and Bob have to open their presents when everyone is done eating.”
“What’s for desert?” Mikey called over to Monica.
Alicia shook her head. “Bottomless pit.”
Monica stood up. “As soon as everyone is done eating, Bob and Kara can open their gifts and then” she looked pointedly at Mikey, “then we can have cake.”
After another few minutes, the only one not finished was Jamia. Gerard, Mikey and Kara were looking at her expectantly, but she continued to eat at a leisurely pace.
“So Kara. Tell me about that homecoming you had for Bob. I hear it was really hot.”
“It didn’t quite go as planned.” Kara said
“So what were you trying to make? A date with a fireman? Trying to make Bryar jealous with some of Chicago’s finest?”
Bob spoke up, “Funny, Iero.”
Kara ignored Frank, “Bob’s having a gorgeous kitchen built.”
“Ah, so your scheme was to get a new room at of all of this? Is a bedroom next on your agenda?” Frank asked.
Kara started to laugh but turned it into a cough.
“Hey, did everyone see the house? Anyone want a tour?” Gerard asked trying to think of something to kill time.
Frank broke out laughing. “We’ve all seen Casa de Way, thanks. You really should think about charging admission upstairs. Wow. That room…”
“Frank, take my plate upstairs” Jamia interrupted, shoving the now empty plate into his gut.
Frank took the plate but didn’t move towards the stairs. “So Bob, I saw your room here at Casa de Way.” Frank said happily.
Bob glared at him. “Yeah?”
“Does it make you feel pretty?” Frank asked gleefully.
“Shut up Frank.” Bob said.
Gerard looked up. He didn’t see what the big deal was. Yeah, the room was pink. Shit, it was over-the-top fucking pink but it’s what Kara liked.
Kara noticed Gerard was listening to the conversation. “Don’t make fun of my room Frank. I like it. Besides Bob and I really haven’t had a lot of time to notice much about the room well except for the bed.”
Bob laughed, “So true.”
Monica looked over at Gerard who was frowning. “What’s wrong?” she whispered.
“I just realized something. Kara hates the room, doesn’t she?’
Monica was at a loss for words. She was surprised when Gerard started laughing. “Shit, Kell really pulled one over on me. I should have realized Kara wouldn’t like that pink crap anymore than I would.”
“Gee, it’s a sister thing.”
“Oh I totally get it. I would have done the same thing to Mikey. Matter of fact I did do shit like that to Mikey.”
“So you’re not mad?”
“Fuck, no. Although it’s pretty damn funny that Bob has to sleep in there.”
He grinned, “You know that was pretty fucking nice of Kara to pretend to like it.”
“She didn’t want to hurt your feelings.” Monica said softly.
“Yeah, that was nice of her. Maybe she’ll learn to like me after all.”
Monica frowned, “Gee why would you think Kara doesn’t like you?”
“I can tell I’m not one of her favorite people. I’ve spent more time with Kell so she and I are closer. Kara and I have never really had a chance to bond. Add to that the fact that I just caused a huge amount of shit that affected her and Bob, well…”
Monica didn’t want to think about what had happened on the last tour. He would be leaving on Wednesday and try as she might she couldn’t get the bad memories out of her head. “She likes you Gee. It will just take time for you two to become really close.”
He nodded, “Yeah, I know.”
Frank returned from taking Jamia’s plate upstairs.
“Yea, present time. Finally” said Christa.
Monica stood and smiled, “You two sit over there and we can begin.”
Kara picked up the first gaily wrapped package and read the card, “Okay this one is from Ray and Christa.” She let Bob pull off the bow and she quickly removed the wrapping. Opening the box she laughed. “Funny guys.” She held up the first item. It was a cookbook. Bob reached in and pulled out the other item.
“And a fire extinguisher.” He laughed, “Good thinking.”
Kara was smiling, “This one is from Mom and Gerard,” she said already opening the next box. She burst out laughing, “It’s a whole slew of gift certificates to Pizza Hut.” Bob nodded to Monica and Gerard with a smile.
Kara reached over for another box, “This is from my dear sister Kelly.” She lifted the lid and giggled, “Oh my God, look Honey,” she said to Bob, and “It’s a girl Pookie.”
