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Remembering - SEPT 17

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Monica and Gerard talk about the past

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“Hey, as soon as we get to the house I’m gonna take off.” Bob said once he and Gerard were driving back to Belleville. He knew Gee and Monica wanted to be alone. Hell, they needed some time alone. Gee was right when he said he had caused her a lot of pain. Now with them leaving tomorrow they needed to spend as much time as they could together.
Gerard nodded absently. “Yeah, okay.” He paused a moment. “Thanks.”
“No problem. I’ll pick the girls up from school, too.”

Monica was sitting on the bed crying. She had finally just given into the tears and let them flow. Sitting next to her was Gee’s open suitcase. She had told him this morning before he and Bob had left for Brian’s that she would start to pack for him. So far the only thing the suitcase held was his Star War’s pajama pants and matching Tee.
Suddenly Frank jumped off the bed and bounded down the stairs. She quickly dried her eyes. Bob and Gee were home.
“Monica?” Gee called out.
“Be down in a minute.” She called out. She was standing at the mirror trying to repair the damage the tears had done to her make-up when he walked in.
“Where’s Bob?” she asked. “I was gonna make you guys some lunch.”
Gerard stood in the doorway watching her. He could see she had been crying. He took several steps towards her and stopped. “Monica?”
She tried to smile, “Sorry, I didn’t get your packing done. I started but when I put your pajama pants and tee in the suitcase I started reminiscing. I was thinking about when we first met and how we watched Star Wars together. It just made me miss you already and you’re not even gone yet.”
He took the next few steps that allowed him to pull her into his arms. “Remember how we talked about that night, right after we got engaged? I told you then that the first time we watched the movie together was when I realized I loved you.”
“Yeah, I remember.” She said softly. “I was on tour with you then.”
“Oh baby, I wish you were going with me.” He settled his chin on the top of her head. “I don’t wanna leave.”
Monica tried not to break into fresh tears. She had to change the subject. “Hey, we have a home I’ve got to take care of. We have children.” She laughed, “Okay, not exactly small children but you know.”
“They still need taking care of.” He said, “This tour will be hard on Kara. Because of me she lost her faith in Bob. I just hope she realizes he never did anything wrong. Unless you count trying to keep my fucking ass out of trouble, wrong.”
Monica wouldn’t be drawn back into this again. She pulled out of his arms. “So, where’s Bob?”
“He took Kara’s car and left. He knew we wanted to be alone.”
“Who said I wanted to be alone with you?” Monica said giving him a coy look.
He felt like there was more they needed to say to each other but he also knew it would be wrong to push her. He would let her take the lead on handling this situation. She obviously had decided she didn’t want to talk anymore right now. “No one said you wanted to be alone with me. But I sure as fuck want to be alone with you.”
Monica smiled. She pulled her tee off and tossed it across the room. Gerard started to move towards her but she put up her hand to stop him. “Excuse me, you just stay right there.”
His heartbeat started racing as he watched her shimmy out of her jeans. The bra and panties were next to be flung across the room.
“What are you doing?” he said, his eyes never leaving her.
“Undressing.” She answered innocently.
“Why?” Shit, he wanted to reach out and touch her.
“Got a closet to christen. Don’t you…..”
Her words were cut off as Gerard’s lips crashed down on hers.

“See you guys later.” Kelly said to Bob and Kara as she got out of the car. Turning towards the house she sighed. To be honest she still had the headache that has started at lunch. She really wished she understood what had happened. Lord, she hoped Elle was okay. If there was only some way to find out but she had heard her mom talking about how Liv had given them a fake phone number.
“I’m home,” she said bending down and petting Frank who greeted her.
“In the kitchen” Monica yelled.
Kelly made her way towards the sound of her mom singing. She found her putting away dishes.
“How was your day?” Monica asked closing the cabinet door and turning.
“Good” Kelly answered. “Kara wanted me to tell you she and Bob will be home late.”
Monica smiled “I figured as much.”
Gerard appeared from downstairs, “Hey, Kell”
“Hey. Got all the shower decorations out of your space?” she kidded.
He nodded, “Oh yeah. It’s been returned to its former glory.”
Monica rolled her eyes, “Former glory? You got a big screen TV, two sofas and a bean bag.”
He pretended to pout. “I haven’t had time to unpack all my cool stuff, yet.”
“Oh yeah, I’m waiting for the collection of swords to appear.”
He crossed over to her and put his arm around her shoulder, “I was thinking maybe you would unpack my stuff for me while I’m gone. I trust you and Kell in my space.” He winked at Kelly, “But no one else.”
Monica kissed his cheek, “Yeah, we’ll unpack your toys for you.”
Gerard looked over to see Kelly watching them with a strange expression on her face. “What’s wrong, Kell?’
She shook her head, “Nothing.”
He didn’t believe her. “How’s Mike?”
Kelly shrugged, “Don’t know. Don’t care.”
Gerard didn’t think that sounded good.
“So I was thinking maybe I could spend the night over at Donna’s?”
Monica and Gerard looked at each other. Gerard spoke. “I was sorta hoping since it’s my last night home for awhile that we could all go out for dinner together.”
Kelly smiled. “Are you sure? I mean I understand if you and mom what to spend some time alone.”
Gerard smiled, “I want to spend time with my family. So where do you want to go for dinner?”
Beside him Monica smiled. Lord, she loved this man.

Bob and Kara were still sitting in the driveway after dropping Kelly off.
“Any ideas what you want to do for a couple of hours? I made reservations for dinner, but what do you want to do before that?”
Kara gave it some thought, “Let’s go to the library.”
“Okay.” It wasn’t exactly on his top ten list of things to do, but…
Bob backed the car out and started toward the library.
“So, how was school?”
“Blehh, Same ol’, same ol’.” She made a face and changed the subject. “How was your meeting this morning? Did they add any more tour dates?”
“No, but Brian’s not too happy.”
“Why?” Kara asked while absentmindedly filing her fingernails.
“He’s not too happy about us getting married.”
“What? Why?” Kara stopped filing and looked at Bob.
“He’s mad no one told him about it until today.” He decided to leave out the concern about Kara’s age.
“Well, shit. We didn’t even tell Mom until Sunday. What did he expect? Us to call from the hotel room?”
Bob stopped at a light. He looked over at Kara, reaching out to stroke her cheek.
“Are you going to be okay while I’m gone?”
“Of course.” Kara said glibly. Then she frowned.” I’m worried about Mom though. I don’t think she’s going to handle it very well. Did you notice her this morning? I think she’s already freaking and you all haven’t even left yet.”
“I didn’t notice. She seemed all right to me.”
Kara rolled her eyes. “Men. Can’t live with them. Can’t shoot them.”
Bob ignored her. “Have you talked to Kelly about it?”
“No, not yet.” Kara paused to think. “I guess Kelly and I will have to watch out for her.”
They pulled into the parking lot of the library and parked. Bob came around the car and held open the car door as Kara tucked her make up bag into her backpack and flung them into the back seat.
“Hey, aren’t you going to need that?” Bob asked.
“I’m not planning on studying.” She winked at him. “At least not books.” She started to walk toward the entrance before stopping and grabbing Bob’s hand.
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