Bob looked at the stuffed Pookie outfitted in a wedding dress. He remembered that Kelly had asked where he had found the original Pookie when he had first bought it. “It’s the bride of FrankenPookie”
Frank piped up, "FrankenPookie? What gives?"
Kara ignored him. “We won’t discuss that. Thanks Kelly.” She gave her sister a warm smile.
"Come on, is that your new nickname Bryar? Hey, that could be the name of our new group - Frank..." he raised both hands above his head "and Pookie". He batted his eyes at Bob while resting his chin on his interlaced fingers and tilting his head. He started to sing, "I feel pretty, oh so pretty."
Bob just stared at him mouth agape, a horrified and stunned look coming over his face. Jamia elbowed the clearly gloating Frank. He stopped singing, settling back into the sofa with a self-satisfied smile.
Next was Mikey and Alicia’s gift. Kara opened the box and started to lift out the contents when Bob saw the feathers. He slapped the lid back down and turned bright red. Kara looked at him waiting for an explanation. Across the room both Mikey and Alicia were laughing. “I’ll explain later.” Bob said glaring at the two.
“He’ll model it for you later” Alicia said giggling. “You’ll love it.”
“No fair, we didn’t get to see” Frank whined.
“Then ask Mikey to model his. He’s certainly not shy about it.” Bob said.
Kara had taken the lid off the box and was peeking in. “Oh my” she exclaimed.
Gerard was watching with a puzzled look on his face. Monica leaned over and whispered in his ear,” “I think it has something to do with Bob walking in on them this afternoon.”
“Fuck did he just run around interrupting people today?” Gerard whispered back.
Monica laughed, “I guess so.”
Gerard was still confused. ‘Feathers? Is it something for Kara to wear?”
“I don’t think so. I’m pretty sure Mikey was wearing something with feathers when Bob interrupted them cause Alicia said she was nude.”
Gerard who had been taking a drink of punch started coughing. “Holy shit that’s just way to much info” he choked out once the coughing died down.
Frank and Jamia’s gift was next. “Actually we got one for Gee too.” Frank said, “His is the little package attached to the top. Kara untied the smaller package and had Kelly give it to Gerard.
Gerard eyed it with distain.
“Well go ahead. Everybody open your gifts.” Frank said gleefully.
Kara and Bob opened theirs. There were two t-shirts. Kara’s said, “IF YOU CAN”T TAKE THE HEAT GET OUT OF THE KITCHEN (AND CALL 911).
“Oh ha ha” Kara laughed.
Bob and Gerard opened theirs at the same time. Bob held his up first. “ASK ME ABOUT MY FATHER –In- LAW”
Gerard’s said “ASK ME ABOUT MY SON-IN-LAW”
Both men rolled their eyes at Frank. The rest of the room dissolved into laughter.
Only Don and Donna’s gifts remained, “I love the wrapping paper,” Kara said looking at the brightly wrapped packages.
“Don wrapped them himself,” Donna said snuggling down next to him.
Gerard was watching them closely. His mom and dad were certainly cozy tonight. He frowned.
“Stop thinking about when you walked in on them” Monica whispered in his ear.
He was surprised she could read his thought, “Can’t help it,” he whispered back with a mock shudder.
“Oh my” Kara lifted out the bottle out of the first box and read “Motion Lotion”.
Bob turned red and the room exploded in laughter.
“And it’s edible. It goes with the other gift.” Donna added happy to embarrass her boys.
Bob, opened the other gift and reluctantly pulled out the package of edible underwear.
“Tastes just like chocolate” Don added.
Gerard and Mikey both groaned.

The large cake was brought out after the gifts were moved to a table. Kara and Bob took their places behind the cake. Monica and Alicia snapped photos as the couple cut the cake and fed each other a piece. Much to Frank’s dismay they did not smash it into one another’s faces.
“No fair” Frank said.
As everyone sat eating their slices of cake Monica retrieved an envelope and handed it to the couple. “This is from everyone,” she said smiling.
Bob took the envelope from her and Kara motioned for him to open it.
He and Kara read the note and found the gift certificate to their favorite home improvement center.
“You can save it for Kara’s next I Love Lucy moment”
“We wanted to get you something for your home” Monica said with a tear in her eye.
Bob and Kara smiled their thanks to everyone in the room. Neither could wait until they could truly live together in their home in Chicago.
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